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A new meta? Pork configuration and is

A new meta? Pork configuration and is

Pork = means that peck。
BrieflyIt issues a thermal power to shield the like from outside the range of the other partyso
Do not let close to here we will gradually To cornered opponent。

That can be unilaterally attack from range outside
Here is the Tamar unilaterally ULTSince the
It can take a considerable advantage in depending on the configuration of the other party。

Because it is described in considerable roughly here
"This hero is strong now?"It would be greatly appreciated when it is viewed in a much feelings。

Pork configuration pick



You can break the shield of the shield split is very strong opponent at high speed。
Also、Stronger synergy with back-up or ally with wall climbing

There is a large advantage also win a hero such as Farah and Reaper。


While the enemy is often a scene that I have to stuffed pork opponent
By that there are Mei"isolation"But you have to concerned about the
It created a not packed in a pack situation。

Also、The wall can also be used as a barrier when packed。

Mei because of the hero for durability、
It has a pork configuration and high synergy。


Pork configuration projectile(Yes bullet speed)Because hero is often
Farah and Reaper、
But it is weak tend to hero such as Doom Fist
By put the MacleayStrongly I leave it to strong hero in pork configurationCan

You can build up a strong structure increased stability is quite。



The one and only that Uteru while tension shields
It is pork main tank。

But it has been reduced and the vertical by the update
Since the durability of the individual is raised

It would be less likely to lose in the front if there is a stable heel and fired。


2It is a sub-tank that has been consecutive pitching as a shield。
The main long-range pork、CC by rock
Cover force and by the bullet absorptionHigh area up capacity

Compatibility with the Orisa is one ranking。


Tank performance of the mobile speed strengthening + from the beginning by Apude
From the surface, such as a combined stop and fire strike of Orisa
It will be pick often in Oriharu、
However、Reinhard's strengths pull push of the frontfor
Konsenputo of pork is high in a fair towards the sigma
Easy to more of sigma is pickis。

Or choose a map when you issue Reinhardt
DPS also it might be easy to do better you than in Fight。




The whole team
Liable to the counter to the Doom Fist
Zenyatta is easier to put out by Some Baptiste。

Firepower as support is highRather takes an active part in the silo pork configuration because。
The fighting is often fired auxiliary fronts around the Baptiste。


Ability is quite excellent
Defeated the range heel、Invincible skills there are various how to use or help the ally。
Equivalent firepower also Soldier and、ULT is also a possible thermal power auxiliary or alone kill
What adopt reason that can often be the main heel +。


Standing position

It is a quotation from overseas meta consideration videos。
The source source Leave stretched link below

In this way is strong standing position that can be taken unilaterally attack the distance between the opponent。
Order to keep in front of eyes、Spicy partner of DPS is to expand the area
It features not allowed to fight back with overwhelming firepower。

Since the tank line is particularly important
And the other party is unable to attack
Let's aware of the position of their own can unilaterally attack。

Enemy that aim

Continue to damage in the range of the enemy to come in basically the front
The there Tara DPS Hitoshigai that ablation from the other party of the population
Preferentially aim and would be preferable。

And say why aim at enemies ablation
The other party is in a strong pork precisely because the population

And it will be moved apart to opponent
Since the results in or taken the area or surrounded
It is the place as much as possible you want Osaekomi a partner group in front。

Source source


Hanzo Ya to opponentGood MacleayIf you're
Farah and Reaper、Compete in the Doom Fist is tough。

Even dive configuration if cooperation can be taken
Since you can respond but difficult

Or won the ULT the mirror configuration
It flows into the side of the route to use the wall or the like of Mei
Guests can bring in-Fight
It seems there is a need to continue taking the area specifically advantageous。

Also、Because of the long time of each other per pork configuration
I think that I also hired the Widow maker to end all with one blow。

It is extreme, but also present choices to win in firepower
Dattari Bastion at unbeatable Baptiste
It might be interesting even out the junk rat。

My feelings

If I as long as you have seen various
Pretty strong configuration status quoI think not, such the。

Reaper to opponent、When Farah, etc. came out
- when the side was taken
When Miller
like thisIf you do not understand the movement with respect to the other party
You will see the future that would easily lose to a little strong opponent。

It is strong if you understand、
Weak and do not understand
But I think that it is configured not strong only if put out。
2Since the durability of the shield is horrendously high
Maybe towards the scene of strong often be put out。



Also it is the end of another year。
Let me do it the OverwatchNavi is another 7 months。
Next fiscal year was due to more users
We believe When you go to create a site that the user can take advantage of。

Also If you have any opinion something、It would be greatly appreciated when it is up to DM。

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