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Recent Overwatch information Summary 11/18 at a glance

Recent Overwatch information Summary 11/18 at a glance

It is a recent Overwatch information together at a glance。
Only should it can be seen that the recent see ...!

Open Division practice RegularSeason 終了

Came to an end is RegularSeason over one month。
Order is as follows:。

best16Until theIt competed in the playoff to be held at the end of this week

Japan team

V3 DiabloDeathTouch pro team
※ by ※ Japan 1

D81 Fortuna pro team

Green Leaves pro team


Kaleidoscope ama team

7D’s ama team

Play-off schedule

11Month 23 days 15:00-24:00
11Month 24 days 15:00-24:00

Tournament is announced during this week。

V3 DDT is the RegularSeason's firstPassing Japanese team first placeis。
We will wish to further your success even playoff! !

PTR large update

For more informationClick herePlease refer to the。

It is a large patch of the currently implemented in the ptr
Here I will briefly describe the。

• The waiting time of the rival play can now Deathmatch and custom match。


- gun shot movement speed while rises
Durability value of the barrier is 300 decrease
Cool time of Fortify is reduced by two seconds


Durability value of the barrier is 600 decrease
And recovery of barrier seconds 30 decreases
Cool time of - bullets absorption skills decreased by 3 seconds
· Bullets absorption during increase shield of increase 30%


Durability value of the barrier is 400 decrease
- upward movement speed at the time of the barrier is twice as until now
Knock back resistance rises


And recovery amount of probiotic grasps decrease


Cool time of defense matric decrease 0.5 seconds

Widow Maker

Of the hook cool time is increased by 2 seconds


Of overload cool time is reduced by two seconds


Shuriken - it has been increased six


Bomb radius 0.5m increase
Bomb consumption ammunition is reduced to 20

It is a large meta changes likely barrier relationship changes。

Medium-sized events of Mercy relationship

In Overwatch currently during the event9VictoryThen
Mercy skin of the image you will receive less

In addition, by viewing the delivery by the distribution site called Twitch
Spray of the image you will receive less

For Twitch cooperation is needed in order to get the following procedure
Let's check whether the cooperation so as not to forget to take。

For more informationOfficial pagePlease refer to。

Mercy of short stories published&Japanese version of the voice actor reading

Short story of Mercy has been published
Click here

Also、Mercy of voice along with itSayaka Oharaby
Novel reading is also in public。

Full Ver


Since until the next month of two daysThe remaining 15 days asis。
fundamentallySince the skin is not resaleLet's Come and get! !


By the way、Thanks to this eventQuick match
Level has risen dramatically
If Ya is doing in Gachigachi、top500 strong player of such
You see a lot of serious quick match。
9I wonder if is stable is to put together a 6pt as a trick to win ...

The future of the Overwatch

Winter events

Winter Event is coming soon after the Mercy event has ended。

Winter sigma that has been leaked

It is as long as a thank me doing the event in a row ...

Open Division

The following image as next year's schedule

It seems to be carried out in such a progression。

nextJanuary next year
Now is the official tournament of Gatchigachi multiplied by the regional league instead of practice。
There is likely to be a fierce battle than this timeBecause it is where you want to store up power within the now ...


#V3DDT support you。
By the way, God play V3DDT belonging Ryuchino players showed yesterday is here.

We saved the allies from Deddoai Mei Clio freeze opponent。
Help the ally in the moment of decision、Exactly is the IQ200。

Also, but I wanted to put things OW2、
It does not put because there is no new information。

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CS · PC asked not playing the Overwatch。
Taking advantage of the knowledge you are doing from the β version
So that you can create a strongly become article only Read
We devote every day。

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