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Recent Overwatch information together at a glance 11/25

Recent Overwatch information together at a glance 11/25

Competition Information and offline events, etc.
Since coming out information about the tidbit To Overwatch
It has put together。

Open Division Playoff結果

Was won defeated the prestigious professional team Xavier.Esports of Thailand
Japanese professional teamD81 Fortunais、congratulations! ! !

When the Xavier.Esports is say how much strong or
All TOP500 or more of the super giants、
Also、There is also a fact that the familiar tournament
It delivers more performance scrim at the convention
Many of the Japanese team has been defeated。

That won the Xavier.Esports isContenters(One on the league)Pass in and outIt is
Pretty realistic and will、Not tied up eyes from the future FortuNa。

The next OpenDivision from January、
The following is possible to go to Contenders because it is not in Practice。
#FortuNaWIN # Ganbaren Pi

Offline event information

Currently two of the offline events are planned。


Blizzard is offline event by the official。
the title is
Over Watch
Haas Stone
Diablo 3
It has become a。

Date and time12/15(day)
Capacity is130name
Application is just 11/25Registration starts from 17:00 of

Guest of Overwatch title
Than Green Leaves tenplayer
Than JUPITER ta1yoplayer

officialBecause of the event very rare
If you are in the mood I think whether all means I also try to your submissions!

Details and entryIt can be checked from。

Overwatch community festival vol.01

If the vicinity of living of the hero Osaka everyone of that MK's sponsored know
Offline event。
This is because the events dedicated to Overwatch
Sure to be a friend of the same hobby!

Date and time12/24(fire)
Capacity isIt was not described、As soon as possible!
Application isCurrently being acceptedis

I'd not go so far from Osaka
The next event you would like to participate in the fighting spirit。

Details and entryIt can be checked from。

Marcy related

By Marcy of voice actors
part2 of Mercy novel reading is in the public。

AlsoSkin challenge of Mercy is 12/3Since up to
Let's be sure to get。

Assembly Information

Currently being held

Halfway CUP

It is u3500 limited tournament start from today。
Since the amateur team has been established many
Such a tournament it is very grateful。

Join the team as eight teams
The most points the team often is won the round-robin。

Period as much as 3 weeks、Because delivery is possible、
You can watch at Twitch, etc.。

date held


@Kichcyomusn Is the tournament's organizers。
Date and timeWeekend 11/30(soil)
the time is19:00~is。
Format1day tournamentis。

Japanese professional teams have participated all。
・Green Leaves
· D81 Fortuna
・V3 DiabloDeathTouch
· ater

In addition, in order to participate in amateur team of more than average rate 4k
It will have a fierce battle of premonition。


Overwatch Scrim2019

There is no in tournament
As a public scrimProfessional casterTowards the
Play-by-play and you can!
For the play-by-play on their play
Really rare opportunity that will be delivered as a public scrim
Because it is
Those who are worried Check it out the details!

Detail isPlease refer to the。


I put together because it was out various information is here one week。
FortuNa win real Congratulations!
For off-line events tournament also thriving
Did you mean ... intense heat?

People in

Capture information will continue to deliver for the Overwatch player!
CS · PC asked not playing the Overwatch。
Taking advantage of the knowledge you are doing from the β version
So that you can create a strongly become article only Read
We devote every day。

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