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HOMEOverwatch BulletinInformation heaped!The latest Overwatch information summarized to 12/18

Information heaped!The latest Overwatch information summarized to 12/18

Information heaped!The latest Overwatch information summarized to 12/18

Apude Toka Toka Toka event tournament

Large patch implementation

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12Month 11 days update information
In collectively have the patch has been implemented。
Because it is mainly shield weakened, but went and movement speed increase and armor strengthening
Good patch the game speed is fasterI think。

personallyReinhardIt is insanely fun。

Winter events

Every year is the annual winter event
We summarized here。
Introduce the "Winter Wonderland 2019" & OW videos

Recent events divided the 1week2week and reward
I feel the aim that want to increase the population。

time limit122 January from the month 11 daysIt has become to、
For rarely miss an opportunity skin is not available
Be careful so as not to forget to take。

Assembly Information

Hardmetal cup(Community Games)

@rdfsakamotoIs the tournament's organizers。
Date and time is 12/22
Time 19:00~
The format is 1day tournament。

perhapsThis year the end of the tournamentis。
Since the arrival of 16 teams teams that want to participate as soon as possible!
Registration Form:Battlefy

Registration is up to tournament start check-in, but please take care since the first arrival。

OpenDivision Pacific(Official tournament)

path to pro(Tournament that aim a professional)
Overwatch is the official of the usual tournament。
From the team to go to win in serious until the team of test your skills
It will join a variety of team。

Participation accepted12Month 29 daysUntil
Tournament schedule is listed below。
1Th week:1/4To 5 days
2Th week:1/11~ 12th
3Th week:1/18~ 19
4Th week:1/25~ 26
5Th week:2/1To 2 days
6Th week:2/8~ 9

2/15~ 16th

Registration Form:Battlefy

Official of the movement

It is an introduction video for the Switch version OW

It OW is taken up any terrestrial program Ariyoshi Ii eeeee。

You will often see ads recently Switch version OW。
It is the lively activities of Nintendo x blizzard Japan branch。

Ofuibe information

Overwatch Exchange Conference ~ in NCA ~

Is offline events held in Nagoya。
Because it is still that of the recruiting those who live in the suburbs Come

Kanto region OW year-end party

It is OW year-end party, which is carried out in the Shinjuku。
pot&An all-you-can-drink yet OW player Bakka! ?
I want to go ... I want to go。

OW player please consider living in the vicinity of Tokyo!

PTR information

This PTR has come now。
You what looks like multiple roles in the party to choose
This would be very nice because it is likely matching is faster
Faster I want you to come。

It had been secretly additional functions

It seems the new settings in the outline relationship has been added。

For Seth's is me together、Please check If you are interested。


Overwatch Scrim 2019

In Overwatch Scrim 2019
We are looking for a team like that can by commentary。
And your team information
I hope you are able to enter the information of the team to play against。

ProfessionalMoraeru is the planning of the public scrim to live in the announcer
In the deliveryEvery 300 people nearIt is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to become famous because it has come。

Rate is unquestionedFor such、Please try to register now!


Now To only remaining this year、
Also fourth year Overwatch in the next year
It perhaps is next year in the OW2 ...?

Easy to understand the story will change, but recently coaching
Or gotten your impressions such as
But as long as I'm happy increasingly come to report that went up rate can hear。

People in

Capture information will continue to deliver for the Overwatch player!
CS · PC asked not playing the Overwatch。
Taking advantage of the knowledge you are doing from the β version
So that you can create a strongly become article only Read
We devote every day。

Of people in Twitter

Posted list of some of the people in

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