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The standing position of the support to reduce the burden by eliminating waste。

The standing position of the support to reduce the burden by eliminating waste。

If the support hero have to play
"Ally Where?"
"Not in time heel"
"I will eat the damage."
I think we have Everyone experience、
We will describe standing position and awareness of its support this time。

Standing position of support、Important place

For supportImportant pointIt is
"Broaden the field of view"about it。
Field of view to understand the position of the narrow and absolutely ally Zuraku
You will not be able to sense the enemy of risk from early。

Field of view and is

Please refer to this image。

If it is this standing position、Although you can heal ally 1 person
Narrow field of view、
It becomes difficult to find the enemy from other ally and the side。
SoLet's expand the field of view from here。

Standing position to spread the field of view is here。

It is obvious、Compared with the previous viewpoint image
You can ensure the field of view of the left of the hotel and the upper right corner of the hill
Safe and、You can heal allies with minimal movement of the mouse。

Since the field of view wide will be able to grasp the tactical situation immediately。

Field of view = visible range

To widen the field of view

A little pull when the field of view is widened from the front
You can capture a lot of ally

In the previous image 2 much just caught a little bit from the first image
You can take a standing position considerably the field of view can be taken。

Being aware at the time to widen the field of view
Be aware that you put a lot of allies in his own point of view。
Be aware of the heel maximum distance of support you are using of their own。
Halas himself of opponent(Sigma of the main)Received and the like without、
 Opponent of Doom Fist and Genji、
Be aware of the position to become a tracer and a counter electrode。

This is the only three main、theseYou can afford to playing in only conscious
Around the head、It is said to be "gosu ..." from allies
The road will have open to God support that can play with a margin。

gosu ... = is incredible

What happens when the field of view is narrow

Heel does not turn

Do not look at the ally that the field of view is narrowIt will be called。
Failure to heel immediately ally that hit the whole team
Ally would-be-bad is bulky would go is flaky and kill。

When the field of view is wide

It is possible that the field of view to heel immediately to the wide and many allies
that「I NEED HEALING」Would like to thank also the well say Genji Mr.。

The fact that immediately able to heel
I received a credit from ally
You can ally to play aggressive believe the heel
If it is not possible to play aggressive or planted earlier from the other party
Because to become、It is important that widen the field of view in such surface。

It can not be accurately determined

Field of view is not know is narrow and the war situation、
Or a winning situation for、Or negative in that situation of
Or situations of to win、Or such mutually per lose the is

It becomes hard to determine、Or worse using the ULT do not need
Tend birth to regrettable circumstances that have won if you use more quickly the ULT。

When the field of view is wide

Extends that for the field of view、Make a margin on the operation as much as possible
There is a need to consider the situation in the head。

Is very large because the situation that I can win if you use the ULT。
I do not know how to win
Let's use if the vision to win I use is visible。

So as not to make the same mistake If you had got the wrong
Tri is important because there is a secret of the progress that bear in mind。

Increases hit to itself

When the field of view would say to the narrow front
It will increase simply hit、Just because you hit the main tank is large
When I would snuggled of the main tank

Sigma of the main
Hult of the hammer and fire strike
Biribiri of Winston
It will be clad in a considerable probability of damage in this way range system。
It is a healer and he would hit by damage
Another one of the healer is no slack in the busy become head → devastating, etc.

It tends to pinch situation myself no longer able to have a margin, etc.
There is no little except when you press the advantage to go before。

When the field of view is wide

If consciousness that draw only a little
Wider field of view、Own hit can become even less good support。

The idea that determines the specific standing position

Instead of choosing for the standing positionIt is a process of elimination in most cases
Clearly this time will issue the situation of the following as an example。
Hero) Ana
Location) defense of the Temple of Anubis first

Since it becomes difficult to read much longer and results in the description of the image
Please to expand if you will be omitted ... small ...

It is safe in this way think in Anna
Almost almost one place points that can secure a sufficient field of view
GreeneryIt is about being surrounded by area
Standing position here is the most far away safe from opponent
When you hear the footsteps from the left of the buildingMove to △ point of
It will not be difficult because only draw more behind。

In this way the position of healer
NearlyElimination methodIt can be calculated by。
Rather than what location the take if the good
Why consider how this place gotta
Let's selected depending from the remaining area on the situation。

Beginner it is easy to misunderstand(Beans TIPS)

It would give priority to damage

Just because ally do not have enough firepower
MoirasoBlack ball onlyOr throw、Attack onlyDo not you have is to do?
Certainly if the movement"5 gold."It will take the。
Why? Because they do not have a heel
There is a self-heel because you can not play aggressive than your own。

Healers even if there is anything
Heel is the first attack Let's only when there is a margin。

LucioYaZenyattaBrigitteHero, such as the
Is a hero that can heel is possible attack because while the attack
However、AnaYaBaptisteMoiraHero, such as the
Or it is either to recover the ally or an attack
Therefore resulting in the attack and recovery will no longer from turning。
First、Let's turn to attack on which the heel of ally。

Meta = idea that the strongest

surelyHeroes strongest of is said to meta if Ultimatelyis。
However、What also can not be exhibited the true value and use the meta-hero without thinking
The hero of another it is known
There are many such strong better used scene。

Rather than the idea that for the time being good if put out Metakyara
~ So use this in ~That
Let's will be able to pick to have a clear reason。


What did you think、
If it is possible to practice reading this article
I think that "widen the field of view" strength can be crunchy experience。
Unique fighting Ya and can afford and field of view spreads
It will increasingly enjoy a carry move like Overwatch。
In fact, it is what this is also referred to as the area theory、
Please to step into all means foot in the world of fun area theory。

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