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[Column] considerable misunderstanding easy to four things the player

[Column] considerable misunderstanding easy to four things the player

This time, or looking at other players
I noticed be in the coaching
I would like to introduce some that many people have misunderstood。

It is easy to misunderstand

It becomes the front ray of brain

Look at you may be of any map
In terms of the most obvious example
For example, in Hanamura of attack
in this way

If the shield face-to-face at the time would eating isAnd DPS from the side is like stepping on the point
By fall the opponent
Efficiently than fight in the frontLet down your opponent's front line
To win comfortablyI can。

This can be referred to in all modes OW
Assault is sounding a point
Control as well
Pressing the escort if the payload
By touching the object etc.
You can forcibly directed to point to opponent。

Only frontWhen you are stagnantIt is the purpose of the map
Please try to aware of the object。

I would think unconsciously when the opponent does not come to nothing

Opponent is human (natural)

Rather than do that、
Many of the playersIt will give priority to what you want to do your own
Men do not think how moving coming case is very often
We true for many people in to the vicinity of the master。

Example 1)

Punch in Doom Fist
What do you have in motion partner?

Example 2)

Themselves will go to take this area at this route
Do you have to act like what the other party?

Example 3)

Hit in this ULT
Do you have to return to do what is partner?

Player that can the first sentence of each example as such but you have many
2Sentence(Opponent of it)Very few players to think about。
The success rate and the weakness of the only strategy think about the opponent's notes、
You can also gain confidence that always sticks by organizing information

Yes because you need understanding of the opponent's skills and position in order to consider the behavior of the other party
Effectiveness of harnessed not the information in this thing will become quite down ...

His Ya、The opponent of the reaction with respect to actions that their causes
Please Think for a moment before taking the action、The world will change。

Idea that dont all do not somehow on their own

Ally it has been face-to-face bashed
This fall easy thinking in situations that are lost the game

The probability that the win would have created a negative loop becomes low。

For example,
Reinhardt that ally DPS is lost to the other party DPS is
Ceases to put the shield will stick suck
In order to defeat the DPS
What if earnestly brandishing a hammer?

A. hit too much and can not stand the front line、I will die

For example,
Stop Moira is to heel suck with the other party Genji
What if not Uchimaku' the black beam black ball?

A. heel from turning Nakuri、Team will be destroyed by lack heel

In this way as each hero of each roll is throw away the role
You will no longer ridiculous。
(Vocabulary force)
While have yourself a role if absolutely Kitsukere fight also and its hero
Or a hero、Let's, etc. get to see an ally in the chat。

It may in each role can only be to each roll、
Just because the losing that situation
In forcibly difficult hero to defeat the DPS
There is a risk of losing the team and ends up trying to overthrow the DPS。
First, it is determined that it is their own、
Let's move to fulfill their mission。

Once the game has been found
I think that comes found how to beat the DPS also naturally tank and support。

OWL would I think that all of OW

surelyTournament to determine the top of the worldIn OverwatchLeague
It would not be an exaggeration to say that all of OW has been terminated
Excellent tactics and hero that was used in the League、Configuration
We are always use
It is the fact that irrefutable has become the axis and meta-configuration。

But what about too much imitated?

Moira of OWL player is a relatively large proportion throw the black ball
I think that it comes also been implicated horse of the team。
The world's most powerful class is the entire teamSo even throwing a lot of black ball
I think that thanks to hit a small ally can be interpreted also as the heel in time。

What happens is it a try it in Nora
Because we're not well enough to OWL player
It will be hit in a matter of course as

The black ball frequency of Moira to hit too many of the allies when made in the OWL-axis
Case is also often a disadvantage in reverse。

To that OWL is considered as one of the indicators、In their ranks match
Although the move as it was in their own is the best

Tara fewer hit of ally I hope also throw many black ball as OWL
If the hit of the allies is high
Thinking is important, such as the proportion of light ball。

Configurations are together、Certainly meta configuration is strong but
When the extremelyThere in the story
Than pick to use excessive meta configuration is in an unstable ranked match environment
Ideally the dress to cover use each use hero。

HoweverStrong it is that use the meta-heroBut since there
White to not meta configuration、If so use the meta-hero
It would say that there is no useful things wrong later。


That there tend to be easy to misunderstand
4We were allowed written in couple of pickup。

Player is very often not particularly consider the feelings of the other party。
No impassable avoid bargaining with the other party in the battle game
Please consider one more the behavior of the other party after he took action。

By it is bargaining with the other party
I hope you fun of OW increases even a little。


When you've caught a Mercy dedicated to partner support
What should you pick what in another frame of support?

In my opinionAna、Moira、Per is stable。

Why Ana、Moira heel amount of Mercy say whether stability can not be said to be high
Since it is often aimed at Mercy itself
This may not be possible to supply a stable heel is high。

for that purpose

High heel&It has a heel effect UP in the bottleAna
High range heel ability&ULT is strongMoira

2 Hero of the above is stable。
If somewhere to go such a configuration is more dive configuration and the like ally on the configuration of the ally
More analysts are safely heel easy。
It is Moira if such solidify configuration as Orishigu。

Since both become somehow the difference in kneading degree、When it came Mercy to ally
Ana or Moira、
Let's choose the person that he or those who match the configuration can be used successfully。

With respect to Mercy

While initiating capacity at the normal time is low compared to other support
ULT to become a powerful resuscitation and the entire heel is powerful because
Iwazu and until death Character、The antagonist is a hero garbled is depending on the support。

With respect to the other of the support and Mercy of compatibility

Although the whole heel prima facie
Rushimashi it and to heal amount is too small does not withstand the rush of the opponent

Spicy and is initiating and counter in support
It can have a considerable burden on the DPS and tank。
However、In the Bastion configuration
Since Mashibati is to have the performance of one ranking class
It is helpful appointed by case。

I feel I want to stop as long as I'm better than Lucio
If always Nagure in the field of view is wide strong Brigitte player opponents
It may Arikamo、Unless the professional
More of Ana and Moira is thankfully the whole team。

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