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Best place to each other per [for beginners]、Get to know the choke point

Best place to each other per [for beginners]、Get to know the choke point

Location that is suitable to each other perDo you know there's has?
There is a point to increase the winning percentage of each other per remarkably Actually
thisEach other is prone location perThe
Choke pointIt's called。

But I think that everyone is using to unconsciously
Here I would like to describe along with some commentary。

※ If you do not want to read long sentences
Under"Breakthrough method of choke point"With us read just
I think whether to be positive as a string pickled to progress。

Described in one site eyes of Nunbani

fundamentallyWe will talk in defense eyesBut
In How Once the attacker to later
This section describes how to win in the choke point。

Nunbani first choke point is mainly divided into four below
In the following we will continue to the description of each point。

Point 1

All-out war point of front vs front in front opponent of squirrel

Strong place

Overwhelming skill differenceYou can consolidate their opponents with a squirrel if there is a

Weak place

Or tired side、Or stepped on bases
It is a short and easy to collapse and would be used to ULT。

Personal opinion

I often with ~ Platinum。
But you have to draw Once stepped on the base
Since the result in or are in the pincer attack while pulling
Point here will not strong。

If there is a self-confidence that can overwhelm the opponent with skills
I think I also observe here

Point 2

You often apparent
Narrow towards the opponent is the area to the other party coming from the second floor
Because here you can take the advantageousPlayer you are using is often。

While in the area basis it will take the advantage to the other party
It would lose in the thermal power and there are no strong hero at a short distanceFor
Let's use a point here to look at their structure

Strong place

Win Press in firepower for in Fight point
Mei and Reaper、Junk rat is a big success。
Is also a strength can be taken unilaterally advantageous to someone coming from the top。

Also of the opponent coming into direct point can be put down to shoot from the top
It is one of the strengths。

Weak place

From the room of the first floorOr have taken a back at a speed boost
Or worse is a structure in which there is a thermal power more than their own
Easy to collapse and a lot of ULT is at once usedis。

In addition it is slightly weak in Farama。

Personal opinion

It is pretty strong point
There is a loopholeWhether or not immediately able to cope when the opponent has comeBut
Next decide the game、If you can not support losing
Win and when you're correspondingConfrontation of the corresponding forceis。

Would be close to the rock-paper-scissors pop hit wearing。

Point 3

Point is to protect
It will not be getting to the point
Firepower and the corresponding force both sought
Pretty difficult pointIt has become a。

Would be difficult much the same manner as point 1。

Strong place

Fear of entering the point is not。
Since the thermal power is all but never lose if the won-fired
That win from the front is the other party will come around from the back。

Pretty strong point If you are an opponent who came on the back can be processed quicklyWill。

Weak place

For as the point halfway
This is topped with not fight to set the desired easy
Also etc. that while wary of back-up of the other party the other party to move If you have taken the high ground
6Important understanding of the people everyoneSuch for very difficult
It is hard to point to use。

It would also be weakness that would taken the high ground to the other party。

Personal opinion

I do not want to use too much so difficult

Point 4

It is a point that see the most and it is the PC version
Also coming from the second floor of the face-to-face opponent is less likely to back up
Long in the fight Orisa and Hanzo the Acquirer Tara On the other hand to shoot
Since it is down shot from the top When you come to the point
It is a highly strong adoption rate point。

Strong place

Partner Gataku to approach、Configuration is up but shoot one-sided
Less weaknessEasier to respond to actions of the other party for
Because many of the players are fighting here
There is big for us the how familiar battle。

AlsoIt is pretty strong Bastion configurationThere is also a point。
Also will not a few that you can shutout breakthrough is in the Bastion for difficult。

Weak place

When the opponent has been hit in the side and front and have taken the cooperation
And correspondence is difficult
Severe and would be used collectively ULTis。

Personal opinion

Although there are weaknesses、Possible corresponding Once you have the side vigilance
Because the terms of ULT capable of coping Some are ULT here
It will be a stable point and be aware of how to win。

Choke point Remarks

The concept of the choke point

Why hit here?
Why this point is strong?
Where do any good if hits to the opponent of the construction partner?
Somewhere in the distance sense of their configuration is the strongest?

Rotate the head like unravel these four questionsWhen
Naturally choke point is been found。

Because everyone is hitting here myself rather than hit here
Hit because they know the correct heading the answer of my own
Two of the difference here isCome heavily involved in the growth white ProgressWill。

How to find the choke point

And standing a lot of time from now Overwatch is the start of service
Choke point is the most excavation has been。
Use Youtube and Twitch, etc.Look at the good people of perspective
Such as gaze always where to hitThen I think that good。

It was examined by a choke point
From the play the video because I wanted did not come out
There is only grab it seems ...
It is It is early to get teaching from skilled who have long played。


Breakthrough method of choke point

If I as long as you have a description of the choke point
I think that "strong! Win if you use this!"
This is a game、Position Nante invincible There is no
Also there is a weakness in any choke point
that is、Dattari opponent of the route、You or was pick。

However、If the weakness is not known
Invincible point of not be able to break through will be made is
To break through for its、To understand the choke point of each map
To understand the strong reason and weaknesses will lead to a breakthrough method of choke point。

Gain experience to play thinking
3When you are ready to win in the sense of the split of thinking and 70% is the one person。


But thought I'd write a choke point of all of the map
Content was stopped because it likely to punk ...
Because it may have been a little difficult
Of Twitter If you have anything you would like to do not understand it and to hear
Thank you to DM。

Although story changes、
"Me set!"
"Heel I need!"
Because of the radio chat quite strong
I recommend frequently used in the solo play。

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