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[Beginner] support of the manual。

[Beginner] support of the manual。

For tips of DPS and tanks there were many
We would like this time will leave the support of the manual。
Aim support master。

It was divided into simple Summary and subdivision。
I think that change significantly even just be aware of the simple summary。

Support of manual。


It is the support of allies。
Here, the fact that important is the support
Only the heel is just a healer。
Let's will be able to support。

Since it is a supportPrevent the death of friendIs that
Leads to how to win and fighting。

That that must Ne done

Simple Summary
1.Heel of ally
2.Cover of ally
3.Ultra grasp of opponent(counter)
4.Back-up warning
5.Breakthrough way groping partner configuration


1.Heel of ally

This is everyone you know is。
It is natural and the most important、

The difference of advanced and beginner

But you can difference just to the heel
Heel speed from when the hit ally
Heel priority

High rates are turning the heel and immediately noticed when the friend was hit。

Further, when the load Hogg and Reinhard ally was hit at the same time
Prior to heel from Reinhard that do not have a self-healing skills etc.

Even if a large number of ally is hitFrom allies have been targeted from the other party
To determine an equal priority to the instant
It is less than that of the low rate to drop a friend。

2.Cover of ally

Let's cover when an ally is attacked by opponent
It is best able to heel while attack。

In the case that is causing the ally somewhere 1v1 is
To beat quickly opponent in the 2v1 yourself to interveneSo also within the cover
If we ally want to continue to actively intervene If you're a 1v1。

In that caseFirmly determine whether even if he away with the frontIn terms of the
Overlook intervention can and no-risk high-return。

The difference of advanced and beginner

Cover rate is several orders of magnitude。

Support of allies is the immediately cover If you have been entangled in the enemy
Peel off the opponent with immediately cover Once the tank of the allies have been entangled in the enemy
Lay the opponent in 2v1 immediately intervene Once the DPS ally is not a 1v1

thisImportant part is cover force in support carryWill
When the cover is there are good support
You can reduce the death number of the team significantly。

3.Ultra grasp of opponent(counter)

Knowing whether or not the next of per partner have any ULT is
It is quite an important part as a role of support。

Opponent and the next nano boostULT of GenjiIf you come hit in
Lucio and Zenyatta isTo prepare for the counter hidden。

Moira and Baptiste, etc.
Dari gave birth to kill use a faster ULT than ULT opponent of Genji
Such hits as much as possible before if can not counter

It is easy to think about the person each other per Knowing the ULT situation of the other party。
Kaya grasp of ULT situation is attacking opponent is much、
Grab a sense in the day-to-day playThere is not only。

The difference of advanced and beginner

The accuracy of the ULT grasp is different。
Since our person of the senior who has so much play
Does this difference would place such as duly

4.Back-up warning

Or too crazy in front of the heel、
Or accidentally standing upright If it were not things to do
Everyone I think that there is an experience。

As supportBreadth of the important thing is the field of viewis。

DPS will come good with the back-up
High return if Kimare is back up、
There is a big bet that unless high-risk Kimara
Success degree of it will depend on the size of the field of view of the partner support。

So once he was back up vigilance to prevent the back-up of the other party
Because only opponent piggyback risk
What is the advantage itself to get their own team。

Since this is also a very important place in order to give the difference between the support force
little by littleLet's will be able to a back-up warning。

The difference of advanced and beginner

Many of the beginner of support does not have any back-up warning。
Match before the start is going to the back-up warning potatoes
In fact the game will be started
Because it becomes addicted to hit and heel。

Let's start by being aware。

Because of the low rate is simple is partner of fighting and AIM
I think that much can afford。
When we went to the top and will be able to aware of the back-up warning from this time
Will quite useful。

5.Breakthrough way groping partner configuration

This is a technique that I will improve as OW player。

Why ourselves can not break through here
Why their is losing

When you are losinglike thisHave a question
It will be important as support for the proposed or the trial and error。
That try in terms of thought not win even if the
It becomes a large experience of the game from the next。

Being aware of

Simple Summary
1.Heel than attack first
2.Partner heel
3.Be aware of the enemy, which has been back-up
4.Thinking of the other party
5.Do not die
6.Vs. Hero

The following segmentation

1.Heel than attack first

Of course。

Without heel
Nobody does not give me praise in the place was taken bad with gold analyst

The amount Ana match time of 10 minutes heel 10,000、
Let's boast it was the amount of damage 10,000。

2.Partner heel

Considerable importanceis。
To be there when the support 2 people heel also does not turn
1Gone over people will be quite severe fronts。

Let's always be able to write the eyes to partner support。

3.Be aware of the enemy, which has been back-up

Even if the back-up warning will have the back-up。
What happens if you yourself do not matter to the enemy was aware of only the heel of the ally?

The answer will die Easy to yourself。

If either partner is pack before a stretch When have the back-up
And the like tell on the radio chat to ally
Let's aware that to quickly defeat or draw back up opponent。

4.Thinking of the other party

Whether the opponent is what you think、Let's loosely consciousness。
For example,
- "I want to shoot opponent of Zariauruto"
- "I am aiming things that Genji myself"
It is etc.、So hear the reaction of the opponent to shoot your opponent
Roughly full-fledged if to know you are thinking what the other party isis。
Let's play catch of the bullet。

If you know the thinking of the other party
It will be get is whether such roughly prediction comes to what the future。

5.Do not die

It attaches to this
If too seem to fall every time destination
Let's review their fighting。

Since the support, it is less likely to shoot an opponent
That is pulled out from the front to the DPS
I think that it is extremely rare。

HoweverOpponents do not forget that you are always aiming for support。

6.Vs. Hero

Even if it became a partner and 1v1
Until ally comes to the aid does not go and does not self-defense a few seconds。

Or the order in if the other party to do when you have at stake in yourself
It is nice to be able to advance Zakkuri consciousness。
This regard
Let's look at the video of the pair hero of demon KarQ。

Dattari Ana vs all the hero of the video

Moira vs Dattari videos of all hero

I Nashi progress mistake because the ready-to-use once you remember。

NG action that must not be done

1.To neglect the heel
2.Too far before
4.Too Ultra-sparing
5.Become addicted to each other per

1.To neglect the heel

It should not be neglected。

2.Too far before

From behind because it is not a tank
Let safely heel。

I think that I if before there is also something reason to go to。


Nobody is that in a position in which the cover is not this because this isolation is。
It is difficult here border with respect to Ana
Is important is that ally while away from the ally to take position on the cover can come position。

4.Too Ultra-sparing

Let's use get lost、
Scene to win in your ULT is located in the number of stars。

If it had not been for meaning in it using get lost
Now we'll take care of timing

Leads to the feeling that correct a mistake doing the number。

5.Become addicted to each other per

While it is important to be crazy
SupportImportant to vacate the peris
Who has been targeted
Who the It should be heel
Their own state
Etc. at leastThese threeLet's consciousness among each other around here。


It is the basic NG、
Dead also good scene、
The last oneOrWin allies by that they will dieThis scene。


Not only heel
Heel +Contribute to the team in any other surfaceOnce you are familiar so that you can
It is an excellent support。

For size and fighting of the field of view

The standing position of the support to reduce the burden by eliminating waste。

For a combination of configuration

Over watch for beginners、Opening the configuration of how to construct and hero to win now

Here, please take a look anxious because it explains a little。



Many beginners around
Support article also I wrote because it was less。
No wonder! The I think it for granted and are also those who think that
I think that it's important to be able to for granted。
GM Once it can be perfect practice that probably are reading,The master class
You should get ...

Support is a lot like that dead when I noticed on the nature
Because it involved many to ally roll but I think that a little difficult
When the team turned well in his thanks
There is no and the two things over to a sense of accomplishment。

Although further supported by the following meta I have received the impression that becomes severe
Read this article to understand the support even a little
I want to get over the rough seas of the meta。


With respect to AIM of it

Many of the players workshops and quick match
Or、Such as KovaaK's and AIMhero
Aim you have or use the practice software。
Or do in or outside the game do in the game is each person。

Recommended code of the workshopBQSSSis。

Further, since the DPS Nico's domestic strongest class has recently me to deliver every day
I think it all means I also once tried to visit or watch Once trouble to AIM。

Twitch : Nico_ov

Or Macleay is essential for the Farah measures

First and if Farah is not so strong without measures
It ends the story if crush the previous。

Now and say time on whether I should be is that Farah is rampage
1.The Das kill the firepower before ahead of Farah
2.Farah is difficult to put out firepower out the aim characters
And so on

2So it is easier of
Many of the players, such as Macleay and Widow Maker
We've put out a hit scan。

It is because easy to simply rely on the Farah is're out a hit scan
Also I think that it is the same in Mei also Hanzo if there is a self-confidence that can be dropped the Farah。

Rather than mandatory Therefore Macleay is、
Hero to watch the Farah in Farah measuresOr
Nakuseru Hero up the meaning of Farah in the pressure or the like of the front even when taking a break from being Farah
Etc. is required。

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