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Domestic strongest Ofutanku、I have been interviewed Aleksey players。

Domestic strongest Ofutanku、I have been interviewed Aleksey players。

Of this time last week OpenDivision(Pacific Ocean official tournament of)soChampionshipIt was played
D81 FortuNa went interviewed belong Aleksey players。

Question corner

Please introduce yourself。

D81 FortuNa is Aleksey belongs。
In favorite character is Zaria
Highest rate4559、WellAsia # 40it's dark。
S1 has been doing OW from。

Please give me your impressions of the Open Division

Ah ~、Yan was when the three-game losing streak?
There is a wonder if was able to win the opportunity。

And you say ...?

It was three-game losing streak with a strange configuration、Well thenI won because I have entered

Win Then because he had entered、I was able to win with?

It is such a thing ~ ~ ~

Do you have any impressions of the final Xavier.Esports game?

Huh、Confidence that win honestly absolutely it did not ww

Do you were actually stronger?

Wonder if that ... Would not it was strong。
Well Mei was strong、Every team
It was not really tough and doing sigma。

Well, but because I have had ... I do I should do it this character forever? ww

It's kind of character

To become a good player tank(The sub-tank)

Yeah ... It is difficult、
Would not you say should widen the field of view

Do you say should widen any feeling?

To see the opponent to watch
The basic view the DPS、
While covering the ally I think that should I Ikere to defeat the DPS of the other party。

I think you often use sigma?

sigmaAnyway When I wasImportant that hit the rock to the other party of the DPSis。
Not not use the shield of Orisa when the use of the shield pressing
I feel packed in Orisa Press before in sigma shield、
SigmaWe go now TOP500。

Is there a way to improve efficiently?

Thinking、1The day rank races 10
Before we begin with the game"Let's aware of this."That the Tteyuu
Try a little doing to decide

For example, do you what?

Since much shield management has been told extreme clumsiness
The shield management much you aware。

But during the game I do what not even thinking
If by force say
It changed the fighting by the configuration。
Koch is received(Slower than your opponent)Firm received and you were of the configuration
Which also aware to attack a whole bunch you were the configuration of the attack。
It is important to go gobble。

And the is important to the movement way of configuration that matches their
That will transform the movement to see the configuration of the opponent

Tank also I think that it is important to see the DPS of the other party in any state。

Hero to win if you use now ...?


Win you use sigma at any rate band?

By people who use。
Win at any rate band When I have used

Do you such do What is sigma of carry?

Hit rock
Hit the bullet
Determine the ULT

Important rock Seriously
How much count on is the rock。

Or now of Orishigu environment of change in the next Apude?

Ah…It will probably change、We can not conclude
I guess if a Well、Orisaharuto I think has become a hot topic of ~
Stop and Hult firepower of Orisa is I think pretty strong。

1How long play time of day?

1Play time of day is about seven hours?
Holiday is about 10 hours?
(Aleksey player is a student)

How much will I get better Once you doing?

Would not it be better to do this much
1day5timeIt would be a good thing I did much the。
It is better to play more thinking Once was do not do it

Not only do but、
After doing the tank with master zone
It's being told "not to die at all."
After doing、Since seen Toka how far When you die saying。

Yan sense grasp even without thinking when I do so。
really、Not well if not stopped

People who are up only level?

Disagreeable、Is useless ww have to think from there doing w
Just not not do、consider。

Do you have a strong team How to make?

How to make? wwwwwwww

Since FortuNa strong ...

Hmm ... I'm from DPS is strong?

Ah But individual skills everyone high。
I team of cooperation also it is important、First individual skills。

Well、It is better to Atomenba put strong people if multiplied Wanted
And say why or、Because, if the strong person and the play becomes naturally everyone strongly。
I think rate and high people is good if the member recruiting。

Do you practice methods are you doing?

Is scrim? (practice game)

Rank、Rank Rank Rank
730% scrim at a rate rank。
Why I
OWL player also Thats doing Truly rank

By the way, I What is、Who is the strongest in the FortuNa?


Do you have any upcoming challenges and next target?

Since the challenge is loaded Hogg can not use too much
Other sub-tank is also a challenge to practice。

The goal is Contenders advance in the next Open Division。


Player profile

Name:Aleksey @Aleksey_ow
Team:D81 Fortuna@ D81gaming
Age :20
First Nova -CKJ -OW Community Vol.1 #3th
Hero of Destruction -CKJ -OW Community -Vol.2 #3th
2018 Overwatch Open Division Season 3 – Pacific #9th
Cosmic Knight Japan challengers Vol.1 -CKJ -OW Community -vol.4 –#1th
ZOTAC CUP Overwatch Community Tournament #9 – Asia #2th
2019 Overwatch Open Division Season 1 – Pacific #5th
Overwatch Contenders 2019 Season 1 Trial s: Pacific #4th
2019 Overwatch Open Division Season 2 – Pacific #2th
2019 Overwatch Open Division Season 2 practice – Pacific #1th


Perhaps there is currently the strongest sub-tank in Japan
I have talked to Mr. Alexi。

This site but it is often stance such as to somehow in theory
Such as Alexi players
It is better to learn to do with the feeling I felt to progress quickly。

Because taught me quite useful that as the secret of progress
Please try it by all means。

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