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[Fixed] Free course&Coaching

[Fixed] Free course&Coaching

We will carry out the installation of the Forum this time course。

Free of reason

Deeper than the knowledge that you have of yourself
Because we want to spread to many players。

Free course&Installation of coaching and Forum

Course&About Coaching


To 1 time
(Somewhat up and down because the want to explain to the nice thing about Kiri。)


Easy-to-understand that you do not know that it is worrisome Ya
Figure and will be happy to use the play commentary。
(CS,Regardless PC)

Rate does not rise
- I do not know if I should move to
- use for this hero
I do not know how to use the skills
Commentary Thank you for this MAP
- good people and what is the difference
- What is the competition scene
- How do I this strategy / I was thinking configuration

Etc. There is no anything problem。

With respect to coaching
Mainly using a screen sharing here、Image that was created,Play description Ya
playYaReplayI would like to look at theDescriptions and the like of the correct movement in real-time

Coaching&It is anything welcome from trivial because it wrote the course。
Unilateral rather than、Because sometimes you can find let give me the idea from here.
I hope you meaningfully taught while enjoying each other。

For postscript the future of coaching

3 times a plurality of times in the future(11 hour dose to)And to。

1Times days 1 hour to
2Times eyes(Next week)1Time ~
3Times eyes(Next week)1Time ~

By divided into a plurality of times to put the time
It is aimed at fixing the movement。

It is kindly for thinking that it is reviewing the study。

Also、Improvements summarized in the coaching of the end time、
Being aware until the next the (improvements) to the target presented
Make a clear objectivesWe will support progress。


Done in the style, such as in the figure above。

Coaching experience

From Silver GoldplatinumMultiple name
From PlatinumMasterMultiple name
From diamond masterNear the top500(4200~300)Several names
It may also receive the had been coaching the team scale in the past。

That many of the rate for those was to experience the effect of coaching up
It is often get the impression。

Also、Or when the effect of rate does not rise can not feel the
But is Principle 3 timesIt is also possible to receive a plurality of times coaching。

Because we have a lot of experience
We are confident that Idakeru always to the support of the rate and the game Progress。

How to apply

Overwatch Navioftwitterof
Direct messagesThan
Please apply。
At that time
What do you want to hear
Date candidate + time (18:00Or later)
Discord name
platform,PC and PS4, etc.
It survives and he will specify the。

Play video that was raised in limited public is when coaching
I will bring。

Application isClick here


Recording permission is not

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Capture information will continue to deliver for the Overwatch player!
CS · PC asked not playing the Overwatch。
Taking advantage of the knowledge you are doing from the β version
So that you can create a strongly become article only Read
We devote every day。

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