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[Apude information] Lunar New Year events and patch together

[Apude information] Lunar New Year events and patch together

Lunar New Year event summary

It is the annual Lunar New Year events。
It has put together a new skin, etc.。

Official page

For Chinese New Year events


Every year is the annual Lunar New Year events。
This title「Year of the Rat」

I have from today per period2Scheduled to be held up to five days a monthis。

New Skin

Regard the new skin
Sonbura. Brigitte. Moira. Lucio.
Four of the above has been added。

Contact surface of Sonbura seems to change over time ...


By the way, time-limited season skin is here.
I want to get all if possible because of the short and about two weeks。

weekly challenge

It is a weekly challenge that is the annual。
Within the period9VictoryYou can get by。

Week head

Doom Fist

Head two weeks


Head three weeks

Wrecking ball

Limited mode

In addition to the Capture the Flag
Distance of the flag and the flag has increased nearly becomes the target number of flag
Capture the flag BlitzIt has but been added。


Hanzo.BastionIt has been added in the new emotes。

Regard highlights intro
Junk ratIt will be the addition of only。


Has been PTR is the application of the previous 1.44。

Custom game

As a new set of "custom game settings.""Setting the Data Center"But
Added、And other parts of the player by the use of this
You will be able to smooth play。

Pattern of red ping other than South Korea when it from Japan ...

Party related

When using a roll queue at a partySolo same
It is now possible to put a queue to multiple roles。


Immortal field

Duration has been reduced to 5 seconds from 8 seconds。

Cool time has been increased from 20 seconds to 25 seconds。

Amplification matrix

ULT cost has increased 20%。

Development Comments

If Immortal field is placed in the place where the rays of the corner, such as the other party does not pass
It had to demonstrate a very strong performance。
While retaining the ability of the Immortal by reducing the operating time in this patch
We Nafu the situation when placed not broken position。


Endothermic blaster(Maine)

The moving speed of the enemy of the slow effect of the spray
30-90%Reduced to 20-70% from

Shortening the slow effect to 1 seconds from 1.5 seconds

Development Comments

Spray of Mei It was often the case is too difficult to escape。
By reducing the slower amount and duration
The side that has been applying a spray makes it easier to react、

The time required to completely freeze the target does not change。
※ Nafu the time until the opponent is frozen



Cool time has been reduced from 5 to 3 seconds。

Development Comments

By reducing the boost of cool time of Dva
She and more aggressive fighting
It was to be switching the defensive fighting。



The damage reduction was reduced from 50% to 40%

Development Comments

Orisa in Fortify is that the defeat was too little difficulty。
So that you can cope even during Fortified
It reduced the amount of damage reduction。


The main attack

Maximum charge was after
Speed ​​of the bow has been reduced from 125 to 110。

Development Comments

A result of increasing the speed of the arrow in the rework of Hanzo
Range has become too easy to rely on longer。

Although it reduced the sniper ability to lower the speed of the arrow、
It would be strong as it is now in the mid-range。

Doom Fist

Rising uppercut

Recovery time has been increased to 0.35 seconds from 0.2 seconds。

Development Comments

From being able to immediately act after uppercut
Too was too strong。
Therefore extending the rigid time、
It increases the time your opponent can respond。



Please forgive me with respect to the English translation mistakes of development Comments。
Roughly meaning has there ...

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