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Recent OW Summary:This week's Environmental Research,OD progress,Apude, etc.

Recent OW Summary:This week's Environmental Research,OD progress,Apude, etc.

We have put together since had various information is issued and have put a little time。
Since seems you know you you are playing for the event
It will be omitted。



Bob is no longer sleeping in sleep


· Exo the charge time of the boots1Sec → 0.7 secondsTo
Cool time of Regenerist burst15Sec → 13 secTo


Boost of cool time3Sec → 4 secondsTo


Cool time of the ice wall is10Sec → 13 secTo
- ice wall single gap to pass by the anyone


· The power of the main attack10→11To


Cost of Würth is10%Reduction
And speed in Ultra is30%increase

Soldier 76

Rocket of cool time8Sec → 6 secondsTo


Main of the diffusion rate10%cut back

Other Apude

Replay of coding and share to be able to。
Of Hero selection time shortening
Match of the time bank?Change of、See below image for more information


While the Soldier becomes stronger practical level
Because Mei had lost the previous environment top feeling

The difference between the DPS caste is it seems that it would be contracted。

For Dva3Reasonable because the second was too strong
Buff per Shigumaorisa also I think that it is reasonable。

Not in this Apude is Bukkake broken level was weak hero
Would not a yo Apude than was strongly at a practical level。

This week's Environmental Research

15Try turning about timeIt was strong pickIt has put together
It does not mean that weak also other heroes
Individual skills was thought that strong all if there。
It was Some actually people of Japan that has been said this week 4300 ↑ in Zaria OTP。

Tank ed.


BestStable and strong tank configurationI think。

Of the hillDropped or DPS at stop
Put out a burst damage in stop + rock
It is also easy to Wanpikku the opponent。

Ham Winston

One can be said tank configuration and counter of Orishiguis。

Also、Difficult to counter by Reaper has been BAN
It features easy to determine the dive。

Offer a good outcome than Orishigu depending on the skill of the partner of DPS。

The fight side only fly to the support and DPS of the other party combined cooperation。

Road Hog

By BAN of Reaper / Analyst
Counter is very small for the load Hogg。

But should be concerned about is the 2 shield of Orishigu。
2Since it is often the Hedgehog Once stretched the shield no longer be able to do anything
Instead of fighting、There needs to be movement of Rohm subject。

This weekend, etc.、The user is aware of the strength of the 2 shield
2Gradually when the shield comes increasingly
Road Hog will be difficult to pick。

DPS ed.

Hanzo Widow

Apparently you well 2 sand pork configuration friend of Orishigu
Sniper specific Wanpikku forceWas Tari

Since it is difficult marked with disadvantage to other hero、
As long as the Daibumeta can be seen anyone does not arrive
Pick rate I think that high also stable in any environment


Versatility of the Macleay is high、
Dattari range of watch DPS is widely CC retention

In the now environment has become difficult to determine OW weekly environment containing the
It would not be an exaggeration to say that has been determined。

However, since the dive configuration opponent may not be able to do anything
The configuration of the opponent as soon as、Sticks is where you want to change in condition。


But there is also a CD reduction of rocket
Ana / Moira is not now
Soldier that can be self-contained is pretty strong。

Many also be issued as a Sorumaku
Depending on the consumer、
Good Sorumaku is quite high stable and winning percentage。

2It is characterized by sand similar clear counter is less。


It is simply strong、Even in Orishigu configuration also dive configuration
I think that it is raised a certain veterans。

Or difficult to see the tracer to now of tank configuration、
And heel force falls than last week、Because can not afford to see the tracer
I think tracer feel strongly。

Thor Bjorn

Environment is chaosToo When the turret will sticks to the odd。
Defense of the payload and AssaultIn order to show the extraordinary strength

Defense felt like the time being there is no problem even in Torubyon。

AIM force that can beat the opponent in the main flesh and blood ※

Support ed.


How do you turn a heel without Baptiste?At the level of
This week of support BAN I think that severe。

Baptiste that it is ranked match looks want in almost finalized frame ...

In When Baptiste is not Being
There is also often possible to win in the heel difference Baptiste。


Partner of Baptiste is still Zenyatta is one ranking。
You do not can not be used as well, such as Brigitte

Things Ya Orishigu、At the thought of an ally Hammond Winston
Zenyatta is it felt to be the most stable。

It came out Flanker of the tracer, such as the other party
If you will be hunted there is also a good scene is better to select the Brigitte。

New character?

It was announced from official、
Perhaps a 32-glance of the hero。
If you simply thinkEchoDove because around is reasonable ...

For a detailed discussion@EAAPlease refer to。

OpenDivision progress

The middle course of the familiar OpenDivision。
The current and proceeded to Round6、It is just folded back at this week。

Current statusPlayoffs within best16Team up to here

Looks like this。

Here is the Japanese team that ranked continue
RANK #3 D81 Fortuna
RANK #6 Icicle Fenrir
RANK #11 7D’s
RANK #13 Most

165 team is the Japanese team during the team。

Personally hot team introduce now

Team that I think personally is hotIcicle Fenriris
In Round5Professional team of Japan
In Round6Korean powerhouse teamWe have to win to the other party。

Riding the current waveTop formIt is the team。

The love cats Masdog players Offtank"Low-kun"Cuteness of fiercely
But some players have been fascinated by the cuteness of "low-kun"。

The characteristics of the team"Japanese flag," "South Korean citizens."There is a multi-team
The voice chat Japanese and Korean
It becomes a unique voice chat which is rife at all times。

But for Bullco's tri-lingual is translated into instant
Language barrier is virtually noThere is compare favorably cooperation force and other team。

If Icicle Fenrir says a word"Lump of personality."is。

I thought it was interesting + strong very good team
I want to do my best in the future。

Icile Twitter


Cheetah BAN Bulletin

In South Korea server you are BAN monthly malicious player。
In such as this month rant10,107people
In unauthorized program use1,511peopleThe players
Has been BAN。

Is a monthly hardship like ...
It's BAN us to report is welcome as a user。

Useful Video

[Over] watch [fighting explanation of each character] D.Va courses active professional teaching

Continuing is a commentary videos of V3 belonging Osato players in the last。
Dva is a lot especially partner and 1v1 to the scene also in the tank
There is a scene, such as not win if Ne keep know the fighting of each character。

It is content also an easy-to-read summarySince the、If Ya of Dva Tsukai
Please take a look by all means those who are going to use from now on。

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