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[Column] all role correspondence:To raise the rate in support

[Column] all role correspondence:To raise the rate in support

"Support 100% luck" is not a。

How to increase the rate in support

1.Increase the influence

It is the most important in order to increase the rate。
People that rate does not increase does not put out the influence。

for that purpose"damage"Ya"ability"However a firm influence in
It will be the flow of the game need to character selection and movement, such as build on its own。

Mastering the high-impact support

Mercy and Ana、Or influential high support will find either?

It is Ana definitely、The reason
A few seconds incapacitated an opponentSleep darts to
• The heel amount of ally 1.5 times /Disable your opponent's heelBottle
· Ally and attack power / defense force to 1.5 times ULT

Would support that it can be said that the mass of influence
For the same reasonBrigitte, etc. is also a high influence。

Given the stability and operation difficulty in CS machine
I think more of Mercy is a strong。


A high-impact supportIt does not make sense just use
You must issue the influence

Therefore to practice the hero
If Ana"Every time sleep darts、Put the bottle. "
If BrigitteDetermine the "Bash、Play the enemy in the Whip "

It says to all of the support、"Do not die absolute if Mercy turn heel"Wait

It is important to practice every day in order to put out the limits that can yourself。

Not even put a bottle、Not decided even sleep、
Does not it 's luck not win that kind Ana、It is the ability。

Of course, the day-to-day Aim practice with respect to practice
By a lot of play"I rely on feeling"It is important to wear。

2.Opponent of the line-of-sight,View focus

here、Or when the timing to issue a specific influence?
You dig a little story that。

Timing to issue the heading as influential
"When your opponent other than their gaze and focus is directed."is

Scene where the other party is looking at things yourself
No street is basically the ability and damage。

Therefore, whether the opponent has shot anyone、To be able to grasp
Fighting as a support will significantly expand。

Examples of the line-of-sight

Hanamura is the second attack。

Although this is an example
Or put the bottles and sleep from the side while the opponent is facing the front
Or out of the firepower at Zenyatta to take a side etc.

It is ROHM is often necessary scene to carry in support。

3.Learn how to put out of firepower

This is mainly Brigitte and Moira、You can say Zenyatta, etc.

"Damage trade."Do you know the thing called?
You can understand just how out of firepower anyone know this

If you say a word:
Not to attack if there is greater damage to receive than the damage
Only this。

Things like lose to Uchia' only apply it to all situations
It is my AIM as soon as it will be less。

Examples win to damage trade 1

Although more of Genji is fired is high
Given the automatic recovery + Bash + AIM difficulty of Brigitte
In many cases Brigitte will be able to win the Genji。

Characters that do not win basically 1v1 is said to be anti-pick
Brigitte is anti-pick of Genji。

Examples win to damage trade 2

Although towards the Macleay is fired is high
Story if Macleay have not seen here is another。

Shed Hatsutama
It also fled to → good to fully defeat

Remove the first bullet
→ draw Once you are facing here

Damage trade of the enemy have not seen here is
"Shoot obtained"Do not only to。

The fight is not the challenge head-on、Have a pre-win odds
It is quite important in any game fight。

Examples win to damage trade 3

Although more of Macleay when viewed by itself is fired is high

This is two people、Win a comprehensive health + firepower。
2v1In1v1Win does not look like even beat the opponent in。

4.Do not confuse the time of use of the ULT

Situation in which the other party has a nano-Dragon swordso
ULT of the recovery system because here ally is dying
What happens if you use the beat of luster and Lucio QianCan you imagine?

By that I use the ULT
I use if there is confidence that Makikaeserubut
Easy to use the counter ULT just because ally's dying
If you've lost not Makikaese

It will run out of the counter for the next nano-Dragon sword
2We would end up losing to each other per dose continuous。

(Cut-out rough for Please note ...)

2Say times lose continuity and payload if one site breakthrough level
Will be advanced from 0% if control to around 60%。

for that purpose
Need to spot a hit that does not win winThere is a、
There is a need to understand the "ULT status of friend," "partner ULT situation of"。

Characteristic of people who can not escape the low rateAs

Use the forced ULT at each other per not win
It would lose because there is no ULT at each other hit following the win
such as

It is very often those who are a waste of losing the way。

Lose a mutually per deliberately order to use the ULT · to opponent
The Urutoeko thought-win not with the

These two are is a respectable senior Once you。

5.That will not die、The reflection dies。

Support you think you have the basic behind?
I do not usually die、It is self-responsibility dies。
Position miss
- before to go too far
Damage Trade poor
Abilities wasted by too

There are about rot factors such as die
Never every time"Color that ally is not this cover."Ya"Over the partner heel does not come."
There is no reason to die for reasons such as、There is always a bad part in their own。

for that reasonTo easily reflect diesthing
And、The following is decide whether or not I should move to。

It can become well be repeated this reflection forever。

I think some people think that granted、
I had let the play and think in coaching
8,9If the split is、Reason and the next dead dies did not decide whether to。


Live mackerel Apude information

Mei wall relationship

Mei"Ice Wall"If life is less than half
It looks so that it can be seen that the damaged now change

Stan relationship

Update all of Stan
It has brought consistency to each of the interaction。
The duration of this by the new Stan
Only if longer than the rest of the existing stun time
It will replace the existing Stan。
For example,、The opponent has just received the "Earth Shatter" is
Stan of "flash bang" has no effect。

Note:In the case of Ana of "sleep darts" is、
The minimum fixed stun time
(Fall time + get up time = a total of 1.5 seconds) has been the basis of the

Pick pool from next week

Rival Play Introduces the hero pool from the season 21。
In the same way as the map pool、Not always all of the hero can be used、
It becomes a form of hero that can be used is replaced every week。
Although the available heroes will include most of the Hero roster、
Several people every time will be excluded。This system、
Team Structure of the season also becomes fluid、
To rival play more now
We believe that be an exciting thing。

It should be noted、For hero pool、
Season 21 does not mean continuation of the later are determined。
As well as the structure of the hero pool will continue to adjust throughout the season、
In some cases to adjust the update frequency of the hero pool。


Support is called well with the ally luck

Ally luck does not mean that all、
Why support player sub-account
Do you go from a low rate to Grand Master

Although ally luck will certainly exist、
Would not that all of the game ally luck。

Story will change, but then you listen well that such "widen the field of view"
There are also be used themselves in the article、The spread how specifically the field of view
I felt as unspecified。

In this article if to allow up to 1 to 5
Since I wrote as inevitably the field of view is spreading
Please try by all means practice If you want to expand the field of view。

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