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HOMEOverwatch columnWin just take! ? Way of positioning of the magic to make the flow of the game。

Win just take! ? Way of positioning of the magic to make the flow of the game。

Win just take! ? Way of positioning of the magic to make the flow of the game。

Position of magic

Each MAP of OverWatch、Just being there
War situation is favoringPosition of magicthere is。
What is this work if I take that position、
Also、I think let's introduce the concept to be considered on its own。

Hero magic of the positive take-up can be

DPS ... all
Tank ... Winston、Dva、Road Hog
Support ... Ana

Examples attacking side WatchPoint:GIBRALTAR first point

Clearly this time WatchPoint:Described in GIBRALTAR。
What is painted in green is the strong point of the offensive side of the first。
Red is the rays。
Tsuyopo 1 Let's take always、Tsuyopo 2 and 3 is derived from there。

Roles and strengths of Tsuyopo 1.2.3

The role of Tsuyopo 1

It is possible to pass rays from above opponent tank inevitably
You will not choice but fall behind、
Because the fact that the fall in behind the front of ally rises
It opponent will feel cramped so that it only in the area widely available。

The role of Tsuyopo 2

From the case a little port 1, the other party has fallen behind
Ray is will no longer pass through、

When the rays are no longer pass immediately Tsuyopo 2,3 moves to theTooth
Or aimed at the opponent's back line
Let's further lowering the front by shoot a tank of opponent。
Opponent since the counter becomes difficult Lowering the front from the position of Tsuyopo 2
Not lower the front case is often、
So kill you born accumulated damage。

The role of Tsuyopo 3

Here also use to move when the opponent is no longer pass through the rays of Tsuyopo 1。
Also、Taking advantage of the easy Targeted sensitive characteristics pull the mind of the other party for the ground
Become a decoy can also be distributed to the attention of the other party
Here you can also lower the front of Tsuyopo 2 same opponent。

What happens as not to take Tsuyopo

That it does not take the Tsuyopo it is captured in the sense of being in the back of the Orishigu。
That are behind the OrishiguBecome a situation that the shield on the front there are two sheets
Lose is better to crack previously performed vertically divided
Rate game(Expansion is slow game)It will be。
We are specializing in siloIf the rate game hero
Without taking TsuyopoI a shield splitI think、
Macleay and Hanzo、If you want to use the Widow Maker, etc.
Not enter the damage and do not take the Tsuyopo as I say now of the environment always
It is in many cases no longer be moved in the match。

Way of thinking

We introduced the Tsuyopo 1.2.3 up to this point does not have it at all。
In some cases you might say is more of front、
Definition of Tsuyopo is
"On the other hand permanent damage given the (pressure)"Is that。
Because it is、The damage(By Pressure)
Opponent will be forced to reduce will not raise the front、
Also So Kill also occur。

that isPosition of magicis、
If you do not expend sure personnel if the other party come to be involved in here.
I will no longer go、Opponent even when left to himself、
Also suffer the disadvantage to go to defeat。

Think How When asked opponent falls
(Consider that nasty beaten by)

Given the damage is position yourself in free
(Because it is not a threat from the other party must issue a damage)

Think or come to what the other party is in when I took here

Something else to be aware of

Do not die

It is the most important、Once you have from the defense side
It means only at the end of the point is need long to Tsuyopo
If took the Tsuyopo opponent will come to kill himself in mind to die。
Let's pull once unless you win in that case。
The feel dieThat to attack yourself
That the opponent of the resources have been toward their ownis
Then you will not run out of resources of the front
Tank of ally、DPS will front is likely to push the difference of resources。
As long as the game works advantageous in that it does not die taking Tsuyopo。
It is the all-you-can shoot the other things、
I because you can press the front when the opponent has been Kama' here。

Given the timing

Timing Ya that have been fired in the front is not enough to shit
Even if or when that ally is knocked down two or more is taking a Tsuyopo
It will be Torikaesa in the blink of an eye in the number of people the difference。
Act of the taking or loam (take the horizontal) Tsuyopo is
There is effect what the tension to that situation

When the tank with each other ally is Uchia' face-to-face
When the front stagnates
It is but ideal、To even situation
When I was a movement that can take advantage
War situation is it from here to your inclination is advantageous in the war situation。

Timing to take Tsuyopo is also important, but timing-catching、
Timing to go to Tsuyopo is also very important
Fast kill speed hero(Mainly Flanker and sniper) is
Hid once appearance or change the position Once you come found that their own
The other party is also effective to put out the also face the moment that began aimed at another enemy。
Because basically Flanker and sniper move by one person
If you are once targeted it is found position of the other party
It would be good to aim at Sorokiru from their。

Think about the feelings of the other party

Which hero、Although you in any game。Mentalist is the strongest。
Partner and face fits so simply shoot a free and take Tsuyopo、
If there is a partner and faceConsider whether the hero comes to do。


If the opponent is of Genji

Halas in Shuriken、HP has come to wind Once reduced。
First, it may be approaching in the wall climbing。


If the opponent is of sigma

Come throw the shield、
In the main seem to also Halas。

In this way Consider the opponent's feelings when he took the position with the
If Genji is approaching and wall climbing
By moving to a different location or waiting at the corner of Tsuyopo
Own head the Genji、In or where Genji came over here
You can make the meaning there is no wasted time。
Just me with the shield and the main over here it was sigma
Or it has become a shield 2v1 in front、
Since the sigma is Kama' over here it takes a tank advantageous。

This is the strength of Tsuyopo、Only you have to Tsuyopo If you know the other party's feelings
It can be greatly involved in the match。
It will also be able to demonstrate an individual's ability not 's ally gate。

Measures of the defense point of view a little port

Keep entering the previously Tsuyopo your opponent incoming

Everyone Nde defense during the first interval
Keep waiting in Tsuyopo 1.2.3 would'm templated、

I think it's because I do not want to be taken there simply me think。
It payload generally will lower the front Once through the lower
We often see the scene that you want to group this time in front descended from the strong po
Many players do not go to take a Tsuyopo and on the ground、
Tsuyopo of the attack is also a strong port of defense。

By defense side take TsuyopoWhile some of Uteru free、
You will not be able to attack the side take、Or fight in the weak position
It must Torikaesa over number of people the Tsuyopo、

Because it is、The most useful is that put into the previously Tsuyopo。

Convey the intention recover to ally

For better earlier point had said it is advantageous
Is the way difficult that is dependent on the hand skills to get back in one person。
However2It is possible to get back and Rokr on the status of v1, etc.is、
In Fight or the like of the sigma of the main Halas and Genji
2Easily Torikaese you the combination of people more attacks。
If the other was reading here of thinking
Pull it because dying and fighting in unfavorable match-ups、
You win by simply drawn、

After that also have irreversible over the number one opponent if Isuware to the Tsuyopo
It is repeated、
Tank wins in front and devote people to Tsuyopo、
Rage is the player who is in Tsuyopo multiplied the number of people on the front line
There of bargaining is very fun
I feel that it is the best part of the over-watch。


• Only the front is not everything
Game proceeds advantageously by taking the area、Born kill is
· Gap aware of the Rohm and Tsuyopo up if
Saki containing is more advantageous than the opponent
- be aware that the lower the front of the opponent
I think - always


The first step of area theory it can be said that the foundation of OverWatch this time
Clearly wrote。
Although I easy to understand and get a look at the distribution and competition in the direction of Glamorous, etc.
Tactics of Tsuyopo scramble、Front is full of tactics of pushing and pulling of the tank。
Because the important position to move the game in the bottom of the position The more above
Prisoner's base comes becomes severe。
AlsoAs one of characters such as Widow maker and Hanzo can be said to be strong
It is because there is also an advantage that spotted passing with one blow to the enemy opponent taken Tsuyopo ...
By the way, what is referred to as Tsuyopo All MAP、Since there for each point
But I think that it is important that or take a look at the distribution and competition、
Find the strength port on your own When you just read all this article
Understanding of leverage can OverWatch was wrote as deepen。
Thank you to the Twitter if there is to be a care about the place that does not lead。

the term
Tsuyopo = strong position
Rohm = side said or movement or say hill
Match up = face-to-face compatibility
Group = gather it
Advantage = advantageous

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