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Recent information:3DPS implementation?Accident at the official tournament?OW2 so far Summary

Recent information:3DPS implementation?Accident at the official tournament?OW2 so far Summary

Conclusion It is because it was often recently anxious。

3DPS implementation?


Developer Interview is published
1-3-2The announced today that it will be implemented in the PTR from February 26 trial basis。

Why to 1-3-2

The reason is simple、Because DPS is large with a small tank。
For more informationClick herePlease refer to the。
English you, but I am writing a reason、If you use the automatic translation
You can read some extent。

Will this be summarized。

The development teamConsider the population and match the waiting time for each current roll
Reduce the less people frame、We are trying to increase the people often frame

There are many people for theDPS frameIt led to the idea, such as increasing the number of
1-3-2The seems to experiment。

Issues of concern

Of the development teamOpinion has been bipolar reduction
- very interesting、ThanBecome action-based game
It becomes considerably high pressure of the tank

And it has been divided into two、Therefore this timeIn order to listen to the opinion of the player
It seems to be implemented in the PTR。
The fact that the director himself to implement the PTR is
It is likely to be implemented also in LIVEAlso talk about the fact that。

What happens the sub-tank is?

Zaria / Dva / Road Hog, etc.
Hero is said that the sub-tank're
1It is adjusted to new abilities such as the main tank for as fight in the tank
With respect to the road hogWith the current recovery ability
Curing the ally of the surrounding sprinkled the gas + to recoversuch as
It is scheduled to be changed to the ability。(1-3-2only)

New challenge of ash?

I want had announced incorrectly official。

time limitToday 2/25From3/9To have been planned。


Top Gras(Mardi Gras)The?
In a nutshellcarnivalis、
Scale is one of the much larger main carnival of the world。

Local image looks like this。

paradeI think that pretty easy-to-understand and say。

Since the OW is us to implement the big event of the world as a game in the event
It will be a good opportunity come to light in various ways ...

Accident at the official tournament?

There was the other dayUnusual events in the official tournamentThere seems to have attracted people's attention。

What happened

The official tournament that OpenDivision-Pacific- that took place the other day
Image here shows the player of the distribution of the remaining nationality to the topis。

South Korean nationalsYou seen the player a large number。
The reason why has attracted this attention、
OpenDivision have been conducted by region until the previous time
South Korea but was done at the regional OpenDivision-korea- of Korea only
From this timeThere is no area system
Now also it can be played anywhere in the region OpenDivision。

as a resultKorean regional team of strong as it is no exaggeration to say that the No. 1 in the world
Phenomenon that competed in the Pacific go smooth Tsu the take the top has occurred。

Who but it is not a story of poor
Why did you remove the local system、Wondering player is the least that seems。

SupplementNationality distribution of up to the previous

Here you will、
It is this unusual is easy to understand and you'll compare with the above image。

OW2 information Summary

reddit is information。
It was only briefly translated important place。
SourceClick here

With respect to hero

· OW2 sale with theSojourn and four new heroes will be added。
• 1 from does not have a hero to be removed led to 2
· 2 all of hero and the default skin in accordance with the sale of will for 2。

With respect to the map

• In the current stage OW25Plans to add One of the MAPis。
/Toronto / Rio de Janeiro /
/Gothenburg / Monte Carlo / Utopia

With respect to the takeover

Skins and level will be taking over from 1。

With respect to sale

In the beginning of late or November of this year's Blizzcon 10 May because it is currently in development
It was announced specific timetable2021It will be released in yearis。

Postscript 3/4

A result that saw the comments section of Reddit
For more information regarding release date was undecided。
Sorry I will birth to rough unexpected misunderstanding

"It will be the talk of the OW2 even this year of bliizcon"
Release Date of OW2 has been rumored to be next year from jeff interview that。

personallyRatedRiot's LoL has worked that
Since the new FPS will be released in the summer of this year
Is the impression that is not amusing even if prematurely release date。


(Off event)Facilities exchanges tournament

4It is fairly large offline event of the facility against。


1-3-2I think that it is a very good attempt、
Furthermore, implementation of the hero pool next season。

OW is rebornWould not be an exaggeration to say that。
I am so looking forward to the future is。

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