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[For Intermediate] method of utilizing vacant area

[For Intermediate] method of utilizing vacant area

Trying to take advantage of the vacant area

This is the area theory cheats articles for Intermediate。

Hero true
Part of the main tank / sub-tank / DPS / analyst, etc. support of

The goalIt is to be able to effectively use the vacant area。

Maybe this way if get out diamonds I think that easy to rise the most、
It is one of the commonly used strategy in the master and Glamorous。

Preface:How to win of each other per

This time of the content is content that focus on the 1st and 3rd。
Likely to win invite a mistake of opponent
I would like to explain how to take advantage of the area。

1.Pick up the mistakes of the other party

Who is most often wins。

GenjiIn but windCome with his
Winston isIt flies from the front
Healer isWe are in the sweet position
- the other partyCome with a meaningless ULT
It raised a variety such as, etc.。

2.ULT difference、Determine the ULT

I This is also often。
Surge of Zaria
- Nanoryuken, etc.

For it will be limited opportunity to win most if not mistaken how to use
Round that use the ULT is want to avoid losing per。

3.Defeat your opponent by Rohm

Who can is small but compared with the above two patterns
Is a good move better to wear if you want to win for almost carried out at any time。

4.Defeat enclosed

Dattari rate band of the above to some extent
If you win that it would be found in a larger PT / team game, etc.。

An area widely deployed、Or defeat the player that is not able to support the other party
Pressing strengths approaching the selection to the opponent by deploying the areaSuch

Quite Overwatch seems you win more, but for collaboration and individual skills is essential
It will not be seen much in ranked matches。

Practice ed.

Try to divide the area

Is that the most important place in the area theory。
This time, try to split in the first of the familiar King Slow。

Because becomes simple easy-to-understand and say why to divide。

Something like this、I think that it became easy to understand。
Toshimashite division method、ChalkYaIn terms of nameWe split from。

By all means because it leads to movement and understanding of the brain just to split a look at the map ...

Specific examples are based on this&We will talk about the use method。

How to take well-View area

Well it is a way of taking the area to find in ranked matches。

in this wayArea one by one vs areasuch as
I often a scene that is squarely game。

I too many blank area。

Of the team of each other in this situationEither take a blank areaBy
Game movementIt wins the team that has taken a lot of area。

Or either it is you or a fatal mistake。

Impact of entering the vacant area

Opponent by Uteru around the opponent is no longer help but not correspond
The other party even if you support or taking the personnel
Or front becomes thinner、Because that must be moved in order to cut the rays
Opponent will be easier to make a mistake。

Also in response to
Since the time of until the corresponding it takes is moving the other party in the meantime
It will be disadvantageous turn to basically iron in Overwatch。
(Another if there is a muscle to win around the iron:Counter ULT, etc.)

AlsoShoot the case first move of most when entering the vacant area
Because it often takes the advantage in until the corresponding
It may enter the vacant areaWill。

When I put out an example looks like this。

5By shoot from above the turn contains the Macleay
Opponent does not go and does not look at the Macleay。

Macleay is by taking such area
Reinhard ally it can be bullish to go before
AllyAna will be easier through the inhibition bottle to the other party。

Also even if Macleay is targeted5Count the front sideYa7BanBy shoot from
We can continue to give some pressure on the opposing。


You will see that strength even wording only。
Although I think that there is no What if beaten in such a the Macleay
Tara Genji and Dva purchase Macleay also will not be able to move bullish。

You'll be out the firepower from the back-up and fifth fastest front side from the third also made、However
It is Ika with the flow of the game just be these movements
Because it can
The painful correspond to corresponding is the catch is taken the area to the other party。

So should it be taken to a vacant area、Or have from the beginning to the free area
At the corner of an empty area if the opponent of the movement is knownCorner waitingThe or the like
It would be the most effective measures can not surrender the area to the other party。

How to the area Winning

As a condition to win in the area to the other party
The area that are adjacent to each other than "partnerManyTake it. "
Also in all MAP any circumstances if this condition is satisfied
You can be the area Winning the opponent's area。

If such a situation(Red is their)

You win if this(5Also acceptable 3/7 number without 's turn)

As described above, in the case where the number of area you are taking the opponent is the same
It is difficult to win because it is not only to take the vacant area。

Two are ways to take the area of ​​the opponent in a situation such as described above
Than of-partner areaMany personsLaunch in to the area
- than the opponent's characterStrong characterLaunch in to the area

Concrete example

To partner area you want to take ifMacleayIf you're
Genji DvaGo to take in。

To the area you want to takeWinstonIf you're
ReaperGo get in。

An area that has been taken by that saying
You can get back。

For additional Ura択

Without permission, but it is called Ura択、
It is invisible to the eyeYaThinking of the other partyIt calls the Ura択。

For example, if the example above、Their for Macleay
That devote the resources that Genji DvaIt will be。

That to expend the resources
It is if the Macleay was aiming?

That's an example of Winston
WinstonFish the reaperfor
If you have taken a deliberately reaper comes area?

There is also that their behavior is being read to the other party
Another area is the other party when their is taking the resources Once you have been if read
Or come to take、It will come loaded with ULT, etc.。

The back is it is a deep Overwatch

That that must be considered

When stronger than my opponent came

In take the area Macleay
Death will Once come to irreversible in Genji Dva。

Opponent"I come to irreversible at ~"Not greedy in terms of thought that
The other party it is important to be subtracted without dying you come to irreversible。

Earn advantage to die、Since the team dies is disadvantageous
Double-edged move of the advantages and disadvantages are that this fall in the free areabut

Is the strongest of the move is to move the game。

When it is read to the other party

Repeat the same behavior many times and now the other party also comes noticed
· Corner waiting
We are entering the area in-destination
WaitCountermeasureIt will be。
So that it is not read to the other partyIt is important to not make the same action。

Since that has been read is taking the resources out there the other party
It is weak unless they die, but we can take advantage。

By the way, But turret of Thor Bjorn is changing the position to place every time
Sticks easy、This would be its application。

When you do not enter

When your opponent has been planted earlier in here

In situations where the other party has been planted here
There is no time that is moving in the empty area。

First of all to deal with enemies that are planted here
Let's go into when the opponent is drawn。

It is ideal to put in the area that are vacant in the state in which commensurate with each other。

When the ally is not in front

It will be addressed in a moment。

"Men do not we have to also look at the side I do not I have to look at the front"
It is very strong to create a situation。

Let's go to when there is likely to make the situation as described above。

When it becomes somehow by just being in front

When the other party that wins can have the time and the front of the Bakka mistakes play
You do not need to enter the free area、
Because because that win in front。

Situation that can not win in frontYa、When their is antagonistic
When the situation does not workThis is a movement to be able to move in。


If you say that after all ROHM but is ROHM
For also including moving or area up, such as in multiple name
Or loam of the ...? What is the feeling。

Because there is a time to use to ensure Once remembered as one of the tactics
Practicality I think that high by far the group as compared to the past。

How to win the Overwatch There are those leading to the Splatoon、
The team that took the area that are more adjacent
Wins tends to be easy to move。

I wrote between the current contents of Intermediate for I think that quite difficult ...
If you have any questions thank you to the DM。

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