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HOMEOverwatch Bulletin[For beginner] [congratulation to those who in the future hero! Switch version OW sale! ]

[For beginner] [congratulation to those who in the future hero! Switch version OW sale! ]

[For beginner] [congratulation to those who in the future hero! Switch version OW sale! ]

Overwatch Welcome to the world!


Switch version Overwatch released!
If you right also do not know even left I bought a Overwatch!
If you are interested I have not bought!
(You should buy immediately laughs)
It becomes article of such people for。
It is also the subject of course game machine other than the Switch。

Rather than cheats to win the game
We've got to enjoy the Overwatch!
Reading this I graduated from the beginner!

How to proceed in the game

Let's do a tutorial!

Let's play the tutorial!
You can learn the basics such as operating methods and how to use skills。

FPS experience alsoULT (Ultimate ability)Such
Please play as there are explanations specific to Overwatch!

Find your favorite hero in the driving range!

The following isFavorite heroWill help you find the!
So、From training to practice
Let's operate various heroes。

We will teach you how to find your favorite hero!

  • Choose by intuition
  • Heroes are very good in design and movement。
    The voice actors are also gorgeous, and there may be a hero with a known voice!
    LucioKazuyuki Okitsu, who plays the role of Jonathan Joe Star
    FarahIs Park Rumi who plays the role of Edward Elric
    Let's choose by appearance and voice!

  • Select by ability
  • Heroes have unusual abilities。
    Can fly in the skyFarah
    Move momentarily、Rewind timetracer
    Can be transparentSonbura
    Fight with shuriken and swordGenji
    Let's choose with your favorite ability!

  • Select by role
  • The biggest feature of Overwatch is
    Role divisionIs there!

    1. Move the whole team on the front linetank
    2. An attacking flower shape that defeats the enemydamage
    3. Make allies easier to fight by healingsupport

    Choose a hero from your favorite role!

  • Choose by difficulty
  • The difficulty level is on the upper left of the hero information。
    ☆ It is also recommended to start with the hero of 1!

Let's do a quick play!

At last, play against other players!
Select the favorite hero role you just decided
Quick PlayLet's match with。

Overwatch4Two match rulesthere is。
It will be displayed on the team formation screen after the match, so
Check whether it is attack or defenselet's do it。

  • Assault
  • Location A、Rule to control two areas that are determined to be B point
    The attacker defeats all enemies in the area、Control。
    Defenders fight to keep the area under control。

  • escort
  • Like a carpayloadRule to carry to
    The attacker defeats all enemies near the payload
    Move by approaching the payload。
    The defender approaches and stops the payload。

  • Assault / Escort
  • Assault、Rules that combine escorts
    If you control one area with Assault、
    Escort starts from there。
    Also called a hybrid。

  • Control
  • 2Rules for teams to compete in one area
    Defeat all enemies in the area、Control。
    If either of them takes control, the percentage will increase over time.
    100%The team that made。
    99%If at least one enemy is in the area,
    OvertimeWill occur。
    You will not be 100% unless you defeat or kick out the enemy。

Playing with friends is even more fun!

Again at 25 levelsRival PlayI can!
Because my own rate is applied
More games will be played than Quick。
It ’s really fun to try and win to win。

Of course, to improve, you play a lot
Overwatch is a game where knowledge is very importantis。
Read the strategy articles on this site to improve your skills!

If you try another role or hero
It is recommended because it will broaden your thinking!

Let's look at anime!

Who says "Is this game a story?"
Certainly there is no story in the game,
The story is being developed in anime and manga。
The completeness of the animation is high、It's like a movie。

Story summary

First, let's hold down the basic story。

Artificial intelligence developed in the future Earth
OmnicA robot with artificial intelligence
Was active everywhere。
But、Suddenly the Omni broke into rebellion
The world is a war1st Omni Crisis"What

This warOverwatchIt ends with the success of the hero group called。
They were honored by the people as heroes。

However、TalonIn the darkness of the organization and bad rumors
Overwatch is in a predicament。

People no longer need Overwatch。
And、Make Overwatch illegal
Petras lawIs established、Tissue is dismantled。

Then, the security of the world becomes worse
Increased movement to suppress omnic。
And、Omni is
2nd OmniCrysisCause。

People needed overwatch again。

Here are some of my favorite animes。


The story of the Shimada brothers who are Japanese heroes


The story of a former professional gamer D.Va as a hero

Honor and Glory (Reinhardt)

The Story of Reinhardt's Friendship and Joining Overwatch

The Last Bastion

The story of Bastion, an omnic
There is no dialogue, but a good story、Ganymede (bird) is cute。

OtherAnimeComic cartoonCheck also!

Let's take a look at professional play!

Overwatch is also famous as an e-Sports game。

Overwatch League

Overwatch League professional leaguethere is。
The other day, the final battle "Grand Final" was held
A team called San Francisco Shocks won!
This season's Overwatch League has made a break。

Overwatch WorldCup

Next is a counter battle by country
Overwatch WorldCupWill start!
The Japanese national team will also challenge the qualifying aiming for participation in the main battle。
There may be Japanese commentary。
It's a really exciting game, so please check it out!

For more information on Overwatch LeagueClick here
For more information on Overwatch World CupClick here

TV program "eGG"

before、In Nippon Television's esports support program "eGG"
Overwatch featured。
The contents of the program were very good, so please take a look!
Click hereCan be seen from。

I want you to know a lot、Has become longer…
Did you know the world of Overwatch?
The game itself is deepest、When you get hooked
Please be careful as time will melt infinitely (laughs)
Let's enjoy Overwatch from now on!


PC version,PS4 version,Switch version of playing
It is a tank player mokki!
We've got the information, such as enjoy the Overwatch!

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