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Get used to veteran thought [the road to advanced users]:Let's make the time to think

Get used to veteran thought [the road to advanced users]:Let's make the time to think

Dattari knowledge、But we had been together should be aware of

If there is no time to be after all thinking
It is equal to no such knowledge and awareness。

Therefore hereWhat time to think about what kind of when
Why not think in reversesimplyIt has put together。

Time and content to think

While using the image of Genji point of view for the sake of clarity
We would like to proceed。

The waiting time

It is the most considered easy、Let's wearing First from here。

※ You typographical rude put the × put a front ○ front。

(Case)The waiting time

It is such a feeling to image。
What to do to see the configuration of the ally
It is enough to be able to the point where Nereru the fighting。

Be careful

Since the heel does not come in many situations when the loam to the side in the Genji
Let's aware of the movement that does not depend on the heel of ally。

Before each other per

Opponent of configuration and matchmaking afteris。

Run If the problem that is unlikely in the fighting which is kneaded with the waiting time
MoreOr win comfortably、vice versaStrictIf it was as
Make an equal trajectory correction to change the fighting。

(Case)Before each other per

It is a version of the course correction by the configuration of the opponent。
Will help you find that you can not only to their own。

Be careful

It is not good also becoming too obsessed with one thing。

Be careful in the Macleay and analysts of the CC。
At the same time to think about their role、
Best is and also thought that he should not be careful。

Among each other per

All you have to do is just of fighting

Instead of focusing on one thing
Or HP's partner has a lower、Or the other party off the skills
Afford to be changing the focus to the enemy that ally is aimingBut
Pretty and thereClose to the senior personWill。

After each other per

It is when you win、I understand why you lose when you lose isTooth
Before each other perIt will return to。

Should you do when you win
· ULT check
Area up
- next opponent behavior expected
• The following fighting kneading
Roughly four is of。

(Case)After each other per

Roughly it looks like this
Often think, especially after each other per winbut

Because the winning team easy to take the advantage in the area and ULT%, etc.
If you can think successfully leads to an advantageous per the following。

Be careful

It does not include the image
Check the opponent's ULT、How do you return, etc.
It is also important to consider the notes with respect to behavior of the other party。

Time and why not considered

When it is shot from the enemy

Is painful、You impatience。

It is quite difficult to think while being shot。
I will die when I was in leisurely。


As there tend action on the idea it is not player
Nothing Sakibashi' without thinking are many who go out face to the other of the rays。

And you shot、I will die a hurry。
Take not shot position、Let out a face from thinking the chances of success。

Aim in

Player to be considered while the aim is the owner of the aim of to a great extent
Will no problem if unconsciously player that can aim。

Many players can not be considered hooked to aim。


Crazy to be who can not afford the aim is
Thinking before the aimLet's aware of the。

Before Kaowodasu in front of the opponent
- the number of partners is what people
Or skills is using
How much · HP is
Or - you are aware of here.

Ideally to be considered prior to aim such a thing。

For more informationClick hereOf the article
Damage trade and is】Please refer to。


Situation that can be thought is when you have not been shot from and a caller who is not himself fighting。
Try to think when the distance of the opponent is away。

To organize the idea Ideally, it views the fight。

Or raise the aim force、If stomping the Bakazu
Although you can think among each other per in / Aim、

In the first placeNever gonna happen peopleThere also stepping on the Bakazu raising Aim force
It is often does not make sense if there is no ability to think。

First、Nothing in the situation that is not going on like this
To be able to to think from simple things
It will be the first step to approach the senior。

Other professional gamer ed.

Why professional can or thinking or talking much?

This difference is in Bakazu that stepped on。
It is also often the same situation if every day for 6 to 8 hours Overwatch
It is possible to immediately derive practice the best way from that for past experience。

The aim, etc. also be carried out in the unconscious and sense
You can think of while Aim。

Even while being shot、How to immediately determine do I
It is a tank player often can perform the best action。

Or you are thinking anything during the match

Although I will be so many frequently asked to speak with a variety of professional
Theorists cut 3 Sense of school 70%is。

"What are you doing thinking during the game?" My
Professional "It is appropriate."

I answer was very often, such as。

whyWhen asked whether was this action in this scene
For me the answer to flow
I found that to think unconsciously。

Play in the sense to understand in theoryby doing
It's decisions and match deployment is considerably faster。


I think it is a little beneficial ...
I hope you are able to effective use so that a specific example。

Although it is important to think consciously、
It is also very important that we have unconsciously。

Let's aim to perform consciously。

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