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[Column] 5 smashed heroes that have changed the era in the past / latest update / others

[Column] 5 smashed heroes that have changed the era in the past / latest update / others

This column is about the history of OW
Times in the past(Configuration meta)I will introduce a broken hero who changed。

Currently, all hero weaknesses are included

I think it's the most peaceful environment right now。

Currently, it is said that Ana and McCree are strong.
The hero who destroyed the environment stands out because of entering the nerf
I ’m not a hero here。

5 brutal heroes that have changed the times in the past

Doom Fist

Doom Fist

It has been rampant from the beginning to the present
One of the heroes。

I got a lot of nerf
The positive kill combo is still alive。

The reason why it was broken

Before the current nerfs entered
100% higher outer damage
I got more shields than I do now。

AlsoPunch charge is 0.5 seconds shorter than it is now
I was able to act immediately after the upper

The Doomfist that once attacked
It was a difficult task to stop。

Thanks to you, Doom Fist rampages in a ranked match
There were also many games that decided which team's doom was better。


Due to repeated weakening
Combat Power、Mobility is suppressed to some extent

By dealing with McCree and Brigitte
Can stop doom fist。

However, the week when McCree and Brigite were banned
Zaria Doom, etc.、Under certain conditions

Seems to be exerting the same power as before Narf。



From early to recent
It is always a sub tank with a high pick rate。

Dva's pick rate is too high
Until recentlyDva's nerf was coming every month。

The reason why it was broken

PreviouslyArmor value is double the current 400Yes

Defense matrix
Cooldown and recharge、Time is early

Missile and boost damage is high

Dva assaults and hunts down the 200 clan
DvaOTP is said to be the strongestSuch

He had the hegemony in the tank。


Recently, the heat power has decreased
Weakening of defense matrix, etc.

The weaknesses are clearly added as a tank。

However, because the cool time of boost became shorter
Easy to cover

Even today, Hart Dva, Winston Dva, etc.
You can see it in the rank / competition scene as before.。

Because of increasing difficultyLong agoIt isBeginnersI was a hero
nowIt isFor IntermediateBecame a hero。



It is a tank added before the echo。

CC skillsHaveCan put up a shieldBy
A lot of attention

Then Orisigmeta arrived
Many sigma users have risen to the TOP500。

The reason why it was broken

Maine than now、Because the power of the rock was high
The opponent is dying just by shooting bullets from a medium distanceTo

AlsoBarrier HP is 1500Yes
The cool time to re-stretch was also 0.2 seconds

Orisig composition became an invincible fortress
Meta has arrived since Goats composition。


The power of damage skill is reduced

Also the HP of the shield900Also cool time1secondIncreased to
To be a very difficult tank herobecame。

An environment where anyone can use Sigma to increase their ratesFrom
In an environment where the rate does not increase unless you can use Sigma well

In addition, due to the fashion of Lucio, pork itself is in a headwind, etc ...
The standing position as a tank is gradually decreasing after meta collapse。



Support for the legend that gave birth to the Goats era

Goats composition does not collapse even after receiving many nerfs
I've been supporting Meta for almost a year now
Legendary support。

The reason why it was broken

In the old daysBash penetrates the shieldwas doing
You can add a patch that will immediately prevent the shield from penetrating

5CC skills that come once every second
Any hero can't stand it Goats mirrored

With Brigitte's cover power to make DPS
Instant 150 heels on repair packsso
In the first place, it was often that the opponent's HP could not be scraped。


Bash cool time increased
HP of the shield is less than half of the heydayBecome

The repair pack is divided into threeEtc.
Endurance、Healing power is greatly reduced

I can no longer put pressure on the front of the opponent as much as before。

HoweverCompatibility with dive is aliveso
You can get pretty strong against your opponent's dive hero

Between some environments and some players
Brigitte is often used。



Reworked twice from the beginning
I'm a support hero。

Immediate resuscitation in the old daysHave
When ULT is activated, resuscitation can be used again.

1You can revive up to 2 people at a time
Supporting two snatames that were popular at the same time。

Also, because the heel amount is higher than now
Heroes with Mercy are very stiff
It was a difficult task to beat。

The reason why it was broken

In the olden days, you could instantly ally

Also, one extra resuscitation when using ULT is quite powerful
Mercy is a must for teams
In a ranked match, you must lose Mercy or lose

Too much mercy metaHas arrived
I've been nerfed a lot until now。


Heel amount has decreased、Increased ult cost

It takes time to revive like a normal
I got a lot of nerf

Currently as support for mid-level
It is picked depending on the situation。

Latest update(CC skillner patch)

Road Hog

Road Hog

・ Ult knockback20%increase


・ ULT'sStanFrom 3 seconds2.5secondTo



・ Rockyknock downBut0.8secondFixedly

・ Cast time from 0.75 seconds0.65Reduced to seconds


・ For flash vansStun timeFrom 0.85 seconds0.7secondTo



・ Main attackFreezing durationFrom 1.5 seconds1.3secondTo

ULTFrom 5 seconds4.25secondTo


Sleep dartsFrom 6 seconds5secondTo

Recommended video

McCree course by active professional gamers&Measures of each hero


It is a McCree course of rrmy player belonging to V3DDT。

McCree was banned this week
McCree is strong enough to be banned every other week。

In the week when McCree was not banned
How to increase the rate may be the key ...

McCree is a hero that can be used and is not loss
If you practice, the win rate of DPS will increase。

The strongest Genji course Japan representative commentary [hoshimi]


Gleen Leaves hoshimi's Genji course。

There are many Genji videos, so I think it's good to watch from a complementary perspective.。

The video itself is pretty easy to understand、Genji from corner to corner
Since it explains in detail and the video editing is quite easy to see,

The contents that are easy to watch and easy to get stuck are condensed。

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