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The strongest configuration and whatnot of the top meta OWL

The strongest configuration and whatnot of the top meta OWL

Is the answer of the configuration OWL has kicked off
Is a meta configuration and whatnot of OWL。

The configuration of the OWL

Meta configuration


Is this configuration was very often。


It is the versatility of the mass、Loam,wall,Supibu,Inhibition,ULT combo
There are endless wins muscle。

Reinhard:Is out strongly on the front line can handle most situations。
Dva:Area up from the cover、Doing the dexterity to thermal。
Mei:Use the isolation and the wall and the pseudo-shield such attacks has been good at defense。
Macleay:It can cope with a lot of hero、Fighting is flexible。
Lucio:And faster deployment and push and pull to increase the team speed。
Ana:Konasemasu all from the initiated are adept skill surface to the support。

Cooperation surfaceIndividual surface
Even such as it may correspond to come any hero as long as they look like
This is metaIs a configuration such as。

The holes in the frameBaptisteThere was also a scene to。

For comparisonDALLASYaPARISOrisa the frame of Dva is、
There was a scene that has a hole strip to Baptiste and Moira。

My feelings

Ultra SnowballWhen the high individual skills
Team cooperation is required

Lucio speed ofBecause there are many important scenes
Not if is the case is a multi-likely does not hold using the VC in Nora。

And actually compare the competition scene and Rankuma environment
- the competition sceneLucio& Ana / Moira / Baptiste
- Rankuma environmentAna&Yellowtail

It is often such a situation。

Mei is to demonstrate the true value in that there are LucioFor
It is DPS frame is often free system in Anaburi often Rankuma。


Updates and pick pool

PTR is、Not yet come to LIVE。

Hammond:At the time of pile driver hit
Aerial rigid time1secondFrom0.5secondNafu to

Brigitte:The maximum amount of time to give the armor to ally
75From50Decrease in、It is Nafu。

Shinmetora:Bullet of the power of the main attack
At the maximum charge120From140Increase in、Buff is。

Widow Maker:The time to full charge
0.83secondFrom1secondIncrease in、It is Nafu。

More updates、With respect to the pick pool
Please be viewing means because SABAGOD's is me explain。

The results of the official tournament Open Division

Now such a result。

16 teams of the above-mentioned play-off advance
If one win in the next Saturday and Sunday will be the Contenders trial berth acquisition。

Japan team is here.
D81 Fortuna #9
V3 DiabloDeathTouch #13

And instant team led by SABAGOD players
Professional team of Japan are three sets、A total of four teams will compete in the play-off。

This OpenDivision has been involved a number of South Korean team
It had become more fierce battle until now。
16Also seen many place team out of range was the best16 regulars until now。

OWNavi Recommended Video

History PART.1 release start knitting of over-watch

It flooded with nostalgia、OW has been released
It had attracted considerable popularity in Japan。

Interesting because PART.2 I look forward to。

[Overwatch] counter pick that can be understood in two and a half minutes

Every time I want to show the familiar beginner commentary videos personal # 1
It is the explanation video of the crank's。

Speaking of counter pick、To the configuration is said to Meta
It is characterized by no clear counter pick。
It is often made to each other mirror showdown for the。

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