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Weakness and measures of dive configuration

Weakness and measures of dive configuration

Although we often see Reinhardt Dva、

Winston Dva and Wrecking ball Dva, etc.
Dive tank configuration are also many now。

Even if this time came out the dive tank
It is an introduction of the tips that do not bother。

Which configuration is also yes、If Kowase the tank is a foundation
You can defeat inevitably all。

We would like to append if there is a demand for measures of tracer and Genji ...

Winston ed.


Strong place

· Ally and easy to match
Thanks to the barrierHigh durability of the front
- usability of the ULT is good(kill,Durability move, etc.)

Weak place

Easy to death and there is no cover of ally
Checkmate easy in Reaper,
Character control and high assumptions of knowledge

Hit before being fly measures tips .1

WinstonThe weakest part is before you flyis。
Ikazu also to not use a shield to put on after flew

It is painful involved in here for the other party of the DPS does not have even the area that it is before you fly。

In its order-to-Winston
It is important to not Tobase in Winston damage before you fly。


The trick is to increase the front that hit before the flyis。

Without lowering the front line more than necessary
To securely lock the road passing through WinstonIt is important。

(Case)When your opponent comes with the attack Winston in Anubis The first is
It will have no problem as long as you lock the three places。

Receive measures tricks .2

Tank killing hero
Reaper,Road Hog,If there are Brigitte, etc.
Winston side will often only at a disadvantage scene fly

In MAP Therefore come out WinstonConstitutionAt the time of
Stable you and put out the number field a hero to win in Winston。

Note the DPS of the attention point .1 opponent

For Winston dive of the axis
Partner DPSBy the fetching the side or back
From WinstonIt will move to make turned away the attention

Because addicted to the strategy Winston would come flying in intact
So as to alert the partner of DPS to the extent that repel
Favorite ofIntact jump of Winston is not passedLet's way。

Flew remains are damaged
Winston will be able to hunt easily。

Note point .2 not isolated

If you isolated、
It is dangerous because the more easily targeted by the other party of the dive tank and DPS。
The positional relationship between the alliesTo understand the、Where you get to come to cover、Or
Let's take a position on where the other party does not come so easily(Mainly support)

Wrecking ball Hen

Wrecking ball

Strong place

- harassment performance is high、Collected the focus
• The cover does not require as WinstonIt can act alone
High burst strength
Given a lot of damage to the population

Weak place

Become fine in Sonbura
- it is difficult to keep the front as long as you are not in front
- for better or worse I do not know how to use for one person action and ally is hard to move

Put measures tips .1 anti-pick。

Wrecking ballRather weak to Sonburais。
The number of anti-pick is a small but sensitive to up to ruthless against Sonbura
It is a good idea to get out the Sonbura。

However, if the DPS is not me out a Sonbura is
Tank is also to compete in the dive configuration
SupportCCUsing the support have
Not as much as Sonbura if the like, but you will be able to fight。

Launch on time does not come against measures tricks .2

Time, but is pretty strong that Wrecking ball is in the front line
None influential if there are no chancesIt is desirable aim in the gap for、

Or before Wrecking ball is coming hit
By Wrecking ball has been hit
Entangled in the opposition's main force at the time it went by subtractingShould ideally。

From the middle of Sonbura has been Wrecking ball hits if put
It will be able to launch received by。

Not too chase attention point .1 relentlessly

That aimWhenThat chaseLet's will be able to clearly delineate the
Although it is important to aim at a single point centralized、Much ran away and Wrecking ball

When it would chase more than obsessively、
Because the other tank and DPS of the other party becomes free

If I aim、Imperceptibly was dead ally
It is prone to conditions such as。

Do not forget the situation judgment before aiming。

Note point .2 firmly consciousness

Hammond is the tank first place to devastating not to measures。

However、The measures and awarenessBy
Degree of difficulty of the pair Hammond will drop Guttto。



In Thailand diveBefore the flyTo
Damage to the main tank of the other partyIt has become quite important that。

Even after it has been fly If you are able to adjust the focus
But I think that somehow、
Such as ranked matchesThe focus is fit difficult environment
It is important to try such as the first place not Tobase。

The direction of support is borne in mind that you do not isolated at a position where the cover is not get
It will stabilize and take position at a position far from the other party of Winston。

Supplement is a crank's dive commentary。

Dive configuration has taught area expansion is important。

This article is a pair dives
I wrote that the Do not let area expansion。


Personally you, but dive configuration is like in the next Goats configuration。
But it will start OWL is after 1 and 2 weeks、
Rather than one of the meta configuration there
We hope that the various configuration is seen。

With respect to Dva

It was to introduce the only dive main tank。
For Dvacover,Area up is good at virtually DPSIt is something like。

It is along with other DPS as measures and movement。

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