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[Apude information] PTR1.44 Summary and impressions

[Apude information] PTR1.44 Summary and impressions

PTR1.44 Summary and impressions

PTR is a summary。
Because many of the meta-hero has been weakened
Might meta changes during LIVE implementation。

System relationship

Custom game

As a new set of "custom game settings.""Setting the Data Center"But
Added、And other parts of the player by the use of this
You will be able to smooth play。

Pattern of red ping other than South Korea when it from Japan ...

My feelings

You can now choose which of the custom game server。
Ya when the other countries of friends and custom game
Help is likely when the team and the scrim of non-Japan。

Party related

When using a roll queue at a partySolo same
It is now possible to put a queue to multiple roles。

My feelings

God is Apude。
2It is going to be faster matching When turning in to 4 party。


Immortal field

Duration has been reduced to 5 seconds from 8 seconds。

My feelings

It is greatly weakened、Along with the timing becomes more severe
Will also be impaired endurance was the strength of Baptiste itself。

Cool time has been increased from 20 seconds to 25 seconds。

My feelings

It has become cool time of par Rizarekuto。

This is the shorter of the cup ramen waiting time than the put eight Immortal。

Still during the cool time to the required sceneIncreasingly that
Baptiste is more carefully
It seems has become necessary to put the Immortal field。

There also may deviate from the metaWhat support is given to meta-filled status quo
This is where the hard attached registration is。

Amplification matrix

ULT cost has increased 20%。

My feelings

Although pork configuration was configured to take a long time
In a short period of time by the use of a reservoir easy Baptiste ULT
Overcome possible situation had followed。

The team accumulate ULT Baptiste to destruction just before
Because the scene there were many that can be reversed
This weakening will be quite a big setback for Baptiste。


Endothermic blaster(Maine)

The moving speed of the enemy of the slow effect of the spray
30-90%Reduced to 20-70% from

It is a video of Nafushin Mei、It can significantly change when viewed this way。

Shortening the slow effect to 1 seconds from 1.5 seconds

My feelings

Spray weakeningis。
The Nafu of pick rate for high Mei
I think that it is Nafu much just good。



Cool time has been reduced from 5 to 3 seconds。

My feelings

Dva player is a big delight。
Inevitably by Hanzomei had been popular
Pick rate of Farah was also increasingly。

By sticking with booster of Dva by this Apude
It'll be able to give excessive stress to the other party of Farah。

In addition a large map of the hill and objects by the cool time reduction
I think that Dva even more shine scene。



The damage reduction was reduced from 50% to 40%

My feelings

It is Nafu seems like it does not hurt to there、
Possibility of meta-cored would still high。

Because of the stop it is to have support now of Orisa
I did not think Nafu enters the Fortified。

In recent updatephysical strength(armor)There +50It is
Although the hardness of the Orisa will often hear a voice that hard to date abnormal
ThisLittle relaxationI think of being。


The main attack

Maximum charge was after
Speed ​​of the bow has been reduced from 125 to 110。

My feelings

Speed ​​of the bow has returned to the previous rework。
The direction of implementation initial order to change the feeling until now
Or no longer hit a bullet to the other party、It seems difficult to drop the Farah。

One can say in Apude of bullet-speed system
The person who hit you hit any bullet speed。

Doom Fist

Rising uppercut

Recovery time has been increased from 0.2 seconds to 0.5 seconds。

My feelings

It is weakening the rigidity is increased at the time of the Upper。

Sigma of rockOf course MacleayCCWas Tari
The other hero of the normal attackIt will be susceptible to。

After the upper main,Get influence on the ability use。

To leave to use the upper
For Doom Tsukai of hit-and-Away axis
It may be a big blow。



bug? Teleport is ready-to-use in

Teleporter deploys instantly on PTR from r/Overwatch


Pick rate of Shinmetora If this remains implementation is quite rise likely。


Nafu has been a hero to catastrophic as in this update
I think not、Baptiste is or would be a little tight so ...

By character performance has been NafuOf personal skillsso
I think that it is good patches do I need covered scene increases。

Or meta is if the change is now
Since the carefully look professional scene and top configuration
Otte will collect meta information。

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