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[Column] golden rule for partnering the configuration

[Column] golden rule for partnering the configuration

Cardinal rule for partnering the configuration

Has also come to the PTR quickly is pick pool
Current statusDva / Farah / Soldier / Lucio
It is expected that the above-mentioned 4 hero becomes unusable Hatsushu of the next season。

Also、1Since the interchange disabled hero every week
Strong configuration will change Me紛Ru properly。

So I think its because the more that suffer the configuration
It is better, which has been holding here only
We will introduce some for the cardinal rule of construction。

Tank ed.

Map compatibility

Shield in the first defense of the King Slow
The first dive, etc. of Nunbani

A small difference in heightIn the mapIt is a strong shieldIt is a
A large height differenceThat's mapIt is a strong diveIt has been with。

Whether the shield is strong or dive is strong in each location of each map
Because you are roughly divided、Understanding them
That trouble to pick will be less。

Configuration compatibility

For example, is an allyTracer GenjiAt the time of the
Reinhard,Winston Which do you pick?

I think that a lot of players choose to Winston because dive
It will temporarily pick either case was the first defense of the King Slow ...?

I think that quite troubled。

If is importantIf you choose Reinhardt
Is that do not have to change the fighting。

In this situation
Because they often become lost in the thermal difference hits in the dive DPS since the front
And the like around the back When the other party has packedTo somehow prolong the front
I'll DPS is make time to defeat the DPS and support of the other party。

You will be asked is fighting not think Reinhardt。

Although the map proper is advantageous better of Reinhardt is a shield
Fighting is but it is easier to put out the Winston ...

in this way
If your movement is difficult depending on the configuration of the ally
Emphasis on configuration compatibility than the map compatibilityThe better the
It is also easy to move in from themselves and their allies。

Since it is not that you do not fight in Reinhardt as described above
It is a kneading degree depends on the individual。

His own role check

It is to think during the game。

If you can I have situation and what tough
Scene to become a do not know the situation I think many。

It is a big mistake that ally is thought us somehow from that time tight physician。

Why he now tight InoWhat is it to do
It would be difficult to go on to be able to judge it。

Situation in which winning is not nothing just is simply only strong ally、
I hope considered whether such should do the best they now。

Either not taken disadvantageous tank facing

I'm tough to beat dive consists of Orishigu configuration?

And it would cause the tank losing will echoing the entire team。
Let's elect a pick so that it is not taken the minimum tank each other disadvantage。

That as the forerunner of the meta difficult taken disadvantageous in tank construction
It is characterized by、The currentHull DYaHaruoriEtc. there is no clear tank Anti
You can fight in all-round。

DPS ed.

Configuration compatibility

It is relatively easy to win and there can be together with ally。

Of In terms of famous far from Hanzo and ZariaULT comboYa
If you configured or referred to as a 2 sand to dive configured with partner

conceptClarity is
Ally it would be easy to move、As much as possible for the
There is desirable to be able to structure win the way of each other hit is visible。

Versatility check

With respect to their configuration
There is weakness, such as have the consistency will greatly affect the probability of winning。
(Such as not deal When you come Farah and Doom)

For many of the enemy at the stage of Crossed the initial configuration for the
You are best divided to such a configuration as can cope。
Doom Fist
Per would be required measures。

Whether win in the tank of the other party

It is quite important

Many scenes that aim the current environment tank
Put out the DPS to win in the tank of the other partyIt has become the important。

Also、It is painful considerable movement tank of opponent that could win in the tank of the other party
It is required to fighting、It will not be able to move to the aggressive。

However、If stronger than your opponent's tank(Winston vs Genji, etc.)
Opponent of the tank can take freely area
DPS relatively partner is easy to fall into a disadvantageous situation it becomes easy to move。

Or it does not have a one-sided disadvantage to the other party of the DPS

This is also pretty important。

Role of DPS is to defeat the DPSSince it is often the
Not to say that advantageous to, such as lose to, but on the other hand to the other party DPS
DPS pick is not desirable。

Support ed.

Configuration compatibility

It is that common to all roll。

Or give out the Ana If we had been is reduced to a friend。
To allyOr give out a Baptiste so that the harbor is not die If we had beenWait。

Strong thing about stretch、Weak place is to overcome、
You can approach the strong configuration in doing so。

Heal amount check

When is up to the other party, but ends up Rushizeni such as in the current environment
Heal amount is no longer very short is all so easy to slip into a difficult situation。

for that reasonConfiguration can heel that of minimum allyDesirably

Partner if the support chose heal amount less support
Yourself will increase stability better to chose the support amount heel often。

Whether alive is

When opponent of Doom Fist Son Bra
And thus out of the Zenyatta will be in Bokkoboko。

A minimum of self-defense ability to see the structure of the partyHas both
This is desirable Daseru hero。

Also、There is a self-defense capabilityThat is
We will not be able to hunt even carelessly support DPS of the other party
Only issueIt is possible to suppress the action of the other party。

for that reasonAnaburiIt is a mass of self-defense capability, such as
I support hero has seen a steadily now epidemic。

Configuration cardinal rule Summary of pick

Here is Briefly summarized that the above-mentioned。
It becomes highly stable configuration if not met。

Although supplementCharacterized by the configuration who is said to meta meets theseis。
Therefore even after inevitably picks pool implementation Given that:
Meta you should be able to understand on their own ...


Compatibility with map(Multi of the hill,Number of routes,Either wide or narrow)
- compatibility with ally(Whether DPS is easy to move)
Pick that I understood what to do
Tank or not taken a disadvantage in the face-to-face


Map compatibility(Multi of the hill,Number of routes,Either wide or narrow)
· Ally compatibility(If it is easy to move)
- whether the win to the tank of the other party
• Are not taken a disadvantage to the other party of the DPS
- through the configuration or has expired the disadvantage that a consistent


· Ally compatibility(There is a synergy such as Ultra)
Heal amount you are enough
- whether you can survive


To understand the anti-pick

It is the most important in order to play Overwatch。
It will be one of 示準 as a reference partnering the configuration。

If you memorize the hero that you are not good to each hero
Inevitably deepened knowledge、It will play is well。

Given the movement of the configuration

If the configuration is lost、Even if it was the movement of the template Street
Win not, it is there are many。

So that it is a movement that has been in construction
Yourself should be what now、What effect of giving the
To be able to play thinking、Leads big in progress。


I think the only hard or look for character
Has put together a be quite important in terms of doing the OW。

This time the contents are not rolling too net
Although I think whether unusual things

Because I think that it was difficult a little content、Alone simple summary of the last of those
It would be greatly appreciated when it is to help when partnering the configuration。

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