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It describes the mechanism by compatibility。How to win in the shootout

It describes the mechanism by compatibility。How to win in the shootout

We have conducted a coaching
If Ya people you do not know the timing to go to gimmicks from their
To hear a lot of voices that do not know is whether or not win the opponent After doing

This is the way to win in a shootout in the other party。
AIM will often talk in the fighting and skills face aside。

How to win in a shootout in the other party



Example 1 Genji vs Macleay

In many cases you'll win Macleay
Because、The MacleayFlash BangBecause there is。

However、Players I think many that won the Macleay in Genji。
First of all, please see the image here

Close、Middle distance、Put in long distance
Macleay is strength Chart of vs Genji。

Here, the important thing isSkill advantage to put in competitive battle distanceis。

Basic is a strong towards the Macleay at any distance
(There is only referred to as anti-pick)

Even good at short range of Genji、FBIt is strong towards the Macleay with a
However、Macleay using FB is easy to defeat by Genji。

Because、High person of Genji is the mobilityIs different AIM accuracy requiredNoto
Wind、Such as leaf-back
It is possible to shutout the Macleay by using the skills。

thislogicalIt is but very important in the Overwatch、
If it is possible to understand the battle distance and skills Advantage
It will be to some extent compete as also in 1on1 to any other party。

for that reason、When you see the opponent of configuration and hero
To begin withCheck their strong distanceTooth、
Close、Middle distance、Let's decide long distance where to fight。
If you do not win anywhere in that case、Up position the distance to put out their best-fired
Rather than immediately in the challenge to the other partyFrom in the Rouherusu or to use the skillsWait
afterChallengeBy、It is possible to win to win no opponent。


Junk rat

Example 2 junk rat vs Macleay

Not win at any distance ...
It'll be so。
To defeat the Macleay in junk rats
From the sky and behind
Surprise attackIt is not possible to defeat to be
Macleay is won in 1v1 with considerable frequency。

But the here important thing is、
And MacleayFrom the front 1on1 = losingIt is to have a sense of。

Or in how I should win、
The answer isFireThere is the difference。

Junk rats and Macleay either is large and firepower out ...
I think the answer is junk rat。
You have a Macleay about two shots worth of firepower in bullet one shot worth of junk rat。

If we do not defeat the MacleaybeforeOnce out the firepower
Health differenceShield poorInevitably Macleay camp can make a will be forced、
It wins real junk rat team。

Here, the important thing is
Junk ratsNot the game you do not win in Macleay
Macleay isNot issued the firepower to junk rat、Shoot kill or

1There is also the option of not a 1v1 If you do not win in v1。

Example 3 Reaper vs Reaper

Hostilities distance is the case at all together。
In this case the important thing is determined all in fighting。

It looks like this and illustrates the fight of the same range between

Since the arrow will not be out two from one person
If the other party DPS is aimed at the player's side tank、Yourself you can move to free。

Basically reaper 1v1 of each other does not occur
Often scraping the tank
You come out a scene to kill the tank or DPS of the other party in the process。

Two are how to win here
Win in the amount of damage to the tank
To kill the opponent DPS

Win in the amount of damage to the tank

It is in many cases the previously tank fell will be difficult to keep the front、
If the order is to kill the opponent DPS difficult Let's aim the opponent tank。


The opponent tank later as long as the other party is not a low-fired DPS than their own
Even shooting、Are many patterns that lose in the damage race。

To the other party raises with its care Once you have shot the tank before
Aim the opponent DPS、It is a good counter kill or Oikaeseru and。

To kill the opponent DPS

Relentlessly by sticking to the opponent DPS
At the time the opponent DPS is removed consciousness that here
You Umidase Kill of chance、But except when the other party is spoiled to a great extent
For faster it is better to continue to attack from a nearby tank
Let's consider the case and the time。


The fact that the other party is towards 100% of consciousness to defeat that of yourself
If the opponent can not kill himself
Contributions 0、We will not do anything to reverse。

Because the opponent does not know when you are aimed at their own
Let's always keep towards the consciousness in a sexual partner of DPS。


Since that I wrote the DPS mainly true in any roll
I think that little would be helpful。

Important thing

1.Strong range of their own and the other party、Knowing the strong skills (compared)

By your opponent hero is
Such as long-distance is not to win but a short distance win
Compatibility is there are many、Anti-pick is there are many relationships that beyond words only。

Make sure your opponent's range and skills、
Let's tackle the game at the timing that he can win。

2.Not the game you do not win

Even if the what
It exists because really wins not match up。
Farah vs Brigitte, etc.(Extreme example)

Are confident that if the opponent is win
Will come gimmick bullish。

Win do not you do not have to fight because only lose even fighting to the other party。
The other in search of that he can
Let's think like take a good advantage to the other party。

If really you want to defeat your opponent
Changing the pick
Defeat their opponents with a 2v1 in cooperation with allies
It will be able to win if you take the bet etc.。

3.To use the ally

Good player does not waste ally。
Ally Nerawareru = That's your chance。
If the enemy is aiming other than their own their own will move freely to some extent、
The sides and behind in the gap、Hata also counter kill and the like from the care of friend
Let's move so as not to waste the hit of ally


It might was a little difficult
Thing is such that mainly taught in coaching。

So or to be able to shutout the DPS in the sub-tank When you take advantage
Skills grasp of battle distance and opponent It is important。

We respect AIM but AIM is like a one of the indicators
It feels so much can be covered by fighting
I think there is no problem if much is a little inferior to the other party of AIM。

If it says that he does not hit even one shot to the other party in spite of the free situation
Let's training practice shooting every day of BOT。

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