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3For OpenDivision2020 can be seen in minutes

3For OpenDivision2020 can be seen in minutes

2020The beginning of the Open Division was kicked off
We will explain this time of the Open Division along with it。

I think that it can become definitely Open Division knowledge master if you look at the this。

This time of OpenDivision ...

The first place and is OpenDivision

It is regularly heldTesting one's armAsThe first step to professionalAs
Is the official tournament that many of the team to participate。

Until the top 8 placeIt is possible to participate in the top of the league if put
The way to the upper professional If you continue to win in the league of the above
We have quite tinged with reality。

The origin of such world-famous players that are currently dominating the
It is there in the Open Division。

Or better to look that good?

It ranked matches only Tari was How to play
Come to and from the player, not the team activities
So much interested in the tournament watching would not boil too much。

And out many strong teams, such as in this OpenDivision
Tari wanted to know the status quo strong configuration and hero
You can see the fighting of each map。

On it is to play the OW to know now of strong hero
To come become quite important
Such as know the configuration of the opening or the like of the game
I think that should be seen by all means if you want to know the latest meta。

With regard to watchTwitchThan
21 o'clock every Saturday and SundaySince the players of participating teams has been delivered from the
Please try to examine anxious。


Every time familiarOf the official tournament OpenDivisionbut
Has changed greatly rules from this time。

Regular season best16 until the last time to go to the play-off
Play offTop two teamsBut but we were able to advance to the next league

From this time
Play offThe top eight teamsYou can but advance the frame to the next league。
Making it easier to go to the top of the league rather than the rule until the previous time。

The Trial was a gateway to success until now、Many more
The Japanese team it seems that it would be to compete。

Tournament takes place in the play-off = OD upper 16 team game
The next league of Trial = Open Division

This is the last of the Trial。
Green is from Japan Leaves,D81 FortuNa was entered

Number of teams

The entire Teams number「81」When
Compared with the previous OpenDivision 「-9」 is。

That it can not compete in the contenders and not the player of the same region (3 or more!)
contenders specifications are abolished、Because the region number of people no longer relationship
The prediction that the team of the Korea region come out to OpenDivision as Pacific Ocean region
But it was expected between many users、Not so much
Korean team seems there are many teams that are out as Korea District。

contenders = on two of the league

This is the past, including the current four times the number of teams
It is represented by graph。

By the way, here is the Korean version。
Generally is the number of teams of about five times the Pacific。

Japan team

This time the Japanese team number"21 team."is。
Since the last time was about approximately 25 team、「-4」It takes about。

Japan team graph up to the last time

Supplemental Hatsushu 2-game winning streak Japan team

・Connect Gaming
・Icicle Fenrir
· D81 Fortuna
・V3 DiabloDeathTouch

Because it is advanced to the last time Contenders in regard to Green Leaves
It will start from the league of top。


The last time until
1Bit 50 $ 40 $ 2 ...
Could it is from this time
1The team of up to 4 place450$Prize will be dividend。


Every week all 12 rounds from the Saturday and Sunday 1/5 to 2/9

12The round ended next week conducted a tournament in best16
The top eight teams will be able to proceed to the next league。



1I last read as pork configuration that it is felt that saw th week has become a meta。

Since Widow Hanzo has been frequently pick than I thought
Likely to be in this state go and 2 Sunameta is very high。

Proceeding to the league on trial and Contender, etc.
Recently, I did a Japanese commentary delivery。

Steadily in this state because the ability of the Japanese team is rising
Hope is to leave a good achievement even OpenDivision。

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