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[Column] meta and hero description of

[Column] meta and hero description of

Hello、This column is through coaching
Question is the frequent meta and the hero of the explanation。
Because there are a variety of theories regarding meta or hero、
Only is a personal theory、Column for personal theoryIt is referred to as。

Meta and hero description of


Speaking of the current meta-cage signaling doom Reaper Lucio Moira
Why say guess what has become so

Before the meta Orisahoggu
Combo that stop hook was the strong。

But environment with the advent of Sigma upheaval
The hook is no longer pass through、Given the role of a tankSurely if
"shield、CC、AOE、」HavesigmaIt has been appointed。

Here in the configuration that Orishigu is hard at the best endurance specialized status quo
You can understand that along most to its role as a tank。

ImportanceNow come to theHow to take the killYaOut Ease of damage
Of Doom Fist punch the opponent's support,DPS,The can Wankon
It should be noted and the opponent's skill can carouselFor
I think they may have meta-cored。

Also、Is a weak anti-heroesUnder the influence of but 2 shield
Also there will be considerably has become painful appointed。

Because that can become a pseudo-Orihogu by adjusting the stop of Orisa
Oli signaling doom will feel like a substantial upward compatibility of Orihogu。


Depending on the configuration of the other party
One is determined by the almost Doom Fist。

The following is a partner DPS of Doom Fist。
Since Doom Fist is to fight to the basic single opponent
DPS of AoE have or be able to adjust the focus immediatelyBut
I think that was well up to the candidate。

Power, thermal power and the demon of delayShinmetora
Deployment speed by the teleport was attractive

Final weaponsBastion
By the bunker configuration
You can head is firmly root wish to trample the weak opponent unilaterally

- Shield of comedian、Range cc slowMei
Shield of the comedian is quite powerful、
There is also a team that is appointed by map

Shield ignoredFarah
2Hit scan because of the shield was destroyed except for the skilled person、
Will be devastated if if good Farah opponent、
Sigma of Halas and the barrier is somewhat tough physician。

· Xx firepower and ROHM's incarnation xXReaper
positive、side、Fighting will contribute to the team in many ways over many。
Also it would be great to fight in the above-mentioned candidate DPS opponent。

recentlyDoom Reaper is able to address many of the other partyFor
Safe to have been metafied。


Sonaruto is support。
Of Doom Fist punch
ROHM's Reaper
Sigma of Halas
To withstand Note and hero to be planted from their own ...
When I would think soRushimoiIt has been limited to。

Those that have the Lucio
The entire heel
· Own reply
- withdrawal by the speed boost and initiating
Do not drop the party from the peel and the hill by Boop -
Counter Ultra

Those that have the Moira
The entire heel
· Own reply
And avoidance skills (fade)
· Weak and not be black ball Halas
- initiating and Ultra, which can also be used as a counter

We are each other initiates and disengagementThat
It is very strong but、In Lucio and around the understanding of
Lucio strengths is somewhat difficulties to be lost。

But is the strength is lost easilyMany hit of Nora's and ally
Range heel + self-healing retentionIn is to become Rushimoi is
Why not really necessarily of the。
Also it does not become a rare kind can not be appointed, such as Ana
It would be severe if there is no player skill。

Too personally Doom Fist and Reaper
If you do not stop theBrigitteAlso that it may think you put out the

Now wins muscle

Winning muscle compared to the time of goats、Are losing muscle becomes considerably more
There is the point that tends to go put in the meta。
Since winning muscle also about rot we will continue to introduce the famous far from。

Stop punch or slum

Do one kill with a stop punch or slum
Or Reis and Fortified to opponent、To use the skills of the fade, etc.
It is a strategy to push。
Currently the most popular fight sideis not it。


When the result is a punch
Ally Orisa does not get forced to use the Fortified
Hit the doom fist to match the opponent's punch
But there is also a strategy that counter punch

Is Tettoribaya likely to soon stop punch than your opponent。

Rohm Reaper or Doom

If silos of mystery prone Nora is a phenomenon that occurs with high probability。
A place where DPS ally was planted around the back
Is a strategy to launch gone before their also

Position of ally DPS because failure and did not see the movement of the allies let's grasp。
Easy to say when the pincer attackis not it。


And it will bring to shield split state
The other party will have to immediately Rohm。
DPS is not we have to stop the DPSPeople of the tank is the elapsed time for
Rohm vigilance、DPS and the DPS warning
Support Take care to I do one kill from the back。

ULT initiating

Typical of the
Bongo of Orisa
Coalescence of Moira
In initial order ULT of Moira is good very turnover
It is in many cases to be used、
In the opening ULT is Moira because there is a considerable carry force
It is very effective when Wins a mutual per。


But it is also effective to mount faster than your opponent
Thorough the opponent ULT management of
Such as the ○○ return the △△
It is important to choose to finally win。

Losing muscle

Introduction is the name of likely lose muscle much to do with the above-mentioned win muscle。
It would often lose in muscle loss than muscle to win that it is rank。

Die someone

Much larger now of the environment someone die a burden
Orisa die → front collapse
DPS die → partner of DPS is rampaging
Support die → not turn heel

In this way death is too heavy
It would also be many games that are not even to each other per
Consciousness as not to die for it is mandatory。

Crack the shield

Shield is usually negative After cracking
When the shield is cracked no choice but to use the skills
Because it becomes easy to lose
It is hiding in the obstacle before the crack likely or etc.
Ideally to perform the expire action the rays

Except when each other is not lightning to perfection both at a high level
Vertically divided until the ordinary shield is broken is because it does not take place
If there is a time to be a vertically divided、DPS or the stop punch
You need to or gimmicks and loam from the side。


Orishigu the DPS is easy to move、Easy to ROHM、Punch easy
There is a need to fight in placeAlso it will be also asked for understanding in the area specific PS。

DPSConsider the fighting is not allowed to brain deathCooperation with allies
Is a movement you will be asked to break the opponent。
AlsoYou do not have to look the other party DPS more than in the meta-up nowFor
It will as long as they result in the vagus not keep up with the flow ...

supportIt isPremise that will not dieis、
Lucio is down from the high ground in Boop and ally of the peel
It is prompted to be packed in the speed boost look at the suitable time。

That it does not die even Moira
Counter and initiating such is the job in successfully turning ULT the heel

Support is not only the heel”support”Ability as you will be prompted

In addition, it overall, but area management is very important、
Please try to explore methods, etc. win in the manner and area up to pack up to opponent。

It does not even to each other hit and would lose in the area。

What happens in the supplement following Apude

Although that OWL leaguer JAKE liked
The essence of meta had to say things like not changed。

Certainly it's the feeling you are looking meta is the case, such change but
More Hero of choices
I think that it would be a variety of configurations is out for each map。

Cool time added to the sigma of the barrier and
It is large it will take 1.5 seconds to the charge of Doom Fist punch。

As usual if we meta changes
Been unearthed in OWL I feel that I wonder if unveiling league。


I think looking at this as a good meta that are taken fairly balance。
However, in the current situation it is can not afford this and it ranks
From the multitude of wins muscle losing muscle
On the other hand game to become deployment is a multi-likely as long as they look。
Since it becomes difficult to win the DPS even though they understand it will be defeated
It is a win-friendliness likely to put together a party in the tank + DPS ...

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