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For women only team Azurite

For women only team Azurite

Question corner

Please introduce yourself

3173:Yes! You have a leader and manager in the Azurite 3173(Erie)It's called! Thank you

Is the meaning of Azurite?

3173:Yes、Azurite(Azurite)It is derived from the name of the deep blue of jewelry and。The AzuriteStrengthen the intuition、Effect that help to make the right decision for the futureI have a。
Clarity forceYaJudgmentTari us to enhance the、Because it is an effect of heals fatigue and stress stone、To cultivate the judgment of as a player、And I have seen people enjoy、I want to be the team to heal the heartI think I put this name。

I、So that's it、、!

Why did you want to make the team?

3173:Well、Do not stand out I women's team? w
originally、I hope if the active is OW neighborhood more and more teams、I was thinking I Na or trying to make the team。
"What would be subtracted the most attention."Think I、
I came up with a team of women limited。

So that's it、So it is a translation that was female team!

3173:Since But rate in women or entered the small or team I people who are more than 3500、Dare I collected the child you are interested in 3500 following child。
So were many people who can not participate in the actual activities without the team even if there is interest rather than men and women relationship What child of the rate of the per、
It is nice Once you have become accustomed in the wake of such people。

after、We just how far can become a strong girl、
Not everyone interested?
It is also why the Tteyuu want to try it!

What kind of team is the Azurite?

Shine the individual force is still immature、Our goal is that to maximize the brilliance of as a team。Such as to create a one of accessories polished from the rough…

Cool! !

3173:But it's sub-leader had to say…

Do you have me that women team unique?

3173:Did you mean women team unique…Well…

I want you to tell me if there Toka point different from something other teams!

3173:It has been careful in words and mental care for members because after all women team…

Future tasks、Please tell us about the goal!

3173:First is to increase the knowledge of OW! At the same we want to be done to deepen the relationship between the team at the same time!
And the final goal is
That all team members to maintain to reach the rate more than 3000is!

Do you have what kind of practice is usually? ?

3173:What has been the practice usually ...
That want to do so was started during the OD period still I'd not been able to only a little、In scrim basic with the team of about 2500 to 3300 is now、
Evaluation meeting will not go take another 1 day。
In activities outside in order to deepen the exchange of a member
Also you are or the quick and rank!
From now on、Write down questions to be willing to have the usual game in Minna、
I want to Toka deepen the common understanding to the discussion for it!

Please tell me if there something about the OD participation!

3173:We First, many for the first time people are now tournament in the newly established team、
Practice makes perfect! I took part in the tournament in the spirit。

There are a lot stronger team than us but not Kusse to it、I want to absorb a lot of good things from a strong team。
This tournament would be the first important sustenance in order to work as a team。I want to work hard the rest of the tournament so that the next be linked to that experienced here。

Please tell me if there something about the other members!

3173:It's a player! The other guys are cute!
I want to know the cute to everyone!
So、Even or increase opportunities for the delivery、I think that also Do not want to various and as made or ... promote a little clip。
If it is ok、Ask to see a lot of guys figure not just tournament delivery、Ask them become the feelings I support Do you want to、
By all meansPushingI want to make a!

Finally something word please!

3173:As rough Azurite、Our figure is increased Shine、And beautifully polished the figure was raised I want you to see all means to you。
personal、Ability as a team is still but to put out the results、Support you my best my best to give you!

Team information

Team name:Azurite (@Azurite_ow)
TANK Mii(@miiiii_sun)
TANK 908(@oOwOo_game)
DPS Aletta(@AlettaLogan)
SUPPORT Karuho(@karuho_o)
SUPPORT Al Jeanne(@alchanne)
RESERVE Hibine(@ sere8730)
MANAGER 3173(@ P3173_ELIEq)
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More This time, I will tell a story about women limited team Azurite
I think I hear a story this time focuses on the amateur team、Among themFemale limitedI was interested to Azurite that shines that。
The number of viewers of the delivery also very most I was surprised…
OW was thought that it would be have been activated now little by little has been increasing the current number of teams in OW。
Or look at, such as Come deliver this opportunity、
Pushing I think if Moraere to cheer making!
And I think whether should I become a boost to the people was not interested in people and team activities that may not know what anxiety is there or what thing of I wanted to team activities until now!

2019.11.05 Overwatch column

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