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The latest of over-watch information and rumors Summary

The latest of over-watch information and rumors Summary

Because there is nothing especially from official recently here
It was collected personal belongings of information。
It is kept if a little Tokusuru know ...?

Patch 1.44

The other dayarticleWhile in has put together、
Metakyaranafu + Dva is the strengthening of the patch。
It ranked matches still in
The character has been issued before the patch。

The top of the meta

It is the Tweets by the original coach of the prestigious team。

A team that is out in the tournament on that Contender
Configuration that is often used is here.
Widow / Mei / Hult / Orisa / Lucio / Baptiste

The average rate of Contender Teams are about 4400 to 4600。
In the order of reference because it is used with a high degree of cooperation and understanding ...

Assembly Information


Tournament qualifying to determine the Contender TeamsIt is like a
There are 12 rounds in all、Current was completed up to 6 round。

The top 16 teamsBut multiplied by the Contender trial
You can compete in the play-off。

Rank up to the current position 16 is here.

Japan team, which ranked here
1Place SABAGOD DAISUKI (instant)
7Place D81 FortuNa (Professional)
8Bit Icicle Fenrir (amateur)
10Place AKIHABARA ENCOUNT (Professional)
16Bit V3 DiabloDeathTouch (Professional)

(PC)4th TeamSKY sponsored by OW tournament(date held)

Burr's @igaguri_overIs a community tournament organizers。

Individual applicantsIn out of the average rate of applicants to the team organization commensurate with it。

For the purpose of the convention is of the alternating current of the participants
Feel free to can apply、I think that it is interesting planning to enjoy the fun of the tournament。

Official of the movement

11Month and December, but it was a lively
Recently it became official also quiet ...
It is expected that the big news is announced。

BAN festival was held in South Korea

In South Korea server
By verbal abuse, etc.9078peopleThere BAN
By Cheat use1726peopleThere has been BAN。

Since the recent PCOW has too cheetah is spread
I think that it is appropriate treatment。

But the probability of cheetah and matching
To feel so as not to change experience
1726How often the numbers that、Or corner of the of the iceberg ...

(rumor)Pick BAN implementation?

It is leaking a number of informationAccording to Mr. Metro
The development teamPick BAN functionThat of the developing。

If you want to know quickly leak information
We recommend that you follow the Twitter of Mr. Metro。

twitter of reaction

Tournament to determine the strongest of OWOWLSoe, who served as the interviewer

Than it required little more of a hero? That of the

Last year's Japan representative TEN players

On Twitter is
Although it divided into opposite opinion and favor opinion、Both
"I want to increase the hero."Stood out many opinion that。

Thanks to you have current 31 characters, but 222 lock
TANK 8 characters
DPS 16Character
SUP 7 characters
It has become such a real breakdown。

I future development of Blizzard is worrisome。
It should be noted that by the end of this month JEFF(OW director of)by
Is scheduled to development interview is published。

So it is what is variously spoken ...?



Recently, although information is very little
Because it will go accumulated、I was once brought to article。

I would like to write about fighting and column
You have a little trouble for many things has written previously ...
Since it takes time to come up with
You might be allowed to rest for perhaps if Friday update。

The person who wrote the fighting and character commentary so good even single is
I hope you can send a message to Twitter DM。
Since it may be allowed to ask with a reward
I Come ask。

People in

Capture information will continue to deliver for the Overwatch player!
CS · PC asked not playing the Overwatch。
Taking advantage of the knowledge you are doing from the β version
So that you can create a strongly become article only Read
We devote every day。

Of people in Twitter

Posted list of some of the people in

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