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[Column] now pick rate”Low”Hero thorough explanation

[Column] now pick rate”Low”Hero thorough explanation

Now pick rate”Low”Hero thorough explanation

OW is environmentally absolutely
Operation is difficult hero comes out every meta
This time, the hero especially pick rate is low now of meta
I would like to explain why weak or。

Introduce Hero OWL pick sheet(Utilization rate below 2%)
Virtual enemy meta configurationI think in I want to believe。

Pick rate ※ but is low、Overwhelming individual skills、If or until about GM
I think that there is no problem with what to some extent。

Has abundant also those who are saying TOP500 in these characters
The fact that losing If you get in there is no。

Road Hog

One of the current most unfortunate hero
HoweverWhyOften in ranked match is pick
We well to the right and left the fate of the team in the carry or troll。

Weak place

There is no alignment of the ally

Although Road Hog is often fight with individual skills
That's the current metaMatch is it to Supibu such as LucioYa
To get out from the main wall、Cover ally has been emphasized

It is less synergies with alliesSurely that's Road Hog
Pick rate has been in decline slightly。

Not out Orisa

By Orisa of the shield and other abilities have been Nafu
Appointed as the main tank is difficult

OriharuConfiguration and the like, such as、Orisa is
Now it is often operated as a sub-tank
Since it is less Orisa is out in the main tank frame

If the load Hogg activity is less。

Although stop combo of Orihogu is was strong
It is difficult CC often out OrisaNow load hog
It would not be an exaggeration to say that scene is too limited issue。

Painful and self-recovery

- Macleay of Stan
Ana inhibition bottle of
・(Bash of Brigitte)

Is the end almost After his recovery is stopped in these CC。

There are many disadvantages pick

In addition to the 3 characters of the above
Erased in Matokkusu of Dva be caught
Once close to the opponentIsolation in MeiorBe frozen

Also Hog of anti-too many in the meta too ...


Before patchBunker configurationCalled the
Siege strategyIn it's Bastion was to suddenly meta-cored
Of the bunker personnelOrisa/sigma/BaptisteBut
By that is Nafu

You will not be able to siege
Inevitably pick rate I have down。

Weak place

Bunker configuration was weakened

It is the best of reasons。

Bunker consists of Nafu of Orishigubati is
No longer hold as aIt tends to be naked Bastion
Bastion pick rate has plummeted since the。

Root is missing easy

As the strengths of the BastionKeep in a choke point
I strategy was strong most, such as、

In the current environment in which the Mei / Lucio / Dva is meta-cored
Speed ​​of Mei walls and Lucio、Matokkusu of DvaUse the
Exiting the choke point very easilycan do。

for that reason、Order will be filled remains that there is no fight with chalk
Bastion is a strong scene is very little。


None Description。
Macleay and Dva is tough physician much not a vulgaris。

Weak place

Anti characters are meta-cored

- Macleay
· Dva
Since the two heroes of the above are meta-cored
UsuallyThreat of Macleay+Adhesion of Dva
Since the two elements are beset
veryHard fighting the movement as DPSYou are requested。

Move not DPS is because it does not make sense that out
Also it will have no way to pick rate is lowered。

Not avoid a support frame

Considering that the above-mentioned
But I felt so do I need to FARA + Mercy

The current environmentMercy can not be directly involved in the front lineIt is
Weak compared with Lucio and BrigitteFor
There is only a disadvantage case to appoint Farah Mercy。

That Farah is pick is very small
Also it will be easily measures Pick。

Junk rat

Originally not a hero meta-cored。
Or weaker or stronger depending on the environment。

In the current environment there are Lucio / Mei / Dva
Since the operation is very difficult
Pick rate is on the decline。

Weak place

Will be erased bullet

The easiest wins muscle of today's meta configuration
Packed in Supibu of isolation + Lucio in May of wallIs that。

To avoid the isolation、Damage to the opponent
There is a need to give a pressure。

HoweverTend bullet of junk rats were erased in that there are Dvaso
Junk rat itself、Rohm capabilities such as MacleayNot
弾 number、Given the reload surface

It is too long and erased a bullet to Dva
Since there are many cases that would be packed as it is
Pick rate of junk rat has been reduced。

Not stop the meta DPS

Do you stop the Macleay and Reaper in the junk rat?
Can you Macleay and reaper or more of the work in the junk rat?

That's the operation of the current team unitTend to be backward compatible with existing DPSSo
It is no longer used from this point of view。


Up there compared to other heroes
It does not mean that rotten status quo

There is a high versatility more of DvaFor
Is a downward trend really pick rate。

Weak place

Mobility is not enough

Compared with Dva mobility is low
Hard to take the high groundFrom it
When taken the high ground and advantageous area to the other party DPS

Irreversible is very difficult
That's the other party that does not come to its range
The first place in order to become rotten myself

Generic natureYaThe number of work that can beFrom
Reduced utilization of Zaria
Dva have to meta-cored。

Likely to be isolated

I feel like duck has increased one person Once you from Mei。

There is no ability beyond the wallDying as it is isolated ally for
Be yourselfOr it is isolated from the to Serve firepowerWait…
You will be asked a very difficult movement fighting。

Also、It takes a long time to accumulate the energy
before thatThere are many that can not be anything been hit by a wall and Supibuis。


Taking the current situation ZenyattaOr increasing anti as a constituent
From the point of view of synergy and the Ourthe Luciana and Rushiburi because it is the best
Zenyatta has many scenes do not need、Pick rate has been reduced。

Weak place

Support force is not enough

Harmonization and discord only。
It will be run over by Supibu and wall。

AlsoFast moving speed of the opponentDefense matrix Ya
In the current environment where there is a Mei of the wallLikely it is also difficult to pass the damageis。

Easy to death

Zenyatta is very easy to death Genji and Doom、
It will quite severely in only issued a Sonbura。

Even if its ally in the anti-is gave us the Brigitte
Will become a structure, such as the end of the world that Zeniburi。

In order to protect the ZenyattaWhen you issue the Baptiste
Turning back to what the previous meta!

With a price to put out the Zenyatta
It is one of the current misfortune hero。

If the issueAnazeniAround is stable likely ...


About Apude

Rigidity of Hammond → Nafu pile driver(Less)
Widow → Nafu charge rate(Increase)
Brigitte → Nafu heel(Less)
Shinmetora → buff bullets of power(Increase)
Ana(CS only)→ of buff bullet size(Increase)

Except Metakyara is Nafu! ! !
I think this is quite effective against as a boost of meta ...


By the way, utilization of ash was OWL0%。
But ash is ranked matches will still think than an active duty。

Personal hero is dead in the current environment
Road Hog
- Bastion
- Zenyatta

The 5 hero of the above I feel some relief is needed。
How I can doubt also do you put、Since the adjustment is complicated, but is a send-off ...

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