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The reason for rate does not rise、NG action Summary

The reason for rate does not rise、NG action Summary

The reason for rate does not rise、NG action Summary

This timeSummary of NG actionWhen
Thereby it is about the adverse effects and measures to occur。

I think that there are many、In coaching secondary
Has put together what was apparent especially many。

When the true person who can aware of these things
It may rate goes up ...

Tank ed.

Do not look behind

It is very many people to be Ataro before without looking behind、
Die only tank not keep up with teammateThere are many scenes that。

Tank is a role that will pull the ally
It does not mean that I move in selfishness。


Or turned around a moment before they hit
Use the free lookSure ally it has come withlet's do it。

Also in a state in which the other party has been hit in the back
Because not good for advanced by yourself
The sound is often hearSo、Or ally has not been targeted by enemies, etc.
It is very important to make sure。

Too far before

If inadvertently pressing the previousOr it is surrounded by the other party
Extra damage taken、Depending on the configuration of ally
It becomes a difficult enters damage to reverse by pressing the front。

Although the work of the tank is to press the previous
Gone Press without reason easy to Cry the counter from the other party。


Ideally, you can press when there is why specific reason press before。
"Tends to ally the movement by pressing up here."
"I do not want to be taken of this area to the other party", etc.

The teammatePress before if in Fight configuration
Find the opportunity without pressing the front as much as possible if the pork side of the long and middle rangeWait

Whether you should push the front depending on the configuration and circumstances、Or such of should wait
Situation decision can be the master、Grand Master I think pretty close。

Not be a health management

It will damage trade talk、

Dattari instant death and shake the hammer
Immediately Mech cracking when you Serve damage in Dva

There are no less favorable to become this way
The burden of healer ally the tank is hit becomes heavy
It falls into a pattern to become a team disastrous。

A minimum of hitso、It is important move that will promote the things。


While this is also true in any roll
Because the timing to attack the timing and the opponent to shake the hammer
When you win to damage tradeis。

During his swings the hammer
It is gone in response to the thermal power of about three shots worth hammer from the other party
The original does not have any way、Opponent of the number of peopleYaNumber of people have been eyeing their ownLook at the
Let's beat at the timing to win to damage trade。

By the way、I think Zaria of the barrier is hit always opponent and get to your、
It says why and Zaria of the barrier is will protect yourself
There is no hit、Because absolutely win to damage trade。

Not to pick change

Also it continues to issue a not stuck pick
Prospects would be significantly less to win


Tank is a minimumEven in the tank of the other party、advantageousThe
Because take is desirable

If you have been bashed in the tank of the opponent
Ideally to be changed to compare favorably pick the opponent tank。

Miscellaneous how to use skills

For example, Hult of Fire strike Ya
Barrier, etc. of Zaria
Any skill of the tank is important skills directly related to their own ULT and thermal power。

Not properly usedThe timing of stickLet's use in


Skill check if indeed opponent accustomed to near the top will be severely
It is easy to turn off the skills
Is will be brought down in the blink of an eye focus from the other party。

Zaria is Ya moment came attack from opponent
Reinhard If the moment, such as the opponent of Dva is using matrix
Ideally, available in always stick timing。

Also、The person who is said to be sub-plaque going up pompon rate
We understand the use office skills、Since the opponent is me using the easy skills
Because that defeat aiming at the place where the other party has got off to a rough skills。
Rate will continue to rise breeze。

Damage ed.

Have not only Tateura

DPS is the difference with the other roles
High thermalWhenflexibilityWe are blessed with
1It is possible to work with people。

Than not only to Tateura issideYaHigh groundBetter to take the is
Well as damage、It will also be less anxious about to be taken to the other party。

Clearly explained

Rialto attack、You even if in Hanzo(red)

If you do not have only to Tateura

It does not pass through damage in the opponent-shield
It is isolated and go before for Il Mei
Upper and there is a risk to be taken to the other party for free

If you Rohm

· Shield Uteru irrespective
Barrel there is no worry to hit up
- for the free shot、Can Wanpikku depending on competence

ROHM is isGOD。
Click here for details
[Column] strongest of techniques for "ROHM"。

Not see the DPS of the other party

Is the role of the DPS defeat the DPS。

It is important to see the DPS of the other party, if not to defeat
Easier lost the game is too long and do it like all-you-can。


Let's always aware of the position of the other party 2DPS。

OpponentLook awayIs and the other party when you areThe tank
When it is hit
There is a chance to defeat the opponent DPS。

By the way, the sub plaque DPS as a strong reason
While some of AIM force is good

However the heating power to the tank so that it is not targeted to the other party DPS
We often used the strategy that the opponent of the DPS take hunting at the moment aimed at the tank。

Who do was aimed before who is to be done that would better to lose face in the sub-plaque DPS
Overwhelming defeat will be less and can be aware of where to was seeing。

Do not change pick

Defeat DPS、It is the work of DPS to see。(2Time)

Losing face-to-face to the other party DPS or, occasionally, without changing the pick
Put to the war situation has continued to put out all the way to pick can not work
Defeat is inevitable。


In order to close the gap a little, even if are you face-to-face defeat
Let's put out an anti-pick、Say how much the other party is facing wins
If you wait too long and issued an anti-pick not help but move carefully。

Also by to pick the stick instead of a pick
Since more of the pressure is further enhanced with respect to the other party of the tank and DPS
Pick change is likely advantageous to advance the game。

In a position that can not cover

To tank is re-group behind
Dying digs in DPS1 people

Dying hit earlier than the opening tank
Let's stop are you in a position that can not cover。

As long as there is no compelling AIM force and fighting
Do not only to fetter for the team。


Check the position of the allies healer and tank before strikingThen
You can understand whether or not the position of the their position is this cover。

Support ed.

You are in place that are aimed at the enemy

Position Ya that fly in one jump of the other party of Winston
Within takes jump of tracer Genji
Or issue a face for there are Hanzo Widow

It is pretty dangerous to have in place that are aimed at the enemy。
Also、Support will be easier to lose much and falls earlier。


After the game started, the opponent takes a certain distance
Check the opponent of the hero in KOs screen
Understand the behavior distance of the opponent hero
do it

Ideally, in a position that is not targeted from the other party。
It is most of the measures is to see the configuration of the other party。

Too far before

Is to go before except when there is no reason to go before
It is like saying please to defeat himself。

Since the analyst, etc. can heel from a distance without going before
Or situations of that must be squid really before
Fighting of the decision can and support will improve。

Interaction is less pick

Or issued a Lucio ally at the time of the harbor
Dattari Moira and harbor

Heel amount and resources
Fewer pick each other is not less favorable。


Healers compared to other roll
It is less that extremely deviated from Metapikku。

That's now
If used properly this 4 hero well
I think that it is no trouble to pick。

ULT timing

Or vomit ULT to situations that are win
Or vomit ULT to absolute lose situation
It is often those who are using in waste timing。

Support for ULT there are many things powerful
Let's firm understanding of the timing。


ULT is
- each other is even situation
- win I use situation
I have a negative, a situation which Makikaeseru in that I use
There is desirable to use in the above three cases。

I hope it can be determined whether the win in that he uses the ULT。

have a narrow perspective

I think that it is the most problematic、
Heel once is prone team is devastated and clumsy、

For Ana and Brigitte are often used that it is now
It will be important rapid heel turning。


Also important to check the position of the allies by moving the point of viewbut
At the same much the same"sound"It is also important to listen to。

Ally in the absence gunshot it does not hit。
Also、Because when the hit voice comes out, I think it can be determined with it。

That can be a field of view wide as support
In order to increase significantly
It is easy to progress to the goal of expanding the field of view。



I think that a lot, but now quite a long article was possible to write down。
Until the master becomes somehow the basis
Foundation + individual skills you have that becomes necessary from the master。

If you are not a NG action wrote this time
Pretty it should be close to the master。

Also、If you want to easily raise the rate
I think the partnering or PT increase the AIM force is the earliest。

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