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[Column] The defect structure to strongly

[Column] The defect structure to strongly

This column is about the defect structure

Ideally discovered a defect ally configuration to the opening instant
Solidify the reinforcement or concept
It is ideal that can pick to fill the defect and the pick。

Aim configuration master

The defect structure

Many weakness、The concept is ambiguous configuration

Frequent word

Synergy = good compatibility

(Model sentence)
"Hamburger and cola synergy is good."

The defect structure

Nora and is prone strange configuration

Example 1


Ridiculous is the configuration。
It is a configuration that does not understand the sense to see if anyone is。
As a defect of this configuration
I do not know, vertically divided as to whether Flanker of the
Little synergy between the Hero
Support is difficult to contribute other than the heel
Cover force is extremely low for front and easy to collapse

The holes are endless。

Also looks like synergy comes out if changing the support but in this configuration
Will to fight as。

Moira →Ana
Mercy →Lucio

In addition to this
Road HogWhenReaperBy the bottle by the shield split
Or it can be given the pressure

Also complete a clear win muscle that Nanobu Ryûken。

Stuffed after the silo by the speed boost Ya in Lucio
Care, etc. of cover less main tank

manyYou can produce a synergy。
Meta support looks great。

Example 2


this isBreak up the pros and consI think。
The tank as a configurationMeta configurationHull D of
DPS Dive configuration
Support Mercy and Ana

But I think that it is configured with a synergy
The personally Reinhardt of the frameWinstoneven if
I think that it would be good。

Even take the advantage to kill in front as the reason
Virtually five people for Lucio is Hult no one is not packed

For Winston, must not haveEasy stuffed DPS is aimed at the other party

ConverselyIf it is packed from the other partyFor Lucio is not even in
Become Kebori put only ReinhardtIf the case occurs frequently
It is possible to make predictions、

Fill the weak place extend the strong placeGiven that

Mass better to put out the Winston is the concept of dive
Because the stronger constitutively。


It may appear in this way first glance defect structure
You can show dramatically strongly by simply changing a little part。

for that reasonImportant thing is see through the defects of their configurationabout it、

Or • The synergy of ally with each other there?
• Is configuration wins muscle of the clear?
• Is Farah has also come okay?

Think if there is no Kiri is similar to thisThat crushed the defectBut
Closer to the stable configurationI think that it would be。

Should we use the meta structure that can respond to all if seek stability only, but
Since meta configuration required a flexible motion

If there is no power to see through their own configuration
You can not win the way, such as I thought even with the meta configuration。

Strong configuration is not a meta

protect Genji configuration


Is as of name、Now that takes a long time to accumulate the counter ULT
We will defeat Bassabasa the enemy reservoir the ULT of Genji in the fastest。
The win muscle
Earth Shatter
- Ryûken(Nano)
- inhibition bottle
Hack speed boost

There are quite a lot of wins muscle
It does not give room for counter to the other party for can also be used alone。

You can also violent individuals、
It is also possible to care the Genji in full forceFor
The other party will not be missing from the snow ball if once Hamare。

DPS is sought is a movement with an emphasis on fighting rather than firepower
Tank will be required is fighting to match the movement of ally Put the front。

Measures、For defects as a constituent is considerably less
Individual skills and cooperation surface than your opponentWhen not good
I think that it is quite the unreasonable structure, such as not win。

Macleay and sleep darts, etc. that hit the OWL par
It can be addressed in the meta configurationbut、Accordingly the technology will be required to deal。

Is the configuration required considerable cooperation force / individual skills as a weakness、
It is stabilized better solidified with PT than carried out in the instant of Nora。

Harm dive configuration


Been done without the measures is the tank combination # 1 frustrating。

Although tank itself will stop if put out the Sonbura
DPS does not go so you were the player's fighting system。

DPS is a diversionary diveTank is a diversionary dive
It is possible to dive in a variety of ways
Sonbura only there are many also unstoppable case。

Than Wynn D dive as strengthsIt can give an uncomfortable feeling to the other party
Knock back + shield a jump of Winston
Floated in HammondScreen becomes a mess
I understand what has been what will no longer keep up。

There is the worst When you come Nante Doom Fist、
It will be killed without being able to do anything。

You can also measure in the meta configuration as a countermeasure。
Also, we put out the Sonbura
Partner would be possible countermeasures if the dive configured to move apart。



Configuration is deep、Too deep。
"Meta strongest! I do win other than the meta!"
Why the or meta is strong rather than、Weak or where there is what the
Not been able to understand if you do not come out are the strengths。

Also as Overwatch feature"Constitution"Is important FPS
Foundation and AIM is also important, but the configuration level of understanding has also become quite important

And deepen the configuration level of understanding
· Opponent weak at and win muscle of the configuration of the
Weak place and win muscle of their configuration

So you can see through this two in a moment
It's not progress mistake to become to be thinking about the configuration。

Finally, it's a thing of considerable importance
Clear weaknesses and consolidate the concept I get always! !
Or come out the reaper and Brigitte When you dive configuration ...

There is no one strong enough structure in which the concept is firm
If is advantageous pick more of or become hard to move opponent
Let's put a habit that you can always change pick。

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