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Question # 1, get well with coaching

Question # 1, get well with coaching

Question # 1, get well with coaching

Picked up especially 4 questions that get couple of
It is personal but is a summary of the reply。

What has been worrying about the people whatever that you have taken the coaching
I hope you can know。

Q.1 rate does not increase

Crossed PT

Crossed PT If the rate does not increase
Place the PT recommended game of OW is indeed who raised a reasonable rate。

Good people than themselves or equal to their own
It would be likely to rise and partner with someone to look at the play。

When teamed with the PT"ULT alignment"Ya"focus"The firm Together we
I think that until the master is easy to go。

If the friend is not

Or continue to follow the people of OW entanglement in the SNS
If you send a friend request in a ranked match
Is relatively friend can be easy。

It's moving from his trick is。

To review the basics

Although it I am coaching is not done in the best
100%There is no win universal fighting, etc.。

In a state in which the AIM and basic knowledge is not firm
Even gonna to see the fighting、Foundation is immature effect is thin。

Review from the foundation of the once OW in order that、Leaving a space of the brain
There is a need to create a room to think about the fighting。

Click here for foundation
Summary of foundation

Given the reflection + measures

You do not need to think in the entire game。
Briefly considered losing scene and the reason for his death per
I did losing per Why
Or why the dead is now his
Consider these two always
The following are moving this way because this -
Any game can also be progress by stepping on this step。

PDCA、It is important。

watch video

Now is the Overwatch video boom。
People of the current pro-gamers have me explain the basics or was a meta。

Apude information and meta prediction

Description of the structure and foundation

You watch recommend so it would be helpful。

Q.2 do not know what to use now

View overbuff

Understand the pick rate for each rate band
What is strong now because the probability of winning or the like is riding、You can understand at a glance。

Be careful only is different point hero, which is used by tier。

Now the Grand Master band

Now the diamond band

The difference between a diamond and a Grand Master Up to this point
Would not a long time、For the rest period OWL is now
Information of the above is likely to be affected or the like has stagnated above。

View distribution

By looking at the good people of the point of view than their own
You should know what their own and what is the difference between the
"I had done of their own if now." "I was using - myself if in here."Wait

Can touch the difference with their
Once you have thisUnderstanding a clear movement to go to the topby doing
Game level of understanding is also no doubt that the rise of course rate。

For easy in Twitch players of the movement of world class is seen
There may be effective just flown in television sense if there is spare time ...

Q.3 does not raise the rate even under the coaching

Do a task and chitin

Many coaches, including here to just before the end
It should have me out the problems, such as ...

First firm thereawarenessPlease be clear and
The problem is from the foundation if the consciousness can not
Aim Let's start will practice。

To play every day

It is pretty important。
1It dullness is considerable arm in a day just does not play
Since the good alone AIM practice and few races
The trick of to keep up with day-to-day diligently play progress。

This question is often the first person、
To extendIt should be no problem because they performed a plurality of times coaching ...

Also、You'd better not turn the day was losing streakIf you often。
And out of the trouble really to play and losing streak to will sink feelings
When the melt in an instant a rate that has been piled up until now
Will elaborate losing further play with anger turned to desperation。

Let's play when there is a good physical condition。

Q.4 Why do you free of you?


Most is because the fun。

In it is in the coaching individuals in the past
"Went up rate," "I grew stronger!"
Because it is too happy to hear the report, such as
I feel like doing for free still addicted to coaching ...

Also、Can a person know that you are troubled by the playing surface
Because who can not be reduced as cheats article
It is very welcome to us and coaching applicants also as a site。



We have compiled frequently asked questions into four、
They are raised in, particularly Q1 and Q2
Seen checked "basisThat's "system of problem
You may think from time to time and have spent wasting coaching time。

I do not care until there because their'll do until you progress
Now It is a paid coaching that it is coaching often
So it is limited above all time
Not to be seen I checked on your own or listen to people thinking

To hear that really do not know even listen to anyone
I think that it would be capitalize the most out of coaching。

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Taking advantage of the knowledge you are doing from the β version
So that you can create a strongly become article only Read
We devote every day。

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