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[Column] Are you properly? Summary of foundation

[Column] Are you properly? Summary of foundation

It is the story of the foundation。
Think - the」「~ Fighting
Many of one weaker
We tend to are using the basis of the majority of the brain。

People who are able to think is an image that foundation is made firm。

This time needed to think
basisFor I would like to introduce some。

Is to probably get in only if doing
For advanced users are attached to the body to unconsciously。

It is for people of up to ~ master。
Until the master If I can foundation should go smoothly ...

With respect to AIM

Wear a minimum of AIM

Is quite an important factor when foundation。

MinimumIs combined aim to the other party came close to theirOr become so
Hit a bullet in a situation such as that Uteru from consciousness outside of opponentIf it is not possible
Since the aim will be disturbed in the fighting before considering the fighting, etc.

In the timing to be applied
It has become to be applied to the other party as a matter of course
Required foundation。

Also、Of that do not get usedAwkward point of view operationIt tends to be
I am using the hero that you are using your own
professionalDeliveryYaThe videoWe recommend that you learn the point of view operation to look at, etc.。

The AIM practice

It is quite important。
A few people there is no aim from ten years agoAim practiceLet
Articles such as etc. exists on the net。

So good in training and workshops, etc.
1Day when the AIM practice about 30 minutes
2I think that surely have come up with the results after 1-3 months。

Aim = but I listen well with sense
Certain degreeUp will somehow effort。

About sensitivity

Please choose as their favorite。

The Well even decide to make it easier to do their own
The Well even mimic the setting of the people

If the PC versionPRO SETTING SHEETFrom
You might say even imitate your favorite professional settings。

With respect to skills

To understand how to use skills

Do you understand how to use my skills?

Wall or the like of Mei also there is a use other than isolation
- block the opponent's point of view
- put your feet take on a partner
- have only give the pressure is

Although there are other、One of the skills
There is a use for many ways。

More you know the thing that this usage
Can detail made it a hero
Increases-optionIe leads to victory that。

In addition, since it becomes easy to predict behavior of the opponent's hero by knowing the skills
It is quite important to understand the "how to use the ~ skill"。

To understand the timing at which the use of skills

Skills that will use in the place that does not need a
It is in many cases miss play。

(Case)Fortify like to not damaged in Orisa

And the like find out on your own if the timing is not known
Let's remember the proper use timing。

The timing that I could understand timing partner uses a skill
Come to be able to understand
Since the、Read it enables counterattack
It will be quite able to afford in terms of the fight。

With respect to the field of view

To understand their range distance

But is a good fight with the other hero
Than the opponent and his range distance、If more of the other party is strong
head onIt is safer not challenged。
(Case)Zenyatta vs Macleay, etc.

Little more beginner graduation Once here can understand ...

Try to expand the field of view down

Field of view size = probability of survival is
Or ambushed the field of view is narrow from the other party
It is easy to fall into a situation such as has been imperceptibly surrounded。

for that reasonWhen there is no reason that I go beforeThe
I think you find the thing to do of their own and look around a little bit down。

A minimum of knowledge

Li group

As long as there is no purpose of ROHM
Let's fight and the other party gathered with allies。

Since ally there are many scenes that do not you wait
It is safe to myself fit to ally。

ULT alignment

To Wins the mutual hit the ULT alignment
It occupies a fairly important factor

Instead of using ULT yourself one person
Sometimes to check the ULT status of ally
Winning percentage goes up dramatically and together to use。

In particular, people who would lose to not take the base in hybrid and Assault
So easy to become so base can be taken in being aware of the ULT alignment
Please try by all means practice。

The order of defeat opponent

Floating opponent> Tank> DPSorSUP
Although this is the basic order、
In many cases it would be many that do not meet this
It is okay to an extent to keep in mind、It will be used later。

The most important thing isImportant that defeat when you beat the DPSis。
Tara opponent DPS purchase that is a free
Let's always the correspondence When you have something without the free。

Then with strong DPS of the other party
Situation that unstoppable should be reduced

Now tank Unlike the old days will be harder、
Support is because of the standing of the CC and firepower
Anyone way to stop the DPS will have
Does not win that can not win even complain to DPS ally
Let's trial and error to defeat the DPS of the other party on their own。

That aim the same enemy as the enemy that ally is aimingAlso
Just as important as the above-mentioned。

Pick change

It is pretty important、
Let's change I thought that there is no meaning even if they have put out the hero。

IdealFavorite hero one practice of their owndo it
And use a hero that can complement the weaknesses as a sub
It is recommended in order to also be able to active performing relatively pick change。

View Kirurogu

You people are too many that do not do to just see。

You know ULT using the opponent by looking at Kirurogu
Who will tell you the dead of any roll of ally and partner。

Since the situation assessment capability only see rises and significantlyPlease look sure to diligently。

Pressing the KOs screen button

In such a moment of free time during the game begins with a few tens of seconds or after the match
To see the KOs screen、You can get a considerable amount of information。
For example,、Opponent of the pickYa、Ally ULT gaugeJust know these two
Did you know pretty likely to determine their own movement?

If you know the other party's pick would be their standing position is found
If you know the ULT gauge of ally
It will be seen to win muscle of each other per the following

There is only obtained in the open that for KOs screen。
Let's open the KOs screen if there is a little bit of chance。

(TAB key if the PC version、I think it was at the middle if PSN。)



Foundation is a really important part。
I think it can be said in any game。

Not even to each other to read the foundation has not been
Not improve even after forever not afford to play
It is easy to fall into a negative loop。

Rate or stagnant、Not move so I think people are
Please try back at the foundation once return to basics。

It came PTR is、I think in meta changes truly this time
I will summarize if it is implemented in the LIVE mackerel。

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