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Now patch、Strong hero and meta prediction

Now patch、Strong hero and meta prediction

It was studied fine with respect to meta prediction
It should have had maybe ...

Update 1.44.0B


Damage of the storm of the bow has changed in the 70 → 60

200The HP band no longer be able to defeat in the body 3 shots


No longer point of view fixed at the time of the firing of Deddoai。

HP250 reduction is likely to be the next patch。


It decreased from 40% to 30% recovery amount at the time of attack

It was so from Doom Reaper era
It is was tough to handle the reaper in Sapotan
I think we are relaxed a little。


Damage of the main attack is reduced to 11 → 10

Cool time of Fortify is 8 → 10

Reduction Slow time at the time of stop hit in 1 second → 0.65 seconds

It is a triple combo of Nafu、
Quite difficult herobecame。

Also I think that it is a matter of time meta changes。


The rigidity is 0.9 → 0.6 at the time of slammed by the interruption + ULT receive the CC during the ULT

It decreased to 60 → 40 explosion damage of rock

It is quite painful Nafu。
Here also it is a matter of time before the meta changes。


Recovery time of the main attack is increased to 0.36 → 0.45

Firing sensation will be longer、Thermal power is reduced。

Recovery amount of the heel is reduced to one shot 60 → 50

It is Nafu。


It is still Metakyara simultaneously Nafu the previous。
Orishigu also deviates from the meta
We hit by Nafu, such as not strange。

Various extreme Nafu、And this time fairly quickly
It came from PTR to LIVE。

Also、In the video on OW from this of management that has been just published
Because a thing of the update will be faster than now
It is a good policy that does not boring the player。

[Column] following meta prediction

Heroes that came up the appointment rate


2Fight considerable advantage with respect to shield

DPS currently in vogue"Mei"Ya"Hanzo"such as
You can come out strongly against the hero。

Compared to WinstonHigh viability
It features can be circumstances controlled by the pile driver。

Partner tank is often Dva-held various roles, such as area up。

Of now1 character of the candidate trash the RankumaI think。
Dive is also available in the Winston ※。


I was blessed with area up and pork performance
Now issued as an alternative to the sigma。

Hamo Dva and Reinhardt Dva, etc.
This is often appointed。

Versatile throughoutBy sigma was hit by Nafu
Dva of adoption rate has been increasing。


By repeated weakening Orisa is less likely to be hired
Than Orishigu in the configuration in which hit packed to the other party

It is often the scene of defeat pull your opponent in Hult Dva Lucio。

Depending on the configuration of the current ally
Hult DvaOr to the in-Fight configuration
Hammond(Winston)DvaWhether to dive the configuration of the
It is often that are fighting two of the above-mentioned situation and map depending on。


Wrecking ball and Dva it is that strong
Inevitably Sonbura pick rate has risen。

The opponent in ranked matchWrecking ballWhen the came out
It can only be in the configuration wins issues a Sonbura。

I'm not hurt to leave it as it is available towards the DPS。

Widow Maker

In an environment where meta comes out a variety of hero in uncertain
Widow maker of adoption rate will be higher。
This would be inevitable because the flow of from the beginning OW。

The ray is now easier through by 2 shield is no longer de、
Also affect the adoption rate rise this thing。


Hult DvaStrengthening personnel in Fight configurationis。

Hult Dva Meiripa, etc.When the plunge in
Configuration and vice-called miniGoats。

Side up Ya at all to use a speed boost
To become easier to win in the pushing and pulling of an opponent
Pick rate has been raised。

If you use partner support is such as Moira and Baptiste
That it is supported with a high-heel force will be stable。


2Has been reinstated for a while will not have the shield。
Support is organizing a recommended for people who have confidence in the overwhelming individual skills。

In player skillTrample opponentsTooth
Because there is also a heel surface minimum more
If you support the carry would be this combination。

However, if more of the other party is not sasara well
Please be careful because it does not sasara Tokoton。

Meta expected

In my forecast
Dive such as Wrecking ball Dva in dive MAP

Basic elected
Reinhard / Dva / Reaper and Mei、Widow, etc. / Lucio / Batty or Moira
This configuration is not expected to be in the meta。

However、In ranked matches environment
Dattari situation is not limited and there are always available players Sonbura
The situation is even more of than dive rather than the DPS ally in-Fight。
Let's be aware that you do not caught more than necessary in the meta。

Also、2Because from the beginning of the month OWL begins
It is likely to be where the answer adjustment is。


The crank's meta videos that are often to introduce
We will watch ask those who are worried because I thought quite Matowoiteiru。

For the season 21 to hero BAN(Pick Pool)

The contents of this morning of de Paix Europe over updates。

Hero BAN A(Pick Pool)

As of the season 21 implementation plans later。
Every weekTwo bodies from DPS,1 body from the tank,1 body from the support
It will be disabled until the next week。

Unavailable hero
For change every weekChange weekly metaWould not be an exaggeration to say that。

Reaction of Twitter

I This is OW history historic revolution。
Although we can not expect because the scale is huge
Fun is because you want to see a variety of hero。

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