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8Month 22 days PTR patch notes translation and impressions

8Month 22 days PTR patch notes translation and impressions

at first

The contents of the patch to the PTR has been added is here

Buff = strengthening Nafu = weakened


Repair gauge also use the repair was no longer reduced at full health

Since prevent mistakesBuffis。

If you cancel poised weapons during repair
0.25Now it lasts seconds recovery



We dropped the width of the beam from 0.3 to 0.15

The fact that the judgment hit became severe

Beam of thermal power is now 60/120/180 from 65/130/195

Thermal power is reduced、Nafuis。


The width is 0.1 → 0.2 of until before beam with increased firepower
It was always width 0.15 in this

It is a patch of judgment per。
If the low-thermalBuffso
If high heating power at the timeNafuis。

The seconds damage of the beam at the time of maximum heating power
190From was in 170。

Low fire、Nafuis。


The blast damaged the main attack was from 35 to 30

Low fire、Nafuis。

Added options for barrier

This、It is a usability problem。

Explosion damage of accurate configuration is now 50 from 60

Thermal power increase、Buffis。

Ultra casting time is increased from 0.4 to 0.6

It's time to activate。


The status quo strong character"Low fire"In the form of
It has been weakened。
Zaria and shootsCome also affect the shield split by beam weakensSince the
This happens when more and moreIt takes spur to Orishigu environmentAnd cares。

On the Blizzard of trend
Nafu a high pick rate characters
Because of the low characters tend to buff

In Nafu of the beam system
Recently I want to raise the pick rate of no turn Dva
It might also there aim、
I also feel that approached little to dive environment


Description the current content video

It is this time of the patch notes original、Fly。

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