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[Past article summary] Recommended columns by skill level:Notice

[Past article summary] Recommended columns by skill level:Notice

Because this is a break

I would like to explain the flow to middle and advanced people using past articles。

Recommended columns by skill level

Fresh start

Pickup column
[For beginners] To those who will become heroes
Are you done properly? Summary of basics
All Hero Anti-Pick Summary:With simple explanation
It describes the mechanism by compatibility。How to win in the shootout
The reason for rate does not rise、NG action Summary


If you're just starting out, I've narrowed down the five articles I'd love to read。

Especially at the beginning, playing (knowing) is important
There is no choice but to lose and learn。

The above article introduces the minimum knowledge。

First to wear
・ Knowledge of anti-pick
・ OW rules
・ How to win a theoretical battle

These three will be important。


Here is the hardest。
Pickup column
Criteria for pick selection
To strengthen the defect structure
Cardinal rule for partnering the configuration
The best place to meet、Get to know the choke point
The standing position of the support to reduce the burden by eliminating waste。
It is better to check before each other per
Reading skills to beat your opponent


I was worried about which article to put here,
Many of these 7 things can be managed only by consciousness and

It is the knowledge that you want to wear because it has important elements.。

The standing position of the support to reduce the burden by eliminating waste。
This article can be said for all heroes
I think OW is fun to wear

I hope you will read it。

At this point, there will be more bargaining with the other party.
Because the characteristics due to the configuration are easy to appear
I felt it was quite interesting and personal。


Pickup column
About the strongest technique "ROHM"。
Utilization of vacant areas
Can become a fierce thought:Let's make the time to think


Surprisingly less than this
・ Minimum area advantage knowledge
・ Accuracy of judgment
・ Judgment speed
・ Personal skill(AIM and character control)
・ Psychological strength

What is important is the experience and strength of psychological warfare.
In Nora, cooperation of allies (ULT matching, numerical advantage, etc.)
These things will also be important。

Try&It is important to repeat the error。



Because I'm too busy to play OW less
Irregular updates from now onI think。

It will be a break once
Thank you for reading my poor text.。


After a long time

This time it's a break so I've spelled it so far
Columns are organized by difficulty、

1Even though I had tips many years ago
I think it would be a waste to retire from OW

Like the output database
So far the columns I was writing
I never thought I would appreciate it.。

I hope that my knowledge becomes someone's knowledge.、

Column reviews and interviews、
Professional players who helped create the article

People who told me the content of the article they are looking for through coaching

Those who helped me as a writer
Those who advertise on SNS、I don't have enough thanks。

Thank you for for everything up until now。

People in

Capture information will continue to deliver for the Overwatch player!
CS · PC asked not playing the Overwatch。
Taking advantage of the knowledge you are doing from the β version
So that you can create a strongly become article only Read
We devote every day。

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