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What is a must-see team who have become new and care?

What is a must-see team who have become new and care?

This time there is that everyone is heard in the Overwatch "team activities"
I hope you can tell you about the contents of the team activities。

What team?

What team?

Overwatch is a game fight in 6 people、
If everyone that it is ranked match does not fall within the VC Ya
Since the instant of matching is difficult to enhance the cooperation force。

for that reason6To make the team in personShine the day-to-day cooperation and individual skills
The aim of the goals set for each team is the team activities。

In addition, by entering the teamAlmost always
You can interact with other team。

That is, the width of the alternating current is spreadI friends will continue to increase inevitably。

In a nutshell"Ministry Activity"It might be close to。

You do what?


Scrim and ispractice gameis。
And a practice game in a team vs team。
Because the opponent also fetch the cooperation so that the same of their
You come out reflection point and improvements, etc.、
So you polish the collaboration and individual skills to improve their。

Use the discord server when searching for the opposing team
If Japan
Overwatch JP Team vs Team server
If Asia General
OW Competitve
South Korea
Korea Overwatch Community

How the Lord is more of the Japan team manager for entering
Sending a DM order to have an invitation code
I think that you an invitation code。

You come out with the invitation code investigate a little in addition Twitter。

It should be noted that for the CS version exchanged Twitter and DM I think it was the mainstream。

Evaluation meeting

Everyone in the replay Ya after the scrim end
While watching a third person video manager and coaches told me to take
Washed out improvements and reflection point、It connects to the next batter measures。
Some Toko to do with the whole team、Or doing just people who want to do
Also、It is each team for a team not to do。

the study

Fastest routeWas TariGurepo of AnaWas Tari
Or looking for a strong technique and route the theoretical value
Practice of the techniques carried out in multiple nameYou or the。

Suddenly at the convention, etc.Strange configurationIt came out
The scene that shutout the opposing team
thisOutcome of day-to-day researchis。

We carried out after the scrim or was before the scrim。

Supplementary ※ ranked matches

Activities end and activities before、Such as the day of the activity holiday
You may go a ranked match in Chimufurupa and several people。

When said in Chimufurupa is to be made in practice
To become easier to win the opponent in a team of specific cooperation
Perfect for raising the ratemaybe。

It is the schedule of the phrase team one day、It does not have decided to clear
I feel that many teams of such a cycle。

Tint Sorry it becomes to like litmus paper ...

Activity time?

But is Yorikeri to team
The basic Asian team of overseas 22:00~24:00
Korean team 16:00~18:00 18:00~20:00 20:00~22:00Are many。

Many of the Japanese team 22:00~24:00In has been active
Part of the professional and Amachimu is the Korean rate more than 4000 team
To the scrim20:00~It has been active。

The goal?

Team that built the target has a scrim for the many
Three when the target roughly
Tournament winning system(Official tournament Playoff appearances and contender participation, etc.)
Good friends system(Individual skills rise purpose and the like of the entire team)
Meta-break system(Etc. that dare defeat the Meta up the pick of the non-meta)

It is variously divided, such as、
The goal setting is important for members of the same purpose gather。

Members of the role?


Is a player who
To use the roll that specializes yourself is the best

1When members recruited from the
Tank 2 DPS1 support 2, etc.
Ask them to come in person to the role and good。


You who out proxy when the starting lineup is rested、
When the people of the long member and not inferior're 1 or 2 people
You will be able to also work smoothly resting other members。


Ya improvements in their spare time to review meeting or during the game、
You us to the advice of such win In this way。
With respect to coachRate = In good without
Level of understanding and teaching will be asked。

Since'll find a section that is not found 's their
I would would like to contribute a large coach to the progress of the team。


Something Can I contribute to the team ...
Or become a consultant team、Dattari exchanges with other teams
Is wide-ranging can be

Scrim schedule alignment of
Members schedule management of
- Competition Information Tari me looking、Tournament application, etc.
- bird's-eye view shooting

Since the coaches and manager is not required
We can start the team activities in the member 6 people。

Recently is often managers and coaches
It was often six of the team a little bit before the whole team。

Do you Where you find a team?

As How to find there about two ways large

View the recruitment of discord server

I wrote earlier
Overwatch JP Team vs TeamThe
#recuruiting_membersThere is a chat
Go to the bottom of recruitment、In or write it
You might searchable a team that suits you maybe

Gather the people nice relationship

This might is large as the start of the best team
Naka good person and only 6 people gather、
Since a team activity rate does not matter
3500You can put together also a human and 2800。

Overwatch is it is difficult to tell without a team!
Team activities, I think whether I even try to challenge us once because a lot of fun。

Flow of up to collectively team activities

1If you make from

To recruit at or Twitter and JP TvT server to collect the relationship good members

Activities start

If you want to join an existing team

Find a team at JP TvT server

Tryout(During the trial period)Receive the

Activities start


It was better then many instructions that are in the mood or what thing is the team、
Only the fact there are many words that are not usually use, such as a scrim and managers
It is simple because only practicing with the aim to target you're doing。

Since the present situation many amateur teams have been established
And greatly appreciated interested this to the team activities even a little to the machine。

People in

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Of people in Twitter

Posted list of some of the people in

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