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HOMEOverwatch columnThe highest rate 4440!!Interview AKIHABARA ENCOUNT belongs Mafin player! Arekore of DPS

The highest rate 4440!!Interview AKIHABARA ENCOUNT belongs Mafin player! Arekore of DPS

The highest rate 4440!!Interview AKIHABARA ENCOUNT belongs Mafin player! Arekore of DPS

This timeThe strongest DPS player in Japan
Have the nickname of Hell Mafin
Mafin player belonging to AKIHABARA ENCOUNTIt will be the interview article to。
From how to choose a first pick to tips for improving DPS
Everyone has heard that anxious!

* The following is exactly what Mafin said.

Question corner

Please introduce yourself

Mafin:Yes! I'm Mafin from AKIHABARA ENCOUNT。
Good roleDPS
Favorite characterWidow MakerWhentracer
Highest rate4440is!

Muffin-san, you're always in the competition scene! ?

Mafin:I agree、I've been doing it since S2 (S2 Glamus)

Is there any way to improve DPS?

Mafin:How DPS works? ww

How can I be like Muffin-san ...

Mafin:Ah ... Basically if you want to do a hit scan
I think daily practice of aiming becomes important。

You also do flanker, right?

Mafin:Like a flankerBOT with a custom game
I practice

In summary ...

Mafin:Aim power is the most important thing, and see how good people deliver it
It is good to imitate and study standing around!

Please tell me how to raise the rate!

Mafin:How to raise the rate ~ w
Always think and playLook around、
I think it's easy to go up if you fight according to the composition of your allies。

I agree、Rankma has a different composition every time.

Mafin:I agree、AllyEven if you start with a tracer even though it has a shield structure
trulyhas no meaningSince the
Let's configure hit scan or match with your teammates!

Please tell me which DPS hero you can win if you use it now!

Mafin:If you use it now, you can win ...
Yes, there are a lot of doom fists these daysSonburaAnd
The other party's doom never stopped
If you feel that your ally isn't doing anything
I'll protect it near my allies。
after、When the other party does not have a hit scan
I also stab Fara quite well。

How about Reaper or May?

Mafin:A reaper is also fine!

I don't really know how to use it properly、What do you do first?

Mafin:I agree、First, look at the configuration of allies
If your ally is a dive, I'll give you a tracer
If your teammates are in Orisig
Reaper ... or Symmetra!

I want to take advantage"attack"Then
At first I will wait with a squirrel and check the other party's composition, then
I'm putting out a pick that gives me an advantage。

Please tell me how to practice!

Mafin:BOT shooting of the basic custom game!
The other thing is to see good people's delivery!

BOT shooting is practiced using a dedicated workshop!
* Workshop code BQSSS

How much do you practice?

Mafin:Practice ... If you're in front of a scrim1I'm shooting BOT for about time
The videoYaDeliveryI do my research in my spare time。

Please tell me the play time of the day!

Mafin:Play time per day7timeThat's about it!

How well do you play every day?

Mafin:I agree…6~ 7 hoursIs it!
All good people do that!

Do you have a respected player?

Mafin:After all, the player I respect
OWL playerI am a playerSure ...

I heard rumors!
If you feel goodI am a playerIs it true that I can win?

Mafin:I have won the rank once ww
When I'm in good shape, I don't feel like losing to anyone!

But did you say the last
What kind of team is AKIHABARA ENCOUNT?

Mafin:It's a team with good friends and a good atmosphere!

Are you doing Shot Call someday?

Mafin:Basically everyone has a voice!
EspeciallyMASONHelped me with the flow of the game!

Player information

Name:Mafin @Mf_Ain
Age :??
Open Division 2019 Season 2 – Pacific 13th
Overwatch Contenders 2018 Season 1: Pacific 9th
Open Division 2017 Season 3 – Japan 5th
Open Division Open Division 2017 Season 2 – Japan 5th
JCG Master 2017 #05 5th
Overwatch Championship Series 2017 – Season 1 5th
Wekids Heroic Cup 5th
AORUS CUP – Japan 5th
JCG Master 2017 #01 4th
GeForce CUP – Japan 9th


The second person to remember is Mafin
Player who has been from the beginning of OW and is still active、4000In the rank above
I often hitIt was so strong that it would break the match。
It was true that I had won Sayaplayer ...
I changed the story and this time it was very helpful to hear a lot of DPS stories。
Rather than picking the pick you want、
Pick a pick that matches your teammates and opponents
It seems important to use the right material in the right place.。
And after all when using DPSAIM power is important
Launch OW and immediately go to rank match
I think there are many players、
Mafin himself must do more than one hour every day
BOT shooting in a custom game、
It ’s important to shoot bots to train AIM that much.。

Also, tell me that it is important to observe and match the movements with your teammates.
DPS is the flower of OW、
I found that daily efforts and a calm heart are important to dance brilliantly.。

And Season2 GrandMaster is too strong ...

the term
Hit scan = Immediate hero such as McCree and Widow
Flanker = Hero who specializes in infights such as Genji and Tracer
Scrim = team vs team practice match,Exchange
Sayaplayer = OWL player,It is said that DPS is the best in the world

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