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Who do I aim [for beginners]? About Focus

Who do I aim [for beginners]? About Focus

About Focus

This timePremise the shield configurationAs we talk。
The second half for the dive configurationso

First aim opponent

Basically, we are aiming from the front side。
Is the basis in the foundation of OWBest beforeLet's defeat from。

Because most agoNot necessarily from the main tank
If there are enemies in front from the main tank
From the enemyIt is essential to aim from enemies before really the most。


If there is fighting or AIM, which can ROHM
But better to the ROHM I think that it deals

Way to defeat the enemy from the front、In other wordsIf extremely basic First
It often can not be good enough understanding of the sense and strength of Rohm。

The fact that the defeat from the very front of the enemy
ifIf the other party has been Rohm、Before the enemy is the bestNext to
=Leads to Rohm warning。

In this way if the other party has been Rohm
Best before the hero has been RohmIt will be。

Defeat from the most before = defeat from Rohm
Order also leads to the idea that、
Let's now First of all to be able to that defeat from most previous。

If the aim enemies are a lot

It is such a situation。
In these casesEnemy ally is aiming
Or、Enemy that HP had originally reducedYa
Enemies have ULTThe aim from is fundamental。

If you aim from high-fired hero

- partner of DPS(Macleay and Reaper, etc.)
Of Energy Max Zaria
The pattern that aim from such a high thermal enemy。
Limited because a scene that aim a high-firepower enemyBecause it is

I want to aim to proactive in the aim scene。

Why aim from high-fired enemy

fundamentallyEnemy that is not aimed at'll be shot at free
For that reason would be to free the high firepower enemy、Or is the Wanpikku
Hooked to have aimed at the other party、Or suffered unexpected damage etc.

Often disadvantageous move expand and become allowed to freely to the high thermal enemyis、
Madashimo If anyone 1 person us keep
From being completely allowed to freely to will undesirable

for that reason、Stable will and aim from high-fired enemy in washable situation。

If the aim from the support

Strategy that ends all if built the originalis not it、
It is the strength to so does not turn the heel by hunting support。

It is not bad if a moment in washable
High heel force, such as Anna and Moira
SupportLittle damageIf you defeat
Would not an exaggeration to say that won the each other per。

But response to the unexpected damage
Support status such as having wounds all over one's body but was defeated in is not desirable。
Basic support is has a self-defense skills、
Because it often is behind

Than aim from support
If you went is less a result, the damage to defeat from the previous DPS
There is also will be a situation such as。

Summary ※ must-read

In a situation where the opponent is in the same line、
From supportFrom DPSThere is no difference until there。

It is most important to target the same enemy with ally。

Ray Ya allyWho you are attacking allyIt is important to be able to equal judgment。

Opening focus is one of the fairly important element in OWis。
When you see the replay or the like of the losing game
Who What was it opening focusLook like if
It will be able to connect to the next game。

It is perfect to be able to reflect on why lost。
- had come Rohm aimed from the main tank to
· Ally rays has gone to the back that does not pass through
· Ally and like you've aimed at separate enemy

Timing to defeat the DPS

It is fairly simple。
• When the other party has been Rohm
- When your opponent is at the forefront line
mainlyWhen you are coming before mostYaWhen you are not in Tateurais。

"Opponent hit a bullet when you are out of the face."If I can
It says that to suppress the DPS of the other party、Leads to KillWill。

Just because we beat the DPS of the other party
Forcibly to Rohm in Macleay person you are pulling in the shield back is Gusaku。


For exceptions that are not targeted from the front

tracerYaGenjiHero, such as the
It is in many cases not aimed at from the front。

When the basic aim from before"Silo"Will across the Phase。
Dive-based hero is not strong until there to shield split、Compared with the Macleay, etc.
Because it often becomes lost in the silo

Or aim from the support behind、
Who faster than the opponent DPS that come to Rome on a hill
By aimYou make a good situation not result in targeted from the front。

From the side of the hill rather than from the front even in the case of aim from the front
It is often aim the tank to ignore the shield。

Role of the Flanker-based hero

fundamentally1Or created a v2To draw the opponent、Role is to produce Killis。
· Partner support the aim of opponentTo Kisa the cover of the DPS and tank
• The DPS came to Rome by kill / pulled、He further Rohm
Orphaned defeat the enemy are equal


When the Flanker DPS is in each other
The better in these situations。

In such a situation
Die is one of the Flanker DPS
(Lose a team dead)
One of the support is hunted
(Lose hunted the team)
Die heel of the main tank is insufficient
(Lose a team dead)
Either Dva of each other to Macleay and role change
(Win team that was replaced as soon as possible)

Situation will change when such an event occurs。

In fact is not easy to here because there are other people support of
It will be deep。

Why dive configuration fly in the back

First, the role of the dive tank
To receive the focus of opponent
That the DPS is creating the area put out the firepower
Attaches to this、It is the higher of Reinhard if only tank fired。

In the dive tankAnd it will fly to the front you have a tank
It is prone to thermal loss、Opponent ofIn support heel
It is also not uncommon to own firepower is completely Ukenagasa。

for that reasonSupport is a heel sourceFly to
DPS is a thermal sourceBy flying inNot prolong each other per
Instant firepowerThe number of poorIt is the dive configuration win per in various elements。

In addition to fly to ignore the tank of the front

like thisIt is also possible to create a pseudo-number difference。

column:Sorokiru(Loam)At the difficult and strengths

I just think personally、This is correct! Does not mean I。

Strong place

Lot Moteru the-role
Carry easy compared to-shield split front
- cool

Strengths Summary

Sorokiruromu is proud of the pomp of the leading even OW
Independent until there ally、Because there is also a time to move the one game
It is one of the veterans of testimony。

Masu Mote Once you、Beautiful is the player。

Click here for ROHM's commentary
[Column] strongest of techniques for "ROHM"。

Place difficult

· AIM force / fighting force is necessary
· Think need brain
- high-risk high-return
Roam each other ran into 1v1 often
There are many time of harsh or situation

Difficult place Summary

There is in fact fighting the strongest technique、
That amountDegree of difficulty is very highis。

Each other Rohm showdown(AIM / fighting)That many become
1Defeat the team is too long and is rated on a v1, let alone
Also will be defeated mental。

Longing to Rohm carry
Not also known to put out the firepower in front、Without even understanding the Rohm
Not only ROHMgold、platinum、Such as diamond
Quite many players、Will this kind of person is the is said to be mine。

Since the ROHM is also possible to carry the team decided
It will account for a taste from determined、
Nothing is characterized by gone Rohm without thinking。

I hope I could Rohm thinking。

Although we have described, such as Rohm way on this site
Among the beginners I want you to wear the way of the current focus on tightly only。

Situation is that severe is the situation, such as shown in the figure below。

(Rainbow colors of the Macleay is ROHM)
And such too much before the pressure、Not rely allies
Veteran to decide loam even in a situation such as hell is trueis。

If the situation does not move at all
If the like of the veteran DPS is also in such a situation
Die down 2 sheets of the ROHM's desperateTake advantage be dead that
Also often better to the movement to carry the team。


Take advantage of the area is empty the other day、
This time, the focus、
Beginner's article I think that it would be was be exhaustive majority。

The following is a little delve into that of anti-pick
Finally, as a beginner's summary、I would like to summarize that the until now。

But is the end of this time together
Let's aim from the very front of the enemy
Specifically issue
Enemy came out to Rohm and before> tank> DPS ≧ support

I think that the above order is often the most。

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