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Description of the PS4 version advanced sensitivity setting!

Description of the PS4 version advanced sensitivity setting!

This time, perhaps recognition will introduce because we have examined the items of advanced sensitivity of that would have become ambiguous PS4。

I am glad if the reference If you have some people that are or have if lost in the setting of the sensitivity。Let's take a look immediately。

By the way, this is my set ↓

Aim assist strength

Call it is set as the aim assist strength of character。
100The strength of aim assist will be stronger as it approaches。

Aim assist window size

Set the range to begin takes aim assist。

For comparison0Aim assist is not disappear even in the、Aim assist is activated only when the enemy in sight is aThe will to。

Window size as an example is tried or range of aim assist is how much different from in the case of 10 and 100。

Aim Assist will be triggered in the proximity of this around when the window size 10 ↓

When the window size 100 is about this ↓

I will quite a difference! Consider the window size that in the melee might say is more of the lower。

Aim assist legacy

Added items If you notice。This isTo an earlier version of the algorithm of aim assist and to ON、Up-to-date version When you OFFcan do。

Specification of the previous aim assist

Reduce the sensitivity of the stick input、Increase the accuracy and easy to aim the target。

To compensate for sensitivity decreased in the、To automatically adjust the aiming in the direction in which the target is moving。

Specifications that have been added in the latest version

When determining whether the enemy is how moving compared to the player、Considering the stick input of player you are aimedNow。
In other words、If you are Chase perfectly the target will no longer actuated Aim assist
Also、And when you are going Nerao a target in combat、There is also a fast is close becomes effect of changing the direction of the non-combat at the time of the body。

To improve the target judgment of Aim Assist、The player is now working to targets that are chasing the most accurate。
by this、Even if other enemy across the rays、The aim will be less likely to be released from the current target

I also, but I have to OFF、Weak aim assist than to ON、Less likely to be caught during the meleebecame。

Aim assist Ease Inn

By Aim assistPrevent things like stick sensitivity suddenly changesHas been set is added to the order。

0When set to Ease-in is not carried out、The moment you enter the aim assist window sizeSensitivity is rapidly changingTo do。
100When set to、SensitivitySlowly varying in direct proportion to the distance of the sighting and targetTo do。

That will be strong indeed aim assist if close is aiming to target。

By the way, officialHero bullet, such as hit the scan is immediately wearing to increase the numerical value、Lowering the numerical heroes need a deviation of which, such as HanzoThan be a good feeling Once you have set the、Says。

Aim smoothing

Acceleration of the speed of sight is from 0 to reach the MAXYou can set the。

The higher the numerical value approaches the 100、The longer the time to reach MAX speed of sight。
0Mawasemasu sentence aiming at to the sensitivity from the initial velocity MAX。

Is impressive were many people of about 20 to 40 in around them。

Aim Ease

Referred to in the other gameDead zoneIt is synonymous with。

Is often the impression people to be used in order to stabilize the aim in dual-zone or a linear lamp of mainly aiming technique。
Also、I have experience with as an emergency treatment at the time, such as aiming controller has failed drifts。

X point of view operation、Y-axis of the inverted

To reverse the direction in which the direction and aim to move to tilt the stickSetup is。

Vibration function

Controller will bulbul when you are shooting bullet When you ON。OFF Recommended

Replacement of movement stick

Left-handed have or use。
When ONMoving the right stick、The left stick is aiming operationIt will be。

Stick operation(Legacy)

Upper and lower point of view the operation of the right stick、Left and right movement。Move up and down on the left stick、Set of different color to the left and right is the point of view operation。

People are doing in this setting is never seen。

Aiming technique

Three of the sighting technique in OW we are prepared。

Dual zone

Dead zone is narrow、Low sensitivity within 90% when the defeated the stick、90%Become suddenly high sensitivity and defeat more

About This setting is for people who do not want to discard turning speed while caught in the center to the enemy。
ExceptNot exactly Aim not be stopped and somewhere south in the narrowness of the dead zone or pulled in extra in the aim assist in the long-distanceSo care must be taken。

Index lamp

Dead zone is wide、Minute only point of view speed faster you kill the stickBecome。
It is slightly lower compared to the other two highest sensitivity(Have a hunch)。

Linear lamp

Dead zone is narrow、Not good for people who have to or become suddenly fast dual-zone。
It is ultra-sensitive version of the index lamp will rampage the aim。Anyway sensitivity is fast


Sensitivity will introduce how simple confirmation of the so were many people that do not know what is right for you。

1. First you stand in front of the bot of two-body you are in the immediate front entering the training mode

2. And Shut your eyes shoot and focused on the head of the bot

3. Shoot and focused on the other bot's head remains Shut your eyes

Or past the bot Repeat 2 and 3 of the process、Fine-tune the sensitivity If you have not yet arrivedplease try!

More will be the commentary of the PS4 edition of the sensitivity setting。I hope if there is a find helpful information something。
Please try to find a sensitivity that suits you in various ways fiddling the setting item is a lot!

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