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HOMERaiders intelligenceThe highest rate 4553 Nico formula tracer tips

The highest rate 4553 Nico formula tracer tips

The highest rate 4553 Nico formula tracer tips

This time, we want to discuss tracer。 

The basic fighting

Rather than ambush an opponent from the front
Let's attack in the center of the support from the side or behind the opponent。
why、And say whether it's front useless、
For one shot of power is high characters such as Widow maker and Macleay
Since the tracer is a high power with one magazine、
So go slowly decreased by HP and from the other party
It will be heel to support。
Let's aim to aggressively such as the back of the support rather than because the front。
By doing so、While earning the enemy of hate
Ally to put out the damage will also be easier。

When if it becomes likely to be brought down to the other party
Survive by taking the heel or heel pack of ally and sidelined、
It would be better to front return immediately。

How to use blink

Or stuffed distance with the enemy、Use to avoid the bullets of the other party。

Blink when the pack the distance is as far as possible suppressed、
In blink without either blink once if you can
It had better to be able to start the battle。

Blink to avoid the bullet opponent
Let's avoid the hit to disrupt the opponent's point of view up, down, left and right。
As much as possible long can this movement
Is that better to refrain from blink when the pack a distance。

That move the point of view of this as much as possible opponent
Let's fighting conscious。

How to use the recall

Ya when subjected to fatal damage from the other party
Used to go to the location which was in the original。

During the battle of the holeWhen you've got a heel inhibitionYa
Of ashIt is very good can erase also inflammation damage。
if、Load HoghookAnd Macleay ofStanTheOnce received gone
I wish to GodLet's pummeled the E key。
Example to move to the location which was in the original、
And surprise the enemy of the ground from the hillIf the enemy has fled to high ground which was in the originalIt is
recallsoYou can go to down to return to the hill。
If you remember this
It will help defeat such as Winston and Widow Maker。
However, since such within 3 seconds Be careful。

- Advanced Hen

Can recall while off the motion of the proximity attack in the melee → recall、
If this is possibleAnyone look goodSince theMote want people is recommended。

How to use Parusubomu

Basically you use the enemy HP is 300 or less of the other party。

RecommendedMen can use to decide in place through to absolute, such as the entranceis。
If there are BrigitteLet's use preferentially to Brigitte。

The attacking fighting

Since the attacker has taken the position before the other party
Let around to the side or back while warning。
Slowly so not good to keep up with allies、
Once while clearing is around the front to the back of the other party, including the battle
Let's start the battle。

The defense side fighting

Defense side maximum of benefits
Is that take their likes position before your opponent come。
Let's surprise attack to support taking a strong position before the other party come

In this way,
You can surprise in that you wait on the road through which the other party before the party comes
It is very effective because yet blink can be suppressed to a minimum。
When the friend began the battle immediately issued a face、Let's aim to support。
Since when would put out more quickly than it could lead to the situation of the 1-to-6、
Let's fight be aware of the cooperation with allies

Cooperation with allies

Although this story is not the only tracer、
You should not fight alone before the allies fight。
Even as a little introduced earlier、
When the friend began the battleTry to aim the support contained in the back。
Even ally went to back in a situation where not fighting an opponent
It is not very astonishing in the context of substantially 1vs6。
Come tracer from the back in between and from the other party that is fighting in front
Better support is suppressed to heel was made a situation that does not turn I think a considerable annoying。

Enemies and the anti-hero should be the focus of the tracer



Enemy should aim

You should aim tracer
No.1 issupportis。
In particularAnaYaZenyattaIt isEasy to defeatSince the
Let's continue to actively focus。
laterIs better enemy also aimed at actively using the skillsis。
After wind of Genji、Bottle of Ana、Hanzo, such as body art of
Try to defeat to assess the enemy opponent of movement skills there is no。




Tracer is particularly weak character to the anti-hero。
For example,MacleayIt isAnti-Herobut
If you ask even used stun winning percentage 50%Or I think it advantageous to fight。
In this way the anti-hero will stay a lot
Because not scary once you avoid the opponent's skills
Always skills that he would be defeated Let's move on alert。
However only rally of Brigitte Let's give up because it is impossible。


In some of the tracer of the technology wrote here
Rather than Toka become well do it to all this street、
Important to the flexibility of the ideaI think。
It is better to create your own move in this article to reference、To become stronger
I think to be a tracer Tsukai with force
Twitter If you have any questions (@nico_oq)To thank you。

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