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Over watch for beginners、Opening the configuration of how to construct and hero to win now

Over watch for beginners、Opening the configuration of how to construct and hero to win now

In ranked matches
Or use your favorite character、Somehow, such as
I think the choice is often、
The concept of pick to increase the probability of winning here
I would like to explain。

Tips of how to construct the configuration

DPS ed.

The important thing when choosing a pick in the DPS is that of the following。
Face-to-face force against frequent pick
Versus tank performance
The strength of the ULT
Synergies with allies (collectively ease)
Know the characteristics of the partner DPS hero

Face-to-face force against frequent pick

Since the DPS the situation and not win the DPS becomes severely
On the other hand to you it is desirable to put out pick risk is less a disadvantage。

Come out top of each map for the,To understand the strong hero
Which hero is taking a break from being put out some fight hero also
Is the risk measures that can be from the beginning。

Versus tank performance

But even much enhanced facing force
Or partner of DPS has been moved to safety
Once here becomes the situation that does not Namame Kill
You come out a scene that aim absolutely from the tank。

And it has issued a hero that specializes in pairs DPS at that time
Risk will be higher to lose when it comes to damage race of the tank。
As a countermeasure
This is desirable Daseru the hero with both facing force paired tank performance。
Hanzo and Macleay, etc.Also to the tank also face-to-face is
You can come out quite strongly。

Supplemental Metakyara

It is currently said to be meta
Doom Fist
Etc. face-to-face force、Status quo is the strongest class in both pairs tank performance。

The strength of the ULT

It not as important as the above is pretty important。
Since DPS is to take hit in one ULT of it is a big advantage
It will greatly affect the victory because ULT uses a strong hero。

Supplemental ULT is a strong DPS

- Genji
- Sonbura
Doom Fist
- Hanzo
Junk rat

Synergies with allies (collectively ease)

Us basically fit is more of one and the support of the tank。

Examples of complementary synergy

Of Doom Fist punch + sigma of barrier
Stop of ULT + Orisa of Reaper

Hero is said to meta is several orders of magnitude higher synergy with other heroes。

Know the characteristics of the partner DPS hero

Yourself if if the ally issues a face-to-face specialized Hero
Even out the front specialized hero game is about well。

If you give an exampleHanzoWhenWidow Makeris。
In this case Widow Maker for the 200 family of opponent
It exerts a profound effect、Poor-to-tank performanceis。
HoweverBy issuing a Hanzo
You can keep the frontDPS is the configuration nice balance the match around well。

In this way the other is front specialized, etc. If one is face-to-face specialized
DPS configuration is very strong that can complement the place adverse to each other。

TANK ed.

The important thing when choosing a pick in the tank is that of the following。
Hari Ease of front by map
Whether DPS is easy to move
Conform to the configuration of the ally

Hari Ease of front by map

How to dive、Or to the shield is primarily
You decide to see the configuration of the ally、
Let those who they easy to move at their own judgment。

Put the shield out of the dive in a situation does not make sense
Let's also issued a shield I thought not helpful ally to dive。

Depending on the configuration of the map and the other party
Since it can be seen if we do is either shield that or dive that good good

You need to find what is either by turning the number is suitable。

Whether DPS is easy to move

When the ally of Macleay and Bastion
Winston I think that too much does not pick。

It does not mean that should not be out、
Since winning percentage it will can not be said to be high game
Dive tank when ally of dive configurationThe、
Shield configuration when the ally is set up from the frontThe

Hardly being targeted the DPS ally
That it'll make the soup easy to configure the firepower is served in the tank。

Conform to the configuration of the ally

It has a little suffered with the above content, but it is important。

Ally is overlaid Once you pick the load Hogg
The act of issuing a Dva and Zaria of the sub-tank is
It is quite nonsense、Put out two of the sub-tank
But I think whether I even put out if there can win confidence
Defintely as long as their is not strong it would be a wise idea to out the main tank。

SUP ed.

It is that the following be important when choosing a pick in support。
Whether heel turns
Whether the escape from the partner of DPS

Whether heel turns

It is the most important、We do not fight with the heel does not turn。
Support that are currently referred to as meta
- Moira
- Brigitte
Everyone is as a feature ofRange heelWe are blessed with
It has been favored very easy to heel。

If Zenyatta and Mercy like to allyIt is a strong habit to heal amountSupport
If you have picked out a high support of the heel amount、
Let's provide sufficient heel to team。

Whether the escape from the partner of DPS

Here it is also quite important。
Pick the Zenyatta is like have been killed in Doom fist every time
It does not make sense as a support。

for that purposeAgainst the DPS
Is a good idea that issues a hero of self-defense is effective against a certain extent。


It is now referred to as meta
- Moira
- Brigitte
Three-body has also been high for metafied range heel + self-defense performance of the。

To grasp the strong character of each map。

For example,
ThemselvesHANAMURA defenseYou an example

Speaking of good coming out pick in HANAMURA of attack
Widow MakerHanzo (Front fire,1Pick personnel)
Genjitracer(Decoy personnel stepped on the point)

DPS would be the main, such as、
If this way, with the knowledge that is considered a strong map Character
It is less to worry about the opening pick。

The measures afterAlsoJust pick a hero that can be。

DPS if Hanzo and Macleay、Reaper, etc.
TANK If Reinhard and Orisa, etc.
SUP Let's try a movement that is not brought down to the other party DPS

For a ranked match not choose the ally five pick
Pick such as yourself to complement the place disadvantageous of the team is the best。

Beginners、What should you use?

Although we discussed how to construct the configuration above
What the win if you use actually now、We will describe a beginner eyes。



Thermal power is several orders of magnitude higher、
Also is the performance of the top class in face-to-face force shield-breaking performance for both。
The fighting、
If you press the front win the game is the most simple fighting。

Strong place

- is orders of magnitude higher firepower
· Therefore it is strong pressure with respect to the tank
Take the high ground in the teleport
Reis form hit-and-away by

The difficulty

· Medium-range、Fighting of the long-distance partner
Of • If the front does not press the fighting



Although AIM is a little need、Thanks to the thermal power
Face-to-face force、It is high in both pairs tank performance。
While not beat the reaper、Attractive to defeat the long distance of the enemy

Strong place

- high thermal(Lightning spree)
Hill can be taken in-wall climbing
· Uchiaeru against long-distance hero of opponent
- usability of the ULT is good

The difficulty

Weak order necessary to devise the fighting in the dive tank
Weak to Flanker such as tracer and Doom Fist



For Orisa is not for beginners
Of Orisa use Reinhardt
When the fighting, such as overtake the shield
It is possible to shutout the opponent of Orisa。

Strong place

· Put the shield win just to move forward
- fired by the fire strike is attractive
·charge、High ULT, etc. carry performance

The difficulty

- not packed before and would lose to Orisa
There is a severe place in-Bastion configuration opponent



High-heel force、High viability、Performance each other hit by ULT
No doubt the current strongest support

Strong place

- high heel ability By using a ball-and-flour
Fade by viability
Processing ability to reap the decrease was opponent of · HP
You can carry the game by pressing in the ULT just before each other Atari

The difficulty

· It will and would be pursued with the facile fade
- Of the beginners need to identify in order to become expired powder
(It is desirable to accumulate ULT at that timing to use the powder and ball all)



If the play is considered while using strong hero rate goes up。

If you use a hero not a meta
There is a need to consider further does not mean not win。

The best part of this game isEach other to readis。


How to improve the efficiency in view professional videos
See the timing of use, the skill。
Compare - the fighting myself of the。
- Why to think on their own what was the movement。

Seeing a professional video will be to the conclusion that resemble a professional movement。
What it is moving in any thought better of professional in order that、
The most suitable practice be linked with his head

Professional in the video is perfect when you're predicting it works how Konosaki。

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