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HOMEOverwatch columnIncrease the [PC version column] rate? How to choose the server:Otherwise

Increase the [PC version column] rate? How to choose the server:Otherwise

Increase the [PC version column] rate? How to choose the server:Otherwise

Increase the [PC version] rate? How to choose the server

TricksIt is something like、
That's a particular rate band you may easily raise is better than Japan mackerel。

How to change the server

Battle netYou can change from。
It is from here also OWL viewer, etc.。



This is the most chaotic server。
platinum&Of the die bandCompared sub plaque rate and other mackerel
Very highIt is prone to the wall of OW。

However or easy to hit a bullet because of the low Ping
With or dwarf affinity of mystery also match the same person many times
I think that it is the most innocuous mackerel。

If Sabuaka're also allies There are Sabuaka also the enemy
It does not come out very large forces difference。


- can Japan player and play
There is fun to Friend and match
Is good per bullet


There is a case to go to Korea mackerel not match the
· Sabuaka often
3700Less ↑ of the room


In AsiaStand-match search time 2-5 minutes or more
OrDedicated VPNYou can go by using the。

Although Japan mackerel same Sabuaka am many
Level of soil fertility is strong game players is high。

In addition, since match low-Ping + quality is high, Asia is not only Korea mackerel
Japan professional and higher rate of players will often play in South Korea mackerel。

Rate3600Ya3700It turned in to or no longer match in Japan mackerel
If that is placed just to match downside is
I recommend playing in Korea mackerel。


The high quality of the game
· The early match for populous(To VPN)


- Since the basic Korean sometimes chat and VC do not know
There are many cheetah
(Master / Glamorous band have any mackerel)

North and South America


"peace"It is the word。

Although Ping is high、From Japan mackerel of the die / master zone
Once you turn off the sub-plaque about 60% I think that in this mackerel。

Sub plaque is very low level of silver frame or the like is high player often。
The level of friend or foe"Rate as"For there are many players
But is less that is carry on ally

It is easy to raise the rate if they can carry。
Come If you in trouble in the sub-plaque not raise the rate


Sub plaque less = likely to raise the rate


- for better or worse"Rate as"There are many players

American mainland

You can fly if you use a VPN。
Although there are occasionally to fly in relation to on the line、It is not rare。

The American version is the Korea server。
High open VC game of quality is natural
OWL player is very often。

But VPN compared with South Korea mackerel is required + Ping is for abnormally high
Many Japanese players will play in South Korea mackerel。


- game of the atmosphere is bright


Really Ragui(120~180ping)
- I can not go that there is no VPN



New Worldis、You can not game too lag。
Let's tie When it want to OW in Europe travel。


- None


Lag too(220~300ping)


To increase the rate Summary shortest

Platinum from bronze
Master from Platinum
More Glamorous from the master

I think that this。
The other day"I do not rise rate"The contents of the question
Once you advice and please try it in the NA
Rate nearly 500And some people have gone up
Again until the master has re-confirmed that ... might NA stable。

To masterIn partnership PTNA is the fastest ...? I might be。

New character:With echo

This is a summary of that out information to。
According to Joshua's2 o'clock in the morning of today(20Day 2 am)From
It might be implemented in the PTR。

Tomorrow, I'm glad the holidays
I think you try to use the echo until the morning When you are mounted on the PTR。

Useful Video

[Over] watch strongest Farah course Japan representative commentary [hoshimi]

literallyRepresentation from Japan
It is a commentary of Farah by Japanese top professional player。

As the contentBeginner to advanced usersIt has become a moving image to be in order
In pivotal pointsNG action that must not be doneYaSticks easy to moveWait
Scales is the commentary video out from the eye。

Is really unusual valuable of Japan representative spits out a commentary videos。
(Impressions was doing from OW service start)

Want person is recommended by all means viewing that successfully made the DPS。


Server change and will increase the rate this is true。

It is also is important to raise the fighting and personal skills
Also I think that it is important to Serve the rate by changing the server。

HoweverAlso raise the rate in NAThe strength of their own in Japan and South Korea mackerel
If cry indicated ratedecorationIt will become a。

NA production master laughs Wait
Let's be strong so that it is not said。

rumor、FakeYou might
A new skin of tracerleakIt has been。

HermesSkin it's right、It is insanely cool。
Once implemented will tracer-only。

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