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HOMERaiders intelligenceI do not want to tell too much for too strong、Vs. Sniper(Also include other DPS)Thinking of。

I do not want to tell too much for too strong、Vs. Sniper(Also include other DPS)Thinking of。

I do not want to tell too much for too strong、Vs. Sniper(Also include other DPS)Thinking of。

Much everyone once you are playing is Overwatch
The sniper such as Hanzo and Widow Maker
Do would not be certain of that overrun has been?
They are heroes with extraordinary performance that head one shot if they have AIM force。

However、The only little wear thinking
It will be able to compete remembering meaning to their actions。

I do not want to tell too much for too strong、How to capture the sniper。

Prerequisites 1 consciousness

Must be there always will be aware that as a prerequisite of the other party。
Two be aware of important

Position of the other party
Skills situation of the other party

Knowing the position and the skills situation of the other party
50% You'll be able to alert。

Position of the other party

Of fashion now because aware of the position of the other party is very important

Doom Fist
- Shinmetora

The DPS opponent such asThere are many not defeat not to grasp the position case。
Players who have lived a long time ago of 2 Sunameta is
The position grasp of the other party has made firm
If you do not been able to successfully in Reaper and Doom Fist
Since become infested smash the back
Let's always pay attention always aware of the position of the DPS of the other party。

Positioning Tips

DPS will be the movement was decided the degree types that every hero。
For this purpose, each map
For if latent point and sniper position is present
Not hurry to target
It is to carefully clearing the DPS purchase likely point of opponent
It has become very important。

Skills situation of the other party

A hook Widow Maker
No hook Widow Maker

Easy to beat is the Widow Maker using the course hook、
Skill sound of the hook can be heard quite large easy。
Widow maker is if
EasilyLet's consciousness so that the aim sure if using the hook。

This may be able to say to the entire Overwatch
- Moira offade
Reaper ofReis
- Orisa ofFortify
WaitSkills to be the lifeline of each herothere is。
The skills to be a lifeline
Hero when the "have", "are using" is a strong
"Spent" hero will greatly weakened。

It is you can see the other?

The opponent to use a skill"wait"rather than
The skills to opponent"I used to"Is that
It will be the trick to make a kill in the Overwatch。

Also, if become good players if you use a lifeline skills
We will pull、Since the meantime After me pull is here is advantageous
We have quite contributed to the team just to use the skills to opponent。

Prerequisite 2 ray management

This is true for people of mainly support。
First of all, please see the image here。

Widow maker of rays red
Green has become a blind spot that can not be seen from the Widow Maker。

As of immediately above the image you see the Widow maker of opponent
Or location of the anywhere is missing from the safe and the other party
The will be able to determine is the ideal
"awareness"Can be a to
I think that is the level at which it can be determined whether immediately enshrined as the in less than one week。

In terms of this caseHotel backI There is the most secure。

Moving faster than the other prerequisites third prediction to

Only players who meet the prerequisites 1 and 2 of the above
There is a thought that enables。
Please refer to this image。

in this wayWidow Maker and itself is no longer rely efficiently
It will be forced to position change

Position the root of the Widow Maker 80% has been decided。
But it is not a completely fixed as
It features to a place to place a sniper point。

Aware of the aforementioned rays If you know the movement pattern of the other party
At the timing of moving the point 1 point 2 points 3
If it retreated to the safety area of ​​the next point faster than the Widow of opponent
Opponent ofFrom the Widow Maker will not be pulled out 99.9%

Roll by Widow Maker measures

Please First of all here in mind。

Nasty things to Widow maker is done

- it is adhered
- shot
Hook destination of the area have been taken
- is extremely low front
Is not Lee Nuku been messed up vigilance opponent
Is is to - can not concentrate situation


What can tank
Front press cancer
· Shot and harassment
- take the shot difficult location of the Widow
Etc. is the main

Harassment shooting

OrisaYasigmaHero, such as the
It is possible to shoot a bullet to the long-distance
Of Widow maker if it is targeted
You can reduce Gakutto performance。
Shoot Widow maker is always When you come out of the face
Try not to focus on sniping。

Example) etc. or skip sigma if the main and shield ...

Front press cancer

Well Winston and Dva is pouncing on the Widow Maker
And I think you but raise the front and see the sceneFrom the spread out of their area
Tobikakara not the contrary, to be targeted by the other party would be counter
Since the
The first is the Widow Maker
So as not to go to take a favorable position
A minimum of lineLet's press before until。

When the well is most likely to misunderstand, but would look at the Widow-maker in the tank
Fronts will become quite neglected。

Expand the area of ​​their own by pressing the front for the
Get down to ally DPS is difficult to move the Widow MakerThat
It would be ideal、
Of course you do not have to look at myself that it is Nora scene but is often
Do not forget to press the before、
Let's be careful not to give up the role as a tank。

Take the shot difficult location of the Widow

If you say in Kings row such a narrow point, etc.
Although both shot difficult point of Widow
Sniping positive of the Widow will still exist
Because it can not long-range snipe
You can trumps the difficult situation in which to shoot more likely to be adhered to the DPS。
Consider also where the fight if there are Widow Maker to opponent


What can the DPS
- sticking
- shoot your opponent
Take the hook destination area
- to kill the opponent


It is as it is、Widow Maker very weak in-Fight
It is possible to defeat it stick if high agile hero。

Always opponent's Widow is when you have a Widow Maker to opponent
Let's try a conscious fighting。

Shoot your opponent

A bullet toward the opponent has the effect just sow roses。
However、There is also likely to be overtaken by Widow Maker of opponent
Such as issuing a moment face from Tateura and obstacles
There is a need to Halas so that it is not overtaken by devising。

Take the area of ​​the hook destination

Once you understand the idea reading the above content
You can to some extent the pattern of the behavior of the other party
Or the corner waiting hidden in the angle go ahead to the predicted area the other party come
By in their area to ensure there area
Widow maker makes it easier to rot will not take the Tsuyopo。

With respect to areaThis articlePlease refer to the。

Kill your opponent

It is the most important、If you can not stop the Widow-maker in DPS
You can not stop a lot of case。

Since the tank players who read this article get Kill
DPS would us to raise the front to easily defeat the Widow。
DPS will rise its intended Kumitori frontClose to the Widow Maker
Let's go be sure to take a kill When you become a distance。

DPS will not forget is the fact that do not have to look at DPS。


What can support
Do not die

Do not die

Is that the most disgusting most important and are conscious partner of DPS all
Pesky opponent as the support that is wary of death does not have。

This is to say in particular Widow maker and long-distance hero opponent
Widow Maker tend to aim the enemy does not come to fight back、
Because support is narrowed absorbed in the field of view on the heel of ally
Well is targeted is easy to。
for that reason、Do not forget to Widow Maker vigilance
Let's try to always not pulled out position
It just to Widow maker of opponent
You can rot not allowed to work。

Safety Zone、The current position and the next Widow destination of opponent
Would be almost perfect if you take a position in an area predicted safety zone overlaps


· Be aware that of the person you want to defeat
※ Dattari opponent's skills
※ Dattari position of the other party
※ Dattari opponent of rays

To fulfill the role for each role
If you defeat your opponent in support
It does not is not defeat, but the heel is neglected
It may eventually lead to losing。

In this page
The above two points the I was allowed to subdivide explained to a certain extent。


how was it
This time it would take a significant amount of time
I hope there can be useful even a little!
Although I am writing with the Widow maker ed.
I am writing is also true for most of the DPS party!
Rather than run away because DPS is strong
How to stop the strong DPS
If less game to be matchless in the other party DPS even a little
I think that good。


What feeling of the Widow of Toka top500
· AIM force is the evildoer、You have to shoot Toka against normally hook jump。
Position can not be predicted location because it does not fit in the template。

Hmmm ... I thought Widow strongest! w

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