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Soften the head、Way of the break when pushed。

Soften the head、Way of the break when pushed。

Unilaterally or be trampled、It lost to not even in love hit first place
It all Ya because there is a good partner of AIM
It does not resolve the only opponent is too good?
This timeBasis of OverwatchHit the
Of adverse conditions"turn on"Commentary About
Also、When you are in such a situation
We will introduce aware of the article, such as can be aware of the irreversible thinking on your own。

About break(Attack side)

Easy this time unilaterally pushed
I think I want to explain to use the easy-to-understand three of the MAP。

Example 1 Aihenbarude


Red circleThemselves pushed in、Because we are each other vertical split from long distance
I thought whether evenIt has taken the important position to the other party、
Lost in the damage race,It will be born Wanpikku
1 offices continue to waste only slurping and time also is the case can not take。

It is a sight to see well in Rankuma。
Of the other party to the important position Reaper、Mei、There are Hanzo, etc.。


Step 1

Let's irreversible always or down Once the important position of the green circle the enemy has taken。
Since the previous article the same strong port
It will be unilaterally shot from above and would be taken here
You really can break becomes severe。

Step 2

When you do step 1
This prima facie front vs frontIt has become even situations。
The higher the thermal better here than your opponent will win in the silos of the front。
but、The longer the other party is the range
The breakthrough enters a point from the top of the image for difficult route
You can fight at close range game I bring to the point fight and take。

Also at once at a speed boost if there are Lucio to ally
It will be able to pack the previous。

Is to make the party from the hill the most important thing。

Solo carry DPS for

Ignoring the important position when using the flanker
1You can turn on the back only person。

Planted in five of the other party at that time his 1 personStalling
By Awayokuba to a Kill
Strategy to get down the front to allyis。
And it requires considerable knowledge and understanding of
1Order to become the instant death troll mistake one step in order to carry out the v5
But is risky even greater return moving the game by one person
Has become a technical strategy is a lot of people who use the towards the top。

Example 2 Paris


Is a situation that Bastion and Orisa of the front come shot a lifetime。
Often have a ULT as well the other party to break through use in the ULT
It is easy to fall into a situation where defeated without taking a first。
If the other party is several orders of magnitude higher firepower
Movement of high Flanker and agility hero will be important。


Strategy 1

Large very risk to break through in the collective action
Will tend been Wanpikku、
for that reasonMove hero by itself
Through the important position Let's enter into the back of the opponent

Positioning so as to enclose with multiple names
Trick is to mess up the point of view of the Bastion。
Because it is essential techniques of that defeat enclose
I just want to be able to use。

Strategy 1.5

Tracer and Hammond, etc.With the extremely high mobility hero
The number people of the other party by ringing the point
You can forcibly pulled to the point。

Try to absolutely use because it is essential class of techniques。
This technique such as Hanamura and Anubis
Can be used if the assault and hybrid anywhere
It has become a technique of the strongest class that can be drawn the opponent's front line。

Strategy 2

ULT(The combination of strong, such as Nanogenji)
1It would be early Nanogenji and EMP if only to break through the base
When the Ya opponent of counter Ultra its、skill(Baptiste of the invincible, etc.)
For it would otherwise be returned to be used in the always stick timing to grasp
It has become important is that to grasp the situation of the other party。

Also because grasp the situation of the other party
Also let's consciousness because it is essential technique。

Foundation will be required to Bastion configuration breakthrough。
It will be the efficiency of good practice partner if to learn the basics of Overwatch。

Example 3 Hollywood


But is a situation that is frozen in front
For the important position the enemy is taking
Grated shot from the top is pretty tough situation。

This is similar to Aihenbarude but is more of the defense side
Easy access to the important position
We Betsuka for easy irreversible。


Only recover the important position。

But the attacker even if irreversible the important position
From the building on the point opponent's rays
Just get back in the DPS1 people will through
Is often the game would lose become a can not result in 6v5 involved in the case。

Or taking over in all six for the
One of the DPS will ensure the important position
Another one of the DPS is Halas Ya from the back to the other party
Wanpikku like crazy opponent to the important position

It is effective to enclose
1That difficult ally movement move the game in person become cherished
The first is one of Hollywood。

Whether the defense side will come if and

Because basically the defense side that can fight with the opponent at you like their
Attacking side, you can win with only each other to shoot unless come to nothing。

However、By attacking side is the movement a little thought
To even or unfavorable match-ups
I do Mase choice but to use the ULT for would。

The other party has that have used the ULT of their opponent
It will be that they made a disgusting behavior。
The repetition of the same thing because the opponent of ULT is underway Without
Or the measures that they had come
We have a positive take-up、
Then、AlsoOnly attack there since pitting to another somewhere
The match will advance advantageously。

Defense side should you do if important position taken in the attack side?

It is easy、Only recover。
Irreversible way is the last time
Win just take! ? Way of positioning of the magic to make the flow of the game。
Since I am writing the most part to the article、Please try by all means look。


· Hill and high thermal enemy of the side make sure down even situation
(Low thermal enemy is necessary without cares because the bait)

- a hill or strong point is take by themselves
(You should be able to understand and have been doing a long time the OW for Tsuyopo)
(OWL also will be helpful)

And defense side will come hit where you want per their because
To understand the aim of opponent、Given the nasty When prompted for the opponent。

To take advantage of-vacant area
(Or equal flow to your free)

- their understanding to whether preference is given or unfavorable to。
(Without a fight long if the disadvantage、Consider to be advantageous to)


Is also Fundamentals this time, but because it also includes the previous application
I am sorry you feel that has become difficult to understand a little bit ...
This time, I wrote about the break when pushed、
Once you who read this article
I think that I can break through to smart stepped on pushed are also step by step ...
Perhaps this in the area Fundamentals I think whether the end Arakata。
Now I guess is a skill knitting or was the concept of configuration、
See you next time。

Bait = decoy

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