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Impressions that went OverwatchFlashOPS&Soot of offline events

Impressions that went OverwatchFlashOPS&Soot of offline events

Sorry for the update delay。
We have to go to FlashOPSinTOKYO。

What is FLASH OPS?

Water is Overwatch offline event of Gray's organizers。
In this event"sports"Rather than as a
Anyone enjoy such eventsIt has the purpose of、
mainlyarcadeYaworkshopWill proceed the event to use the。

For what?

first half

Community News

In all the recent suits News、To recap。
Now if the time222lockThings YasigmaIt is the!

Overwatch quiz

Is divided into group performs all 8-question quiz Overwatch
The most correct answer to the groupGlittering prizethere is!
The contents of the quizInsanely difficultSince there was a spear Gotae。

Because what had been correct my group is the most
We were able to get a prize ...
8Almost won within Once you answer 7 questions in Monis not it…

Latter half

Tournament type 1on1

u2500 u3000 u3500 4000 or moreDivided seat to
The 1on1 in each seatWhen the victorious 3 timesme tooprizeI get the。

Safety、I tournament。
Prize is "Pati Mali Keychain"、Press toPugi'You say I。

3on3 tournament

Based on the rate at which the pre-filled
Do 3on3 tournament of the lock-out format。
Tournament table is like this、
Whiteboard There is another one sheet。

Sorry in Burebure。
Since the final defeat It was frustrating ...

The 3on3In team classification has been able to really well
Effort of management san has been transmitted To acutely
I think I'm really hard to me to divide the team at a rate ...
Since properly dissatisfied matches have been divided was not even one
Enjoyed by all of the game incandescent。

Seminar + workshop experience meeting

By lottery only in advance to those who have applied for
thatGreen LeavesofTEN Players FifTy playersFrom
You can get me the Overwatch、
Player representing JapanNante get taught from
I envy you as long as so rarely ...
It was off safely lottery ...

After that play with other players at the workshop experience meeting
Talking to people a variety of walking around the venue was full event or become a friend!
Come In addition I want to let me go if there is an opportunity!

Soot of offline events to the first one

Let's go with your friends

It attaches to this、1There are such people grilled meat one karaoke
1Much people amusement park1People Ofuibe has a high degree of difficultyis。

In addition, by going with your friendsFun twice as can enjoy togetheris
Come with your friends if for the first time go、
If you have a friend where confluence, etc. It is recommended to the venue。

Do not forget the feeling to enjoy

You do not have a way to lose because there is a winning or losing、
It has a sportsmanship
Let's faces in the spirit to honor the opponent without frustrating even if defeated。

Inherent to the unexpected happening events such as equipment troubleis、
Since the person of the staff is trying to Kureyo to problem solving in the best、
Or break calm to heal、Let's wait a while to resolve talk with your friends

YourselfOnly talk chance when the equipment troubleWhen I
Because I think you have walking around the venue

How to make friends

In off-line eventsBecome friends on the spotI mean
Fairly high hurdleI feel so。
Therefore ItwitterWe pushing strongly。
Of Overwatch99.9% of those who come to the offline event is doing TwitterIt seems quite often that since I met on Twitter ... that、
For this reason Twitter was felt as essential tools。
• Do not over voice to follow from their own
• Do not write a self-introduction card
• For large Discord get put into a server

If such、Naturally friends should increase! ?

People in

Capture information will continue to deliver for the Overwatch player!
CS · PC asked not playing the Overwatch。
Taking advantage of the knowledge you are doing from the β version
So that you can create a strongly become article only Read
We devote every day。

Of people in Twitter

Posted list of some of the people in

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