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HOMEOverwatch column[Column] hero BAN. Is to win in the next Rankuma. Apude, etc.

[Column] hero BAN. Is to win in the next Rankuma. Apude, etc.

[Column] hero BAN. Is to win in the next Rankuma. Apude, etc.

This week's hero BAN is
Orisa / Hanzo / Mei / Baptiste is。
I was surprised too much on the diagonal of the expected。

※ BAN hero will change every 1 week。
※ 2 weeks in a row the same hero does not have be able to be BAN。
For official interviewD3's official translation articlesPlease refer to。

Impressions of BAN is the hero

Although supplement
Hero was not good that the BAN has been a hero becomes relatively strong。

Summarized in bullet the influence of the BAN is the hero、I thought the influence。


· Haruori / Orishigu /OrihoguCan no longer。


Quite mystery to BAN the Orisa nowI felt in。

By can not Orihogu
Although subtle Road Hog toner off、Road hog Orisa regardless
Orisa BAN is the current environment to come out、It would be none influence。


- 2 Sand configuration was no longer possible
Widow maker, etc.
Chara put out the pressure of instant death to the long-distance partner is gone?


Hanzo is pretty small impact force is now BAN。
Troubled people of Hanzo mainI think
It is now of environment BAN、For Hanzo is not required
I do not think that to worry until there。

Since it is in the pick rate higher than on the time being Overbuff、
The BAN is the case makes sense ...


Speed ​​sense of shield configuration for wall isolation is no longer of Mei was increased
Tank has been released from the main stress
· Shield face-to-face will be many starting from the silo


It is a tank main delight、

Although Supibu wall of Harumeirushio is no longer possible
Since I personally have survived protect Genji configuration

Now that Mei is goneDive is strong in theI think not。

(Case)The place of protect Genji configuration HaruzariAround even win D。


Polk configuration was no longer possible
And durability configuration to fight a long period of time is no longer possible


The trouble is BAN the Baptiste now environment
Will only towards the support that is in the main a Baptiste。

Reaction of Twitter

It is a metaInfluence of that Mei has been BAN is largeI think
Orisa / Baptiste of BAN is quite a mysteryis not it…

Will Hatsushu is determined by the random?
That BAN, such as pick is determined on the basis of the feedback in the future
I think I was talking about in the last developer update。

In the future win ranked matches?

Understanding become stronger hero

For example,Soldier / MacleayBut do you think what is stronger when you are BAN?
Farah is inevitably stronglyBecome。

ReinhardBut what happens when you are BAN?
I think that dive configuration becomes more。

This week it never like a particular hero becomes clearly stronger
Weekly BAN because the hero is changed、Greater influence comes out the week will come out always。

In particularMacleayYaReinhardAna
Week versatility is high heroes are BAN, such as the
For greater influence comes out、I want to consider the effect of leaving in that it has been BANThis is where。

Increasing the pick pool

As survive even if either shield configuration dive configuration
It is unlikely that trouble and keep increasing the use hero。

If the tank
- Zaria
· Dva

- Macleay
Tracer or Genji
※ Widow Maker

If support
- Moira
- Brigitte

Hero listed above is highly versatile、AntiAlso issued a
Hero that can cope if the pick changeI chose。

In this way each otherComplement each otherOnce able to use a hero that can be
It would not bother so much in ranked matches。


Hero never hurts to use、
So as to use all ways one、I think I can distinguish it is that it is ideal。

Who Torubyon dedicated can be Torubyon BAN
1Because only you want to do a weekly OW
BAN pick will be so much change so as not feeling up to now。

Every time, even in the actual higher rate bandMeta configurationIt does not mean become
For all players is not that use the same hero、BAN pick
Every week can not be strongly made hero configuration of a certain degree recognitionIn I think there is no problem。

Crossed PT

It is really important to put together a PT If you want to win in a ranked match。

Adjust the focus aloud
Adjust the ULT

Only can these cooperationIt makes it easier to win by leaps and bounds compared to the solo。

By partnering the same friends and every time PT
Since the idea of ​​each other will be able to understand
Cooperation force as do do it will go up。

Apude, etc.

Apude:Experimental mode 1-3-2 only


Bob is no longer sleeping in sleep


· Exo the charge time of the boots1Sec → 0.7 secondsTo
Cool time of Regenerist burst15Sec → 13 secTo


Boost of cool time3Sec → 4 secondsTo


Cool time of the ice wall is10Sec → 13 secTo


· The power of the main attack10→11To


Cost of Würth is10%Reduction
And speed in Ultra is30%increase

Soldier 76

Rocket of cool time8Sec → 6 secondsTo


Main of the diffusion rate10%cut back


Apude of Soldier and Sigma I thought that what applies to LIVE。

While I was wondering what I also PTR → LIVE
I guess I'm coming through the 1-3-2 in the future ...?

Season 21 map Pool

This map pool that has become annual。
Interest is、RunakoroThere has been resurrected。


Dorado / Jean car Town / watch point Gibraltar


Busan / Ray Kou tower / Oasis


Blizzard World / Hollywood / King Slow


Hanamura / Runakoro / Vaulx-en-Odessa Industry


It has been resurrected Jean car Town and Runakoro ...

By the way, before season(season20)Here

Useful Video

[Over] watch [fighting explanation of each character] Reinhard courses active professional teaching


V3 DiabloDeathTouch belongs Osato players
You have me to discuss Reinhardt。

Hidden tricks, etc.
If Reinhardt TsukaiOnly the information you want to know absolutelyis。


Has put together a pick rate of BAN is the hero this week by Overbuff
Pick rate is pick rate in the roll。

- Orisa(1.22% Tank pick rate the lowest)
- Hanzo(26.91% DPS pick rate of the 3-position)
May(23.83% DPS pick rate of the 4-position)
-Baptiste(4.90% Support pick rate 5)

Hanzo and for Overbuff regard Mei is a defense roll
I think that there is some% are increasingly、Also Overall
Hanzomei because you are in the pick higher、I The BAN is located meaning。

With respect to the OrisaTo use rate the lowest of you have been BAN

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