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Announcement of the writer Wanted(Revision)

Announcement of the writer Wanted(Revision)

Announcement of the writer Wanted

Announcement of the writer Wanted

In OverwatchNavi are dealing with capture information and breaking of Overwatch
We are currently recruiting the following writer。

Like writers have the Application Guidelines expertise(1name)

age limit


Place of residence

It does not matter、Anywhere is okay


No quota、Users can be a one-off contribution


If there is a certain degree of experience
(Tournament results and SR4300, etc.)

Or those who are familiar with the area theory and meta-theory
(You might ask you a level of understanding at the time of the rate unquestioned - interview)

Article content(One case)

Description of the new hero map

Beginner and intermediate user-friendly course

Description · tips-create the existing hero

Application guidelines usually lighter like(1name)

age limit


Place of residence

It does not matter、Anywhere is okay


1 to week -


If Overwatch likes
Who are considered on their own
If you find that you want to write your own
If you can be carried out common sense, report continuous phase as a person

Article content (an example)

As soon as possible summary of the leaked information!

Sales information introduction of official goods

Introduce the game in the event depending on the season、Additional items such as

Introduction of offline community events(Also saved Toka impressions)

Introduction of held tournament regardless of formal and informal

The matter is not that he wants to write that everyone is a little-known lack seems like ...

Atmosphere, etc.

Inexperienced even welcome!
If you ever do not know
Do not worry in the I am soon to correspond and follow-up!

Although the enjoyment for those who get to see is the most
Also I hope you enjoy or was a new discovery to be shared with a lighter each other。

No one has experience from the beginning、Wrote Come together
Do not be able to create an easy-to-read stylish sentence! ?


Depending on the skill and the article contents of the individual、
We would like to decide discussion at the meeting。

In such a way that the outsourcing at the moment、It is not such employees。

Adoption of flow

1,Application from the application form

2,Discussion in such discord call、Interviews、Such as that of the reward

3,I will actually write!

Application method

Please apply from the application form below。
Come and wait for the application。
And help to enliven Overwatch even a little、
To me all the Overwatch information on this site is the dream。

discord user name please be sure to specify the
You may not be able to reply with unspecified。

mail address

People in

Capture information will continue to deliver for the Overwatch player!
CS · PC asked not playing the Overwatch。
Taking advantage of the knowledge you are doing from the β version
So that you can create a strongly become article only Read
We devote every day。

Of people in Twitter

Posted list of some of the people in

2019.09.10 Overwatch column

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