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HOMERaiders intelligenceOWL first day configuration together HUNTERSvsGZ SHDvsFusion

OWL first day configuration together HUNTERSvsGZ SHDvsFusion

OWL first day configuration together HUNTERSvsGZ SHDvsFusion

222It is the first of OWL kicked off from the lock has come。
This time, we summarized the configuration of each team、
I hope to be useful for individuals and teams, even a little。



Pick rate of Orishigu is almost 100%、
It would not be an exaggeration to say that meta。
It was a very spicy likely not be able to correspond well to Farah Doom of GZ。


Here it was also Orishigu strongest。

Horizon Luna colony

Also ... Orishigu ...
Orishigu is also strong but
Pick rate of Doom Fist is also quite high、
It is a large of a mobility made Wankon a strong Mei and Reaper now。


Although you will notice come hereHUNTERS has been involved in profusely Shinmetora。
Certainly the current Shinmetora is strong but
How do I'm looking at the feeling that lost the GZ of Doom Farah ...

The match is a win of GZ。



It was very hot to showdown of The meta each other。
It is stable likely in Rushiomoira the occasion of Ripamei operation、
HoweverYOUNGJINOf Doom Fist is
It has returned become a stunning counter。

King Slow

Configuration does not change at all。
This game also YOUNGJIN of Doom Fist had been rampage ...
It will not stop it's Ripamei ...


Configuration is not almost change。
Using shoots teleport of DIEM
Route to choose is very good impression was。

Watch points

The usual

Lee Jiang Tower

DDING came out、Against Ripamei
I was very stuck in Farah。
Even so, Fusion is I do not do only Meiripa、
Although it will be from now on research because it is still 222 lock opening
Will Fusion believes that another Meiripa is in the meta。


Finally Ripamei went out。
Many Dorado itself root
What idea that tight because the hill is quite。

The match is a win of SHD 4-2。


It is overwhelming Orishigu。
DPS will feel hot Doom。
What out in addition to the
What per。
Support is a Yorikeri the configuration of the ally of the configuration and the other party
It has also a wide range of pick pool is required
The Fusion we want you to come rampage in Meiripa ...

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