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Each platform-specific higher-level Metapikku List

Each platform-specific higher-level Metapikku List

The highest tierIt becomes Summary
1/13It is an aggregate of up to 1/20。
It will be a list of up to the top 13。

Per just been released with respect to Switch
Since the Grandmaster is not、This tier of the diamond band。

Metapikku summary of each platform



PC version is stillOrishigu configuration meta
Hero to be included in the Orishigu configuration has come to the top。

I Orishigu There were many even in this week of the official tournament contains the patch。

HoweverOrishigu configuration(Pork configuration)Since the weak to dive
Wrecking ballIt is and out of range butDva,Such as Winston
Pick of the dive hero has become high。
(The influence of the patch)

Also、As a measure of the proportion to dive
Even heroes such as Brigitte and Macleay
We came up。

in conclusion

Orishigu There is still the mainstream。
Wrecking ball at the runner-up&DVA dive (Interim)

It is likely that future changes so quickly that after Apude。



Pick rate # 1 is Mercy

Why say whether Mercy and CS version(SwitchやPS4)Compared to the PC version
Since the operation has become more difficult
Or bullet is hard to rely on the other party、Heel will or difficult to turn。

for that reason、Dattari easy resuscitation is strong Mercy Turn the heel
Is given a gradually To damage with dynamiteAshBut come on。

AlsoFew people that can be usedOr for、Or load Hog has come above the sigma
Macleay instead of the Widow MakerEtc. that is coming

The difference between PC version is out but Orisa、Per Baptiste looks together。

in conclusion

Orishigu is still stable ...?

You can substitute a difficult hero to use in CS
Weakness of CS unique(Heel difficult)Etc.
Dattari hero poke、Hero to cover it has come to the top。



Pick rate # 1 is Zaria。

As a feature of the Switch version
OW inexperienced personAre many。
Is the impression that the order has its own meta has evolved。

The fact that the new often is difficult to hero
It is often the case that can not be used due to a problem of understanding, etc.。
(Sigma and Dva, etc.)

Haruzari of the relatively easy-to-understand structure
Thermal power is high reaper,It dropped hard to Farah
such asSimple and pick rate of a powerful hero is high。

PS4 well as for support
It easy hero to turn the heel is coming to the top。

in conclusion

High pick rate of Haruzari is
DPS difference also with other platforms
Come completely different pick the top。

As the future come up the level of understanding of the player
It is going to be the same meta and PS4。



Other than Mercy of pick rate is unusually high
It is the characteristic that is similar to the PC pick rate of。

But is the place is often was similar to the PC
Also say the feature of the CS is everywhere
Mercy and such as road hogs
Different from the PS4 or Switch for the hero is seen
Maybe the meta is deployed。

In the first placeXbox has much less Japanese population
For foreign players often
So it seems that what the difference is out。

Unlike the current meta China and Europe, etc.
It is many players that are playing in a special configuration。


The future of meta expected

Dva becomes stronger、The current meta-hero
By containing the across the board weakening

As the configuration of the ranked matches and official competitions
The dive by Hammond Dva now see little by little。

By the strong dive to porkIrreversibleYaAssaultIn such
You might be more chance of being appointed。

If it becomes so as an anti-Hammond Dva and dive
Sonbura will is very likely to come out。

- Oli signaling Mei Hanzo(Farah derived, etc.)
- Oli signaling Widow Hanzo
Hammond Dva dive
I think three of the above, but the future is stable。

Because Every team that during the study the new meta in the current exceeding the above
I think that the configuration is not strange to come out。


Ya my order to use the Overbuff
But I think many to see the platform that his play meta
I summarized so I think it will not or compared to other models。

Also、The tendency of playersAs
Without using the Nafu has entered hero
We tend to use prefer buff has entered hero。

for that reason、Apparent good Dva that it die and master zone
It feels Sonbura Along with it is out。
As usual Orishigu is the mainstream in the Glamorous band
You will see a dive like in returns after losing each other per。

PC,PS4, there is a play experience with Switch。
If If If you or wrong you are able to discuss with Twitter, etc.
You are allowed through the eyes。

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